Philips Air Fryer HD9621 Reviews – What attracted the users most?

Philips hd9621 air fryer Reviews

Looking for a kitchen appliance that allows faster, versatile, and affordable cooking without consuming a bulk space on your countertop? Phillips has been a prominent manufacturer of cooking appliances since 2010.

Philips air fryer hd9621 and Philip HD 9220 are some of the best basket-style air fryers you can own for convenient cooking. But I strongly recommend the bestseller Philips viva collection hd9621.

Why Do I Recommend Philips Air Fryer HD9621?

  • Philips hd9621 air fryer has 1425 Watts cooking power, whereas Philip HD 9220 has slightly lower 1400 Watts. So, with Philips HD9621 air fryer allows High-power performance for faster cooking results.
  • Philips air fryer hd9621 can cook food with 80% less fat than regular air fryers. Contrary, Philip HD 9220 cooks food with 75% less oil. Regarding your health factor, Philips Turbostar 9621 is the ideal one.
  • Philips hd9621 air fryer comes with a faster 90 seconds cleaning ability named the Quick clean feature but Philips 9220 air fryer takes a bit more time to clean the parts.
  • Philips HD9621 has a 40 inches long power cord where Philips HD9220 has a cord length of 31 inches. It means with Philips HD9621, you can move it to a longer distance or comfort.
  • In overall measurement(L x W x H), Philips 9621 stands 365 x 266 x 292  mm and weighs 5.3 Kg. On the other hand, Philips 9220 measures 287 x 315 x 384  mm and weighs 7 Kg. For portable and compact usage we prefer Philips 9621.
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What are the Key Features Of Philips hd9621 air fryer

What is the Key Features Of Philips Viva Turbostar Airfryer


Philips Viva TurboStar is packed with a powerful Turbo technology that allows 360-degree airflow and a 50% homogenous state of the food for a perfect mouthwatering taste. It not only allows you to make crispy air fries, but also you can grill, bake and even roast your favorite dishes for the versatility we all are seeking about. Moreover, it has a recipe book with more than 200 recipes for your convenience.

Smart Cooking

You don’t have to spend a bulk of time inside your kitchen room since it is made with a Unique TurboStar technology for oil-free healthy frying. Consumes 80% less or no oil for cooking because it has a fat remover technology that smartly cooks food. Cooks foods swiftly with the superheated airflow which can be set up to 30 minutes timer for hassle-free cooking. Moreover, the instant heating feature enables quick heating, so no preheating is required.

Large Capacity

The Philips HD9621 air fryer has a large space inside the cooking basket. It has a 0.8 kg cooking space that can easily fit up to a large batch of food for eating your whole family at once. This one is 20% smaller than the older versions which indicated the portability and compactness of the HD9612 air fryer. Nothing to stay annoyed about the space, just cook what your mind cherishes.

Easy To Use

Since space is not an issue, you may ask what about the cleaning? No worries, it has a quick clean technology that allows 90 seconds for the overall cleaning. The detachable nonstick coated basket drawer and the food basket are dishwashers safe for hassle-free cleaning. The TurboStar feature also allows smell-free cooking that makes usage easier.


The budget section will not be a headache for the most since it is under 200 dollars. The space-saving design, efficient cooking, faster delivery, large cooking space, and variety of recipes all features makes this Philips air fryer 9621 a worthy one in the budget consideration.

What Users Are Saying About Philips viva collection hd9621

At first glance, the sleek and compact design attracted the users which can be placed easily on any kitchen countertop. Philips HD9621 Air fryer is pretty much lightweight and the interior is big enough to fit a large meal for your whole family. Oppositely, Philips HD9220 doesn’t have the QuickClean technology, extra airflow power, and uses more oil to cook than HD9621. The HD9220 is also bigger and bulky than the Philips HD9621, which can consume larger space on your countertop.

Unlike others, it has some shortcomings also, which are not that significant compared to the variety of features. To name some, the timer can be adjusted forwards but cannot be turned back, incorrect temperature dials, etc. A few users claim those issues, these are not for the mass. Other than these issues the Philips hd9621 air fryer is a proficient, budget-friendly, cool-looking kitchen appliance.

FAQs About Philips HD9621 Air Fryer

Is the Inner Non-stick coating made of Ceramic?

Probably looks like it is not made out of ceramic. More likely, we can say that it is Teflon on metal, which is very easy to clean and there are no sticking issues as well.

Is the airfryer BPA free?

All material that comes in contact with food during the cooking process or preparation of food is free of PFOA and BPA, so you can stay relaxed.

Is the detachable “easy-click” handle dishwasher safe?

The pan, the removable mesh bottom, the EasyClick handle, and the basket all are dishwasher safe. For washing, you can use hot water, some washing-up liquid, and a non-abrasive sponge.
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Final Verdict

To sum up the Philips Viva Turbostar AirFryer Review, we can say that this will definitely be a kitchen winner! Philips Holiday HD9220 has a cheaper budget tag than HD9612. But there is a slight difference between them that makes the Philips hd9621 the perfect kitchen appliance for any smart kitchen.

Go for the Philips Viva 9220, if you bother a bit about the extra money and don’t want some additional features. If you care about the extra special features and don’t hassle about spending some bucks for good, then Philips Airfryer 9621 is your next kitchen partner.

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