PK 360 Grill Review – Why it’s worthy through expensive

PK 360 Grill Review

If you are wondering for a classical style grill of the ’90s with all the modern features then you can combine the Portable Kitchen PK 360 Grill in your checklist. While maintaining the rectangular design of original PK grills, it wraps up 360 square inches of cooking surface instead of 300 square inches from the predecessor.

PK360 can work as a conventional premixed heating grill if you grill steaks or hot dogs. Moreover, it has a large build including four dampers with adjustment features, that allows it to work as a smoker or hybrid grill machine. The standing base is strong enough which resembles a capsule. The sides are also made with heat-resistant polymer elements covered with glass fiber.

Due to the underhand placement, the grill bottom is difficult to clean and doesn’t have any ash catcher bucket or enough accessories for charcoal grilling. Even after some cons, this one is not a disappointment at all. Make sure you read the rest of the PK 360 Grill review, to be acquainted with this cooking treasure.

Noteworthy Features Of PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Charcoal Grill

  • The capsule-looking upper heating body is made with 4 vents including both hot and fast for grilling or low and slow for barbecue cooking.
  • PK360 is made with a cast aluminum frame which is more durable than porcelain kamados and they don’t get rusty like steel.
  • Features very definite temperature control and management including a heat-effective cook chamber with an easy 2-zone setup system.
  • Launched with a compact and extension cord-free design which is perfect for tailgating, camping, fishing, or hunting cabins, etc.
  • Made with a high-grade thermometer from Tel-true, that is to the point and doesn’t go hither thither of even 1 degree.
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Compare PK 360 Grill and PK Grills SSB-X Original PKTX Charcoal Grill

PK or Portable Kitchen is the brand of the ’50s and at that time it was prominent for elegant charcoal grills with durable design. You won’t get the classical PK grill in the current marketplace, but there are some prototypes of it running popularly. Amongst them here we have illustrated a breakdown of features of PK 360 vs original.

PK Grills PK360 Charcoal GrillPK Grills SSB-X Original PKTX Charcoal Grill
 PK 360 Grill Review PK Grills SSB-X Original PKTX Charcoal Grill
With 360 square inches of premium stainless steel grilling outside, this one lets you party with your whole family.With 300 square inches of cooking area, the PKTX-SSB-X charcoal grill can handle everything from brats to a  huge turkey..
Made with a 4 vent airflow system that is easily adjustable with exterior positioned controller knobs.Featured with a 4 point venting airflow system where two opening vents on the head of the grill and two air channel vents are on the base of the grill.
The PK360 has a 34.2 inches cooking grate and the distance between the grate to the lid is 8.2 inches.PK Grills SSB-X has 27.25 inches of cooking grate and the distance between the grate to the lid is about 7.5 inches.
Features a smart ash cleaning system that enables easy brushing out of the ashes into a long hole inside the base that goes finally into the cleaning basket.Doesn’t feature ash removal technology and the only cleaning hole is in the bottom where the two air inlets are included, all making cleaning a hassle.
This one has a smart and accurate thermometer from Tel-tru, that provides exact reads and smooth temp control.The Original PKTX Charcoal Grill doesn’t have a temperature meter on the lid, which makes temperature management more difficult.
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What Users Are Saying About PK 360 Grill

The PK360 charcoal grill is recommended by hundreds of users and it is a chunk of goodness while valuing your spent money. First thing first, the classical design and a large cooking space make it popular for Charcoal grill lovers. It is well known as the king of 2-zones which is a perfect way to grill outside. Has a bulk of interior space while combining an extra grate on top and the air control is also intuitive and effective.

Without drenching, the hinged area surface is not possible to clean and it is also troublesome to clean the grease from the bottom of the grill. Another issue is the lack of accessories for charcoal grilling, which can be denied. After all, this one is a piece of art that will be worth spending 800 dollars for wide-range cooking with direct and indirect heating zones. For your convenience, you may also consider  10 Best Char Broil Grill Reviews also may consider Top 10 Napoleon Grills Reviews and of course Top 10 Dyna Glo Charcoal Grill Reviews.

What is the Key Features Of PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Charcoal Grill

What is the Key Features Of PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Design And Build Quality

Made with cast iron material which gives the PK 360 Grill a hard, sturdy, and durable appearance. Moreover, it has a large cooking grate of up to 360 square inches. Don’t have to bring any external cleaning basket since it has built-in Ash Roofs for automatic ash removal. The Grilling section is placed on the roof of a metal basement that fastens with two wheels and allows the grill to run throughout your backyard easily.

Easy To Use

What do we call easy usage for any charcoal grills? Makes cooking fast and simple while the control and management section will be integrated. Furthermore, an easy to clean ash removal system blends with all for convenient usage. Stainless steel made grilling top may become sticky after lean meat cooking but using little oil reduces this issue. 

Cooking Performance

In the direct heating mode, 2 outer dampers and 2 inner dampers make temperature control simple & accurate for rapid cooking. Just like the Kamado grills, you can use this one for a slow and low cooking smoker. Comes with a heat retention technology that holds the heat for long and gives meats char marks and a smokey flavor.

FAQ About PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Can lump charcoal be used with this grill?

One can easily use lump or briquettes with the PK360 charcoal grill. Just have to set a low-temperature level and the low & slow cooking mode will make it last for more than 6 hours. 

Does the outside get super hot?

Unlike any other grills, the outside gets hot. But after a long cooking session, this one doesn’t get that hotter than it was supposed to be. 

Where is the PK360 made?

This grill is made in China. However, the PK Classic cooking capsule is made in the USA.
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Final Verdict

If you are a newbie in the world of charcoal grilling and looking for a simplistic and efficient charcoal grill then the PK360 grill is one of the best recommendations you can consider.

The initial investment can appear as an extravagant thing for such a price point of over 800 dollars, but this one is worth a solid and long-lasting grilling option. The reason you should go for PK360 is for the design and longevity along with the cooking abilities.