Oster Diamondforce 2120712 Reviews – What users like the most in it

Oster Diamondforce 2120712 Reviews

Are you searching for a compact air fryer to replace traditional deep fryers and switch to a healthier way of binging with crispy snacks? Then you are in the right place. In this Oster Diamondforce 2120712 Review, I will express my thoughts about a high-performance, portable & affordable air fryer from Oster.

Oster Diamondforce 2120712 is a 5 Quart air fryer with a diamond particle-infused nonstick interior basket. It holds a powerful hot airflow circulation cooking technology that cooks with 99.5% less oil than deep fryers. A touchscreen LCD control panel adds convenience with eight one-touch cooking presets.

This 4L capacity air fryer is great for small families, but it might be too large for individuals. If you cook smaller amounts of food with preset programs, it may result in overcooked things. Scroll down to Oster Diamondforce 2120712 review to find out if it worth your bucks!

Oster Diamondforce 2120712 Reviews – Notable Features At A Glance

  • Oster has a Diamond-Infused cooking surface that creates a matrix-based nonstick coating for effortless & durable usage.
  • It has a 5-quart XL capacity cooking basket that fits snacks and meals for a small family.
  • An LCD touchscreen at the top frontal part offers smooth operating and gives an aesthetic look to your kitchen.
  • It has a wide temperature range and an allocation of eight previously programmed cooking settings for versatile usage.
  • Oster Diamondforce 2120712 features a pair of non-skid feet to keep the air fryer steady on your counter for safety.
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Compare Oster DiamondForce 2120712 Air Fryer With Hamilton Beach 35075 Digital Air Fryer

Digital air fryers can be one of the most beneficial tools for individuals leading a hectic lifestyle. We have picked two qualitative air fryers from several air fryers and placed a comparison chart below. Let’s find out the most competent one in brief!

Oster DiamondForce 2120712 Air FryerHamilton Beach 35075 Digital Air Fryer
 Oster Diamondforce 2120712  Hamilton Beach 35075 Digital Air Fryer
Oster DiamondForce 2120712 comes with 1200 watts of cooking power that cooks pretty decently than conventional ovens.The Hamilton Beach 35075 air fryer leads the way with a superior 2700 watts of cooking power.
This one has a temperature range from 80 to 400-degrees, which covers a decent variety of dishes.It has a restrictive temperature range of 175 °F to 400 °F, which may not cook dishes with desired levels.
It has a 5 quart XL capacity cooking basket that fits snacks and meals for a small family.It features a slightly bigger 5.3 Quart cooking basket that fits almost a similar amount of food to the Oster.
It has eight preset functions: chicken, fries, fish, shrimp, bacon, steak, bake and dehydrate.It also has eight one-touch preset functions, including bake, chicken, veggies, fish, steak, shrimp, fries, dehydrate, etc.
The dimensional measurement of Oster DiamondForce 2120712 is 16 x 15 x 13.5 inches, and it weighs about 12 pounds.The dimensional measurement of Hamilton Beach 35075 is 14.38 x 13.38 x 13.35 inches, and it weighs about 16 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Oster DiamondForce Nonstick Air Fryer(2120712)

Straight Out of the box, the Oster DiamondForce air fryer kicks off cooking quickly, and it preheats in a short time as well. Using this Oster oven is pretty straightforward, thanks to the LCD touchscreen control panel. It cooks pretty decently, and the fried goods arrive with outer crust, and the inner part stays juicy & moist. DiamondForce 2120712 comes with fantastic baked goods & protein items.

According to the bulk of Oster Diamondforce 2120712 reviews from users, Oster is a well-known manufacturer, and it did not fail or come short in any aspects of quality. But lack of a recipe book may disappoint most users. Moreover, it is not perfect for a single person, and it burns food if given in smaller quantities. Except for these minor setbacks, it is an air fryer worth trying.

What is the Key Features Of Oster 2120712 XL Digital Air Fryer

What is the Key Features Of Oster 2120712 XL Digital Air Fryer

DiamondForce Non-Stick Coating

One of the striking features of the Oster air fryer oven is the long-lasting DiamondForce coating of the cooking surfaces. Oster air fryer oven’s inner cooking covering is strengthened and instilled with diamond bits that build a structural matrix. It creates a more substantial layer for higher nonstick stability over time.

XL Capacity

This air fryer comes with a 5-quart cooking basket, and Oster calls it the Extra Large cooking capacity. It can easily hold snacks and smaller meals for a nuclear family. You can go baking cakes, making 2 lbs of french fries, BBQ fish & steaks, dehydrating fruits, and much more. However, other air fryers from the Oster DiamondForce series are smaller than this unit.

Versatile Functions

Oster 2120712 jumps with eight preset cooking options, where you can get almost every utility one desires. Presets are- fries, fish, chicken, bacon, steak, bake, shrimp, dehydrate, etc. Notwithstanding, for foods not included in the preset menu, you can try different other foods. Just peek at the progress as it cooks, and stop it when it’s ready.

Easy Usage

First of all, Oster makes cooking far more accessible with an LCD touchscreen control panel. Besides, the DiamondForce nonstick cooking accessories are dishwasher-safe; thus, you can easily clean. A pair of non-skid pads retain the air fryer steadfast over your countertop for safety.

FAQ About Oster 5 Quart XL DiamondForce Air Fryer

Is this come with no recipe book?

Oster DiamondForce XL comes with instructions regarding cleaning, time, and temperature for a list of items like French Fries and fish, etc. It does not include a recipe book with the package, and you need to depend on the presets.

Is there any digital manual available?

No, there is no digital manual available for this unit. Yet, it is effortless to use as it is a touch screen.

What are the basket dimensions?

Since manufacturers don’t mention any specific basket dimension, it is approximately 7.75 inches x 8.5 inches.

Can you switch temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

Yes, You can switch the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Just read the instructions from the guidebook, and follow as it says.

How to clean the droppings and particles that fall from foods after several uses?

You have to slide the plastic lever on the handle forward. Press the black button under the lever, and then the handle will come out. After cleaning with warm soapy water, slide the basket back in the slot.

Final Verdict

In this Oster Diamondforce 2120712 Review, I have explained all the essential facts of this air fryer. It is a leading air fryer with all the vital features and utilities one requires. Under 100 dollars, Oster offers remarkable features, which is overwhelming. For enjoying healthier snacks at an affordable price, you can go for Oster DiamondForce XL without thinking twice.