Power XL Air Fryer Vs Instant Vortex – Why You Should Consider Power XL?

Power XL Air Fryer Vs Instant Vortex

Are you looking for a basket-style air fryer for your compact kitchen countertop to ensure efficiency in cooking? Here we will review a breakdown of facts between Power Xl Air Fryer Vs Instant Vortex, two eminent air fryer inventions from two distinct manufacturers.

Power XL Pro is a 7-in-1 multifunctional air fryer, and Instant Vortex is a 4-in-1 air fryer with customizable presets. Power XL Pro air fryer features 1700 watts of cooking power, where Instant Vortex lags at 1500 watts. Though both are from two different brands, they have identical cooking baskets, few standard features, and an affordable budget range in common.

However, they come with remarkable variations in preset functions, cooking performance, design, user interface, and portability, etc. Nevertheless, we entitle Power XL for the best value. Stay tuned to acknowledge more of our views about these two air fryers.

Power XL Air Fryer Vs Instant Vortex – Why You Should Consider Power XL?

  • Power XL features a 360-degree rapid airflow technology to provide crisp foods in no time. The Instant Vortex air fryer has a hot airflow system as the primary cooking method.
  • The Instant Vortex air fryer comes with 1500 watts of cooking power, where Power XL Pro has 1700 watts to deliver crisp foods instantaneously.
  • Power XL Pro is a 7-in-1 air fryer with seven cooking presets, including air fry, rotisserie, dehydrate, pizza, etc. But Instant Vortex features four cooking programs.
  • Instant Vortex 4 in 1 Basket air fryer comes with four one-touch preset programs on the digital control panel. On the contrary, Power XL features eight one-touch preset buttons.
  • Power XL can effortlessly dehydrate, pizza, and grill functions, but the Vortex comes short considering these features.
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Regarding the variations between these basket air fryers, it is apparent that Power Xl stands further with the enhancements in specs. Though Power XL is a bit expensive from the price point, it is worth every buck considering the convenient features. The Instant Vortex is cheap, but it lacks some essential specifications, which may be an issue for individuals. Don’t forget to give the Power XL a solemn consideration when you buy the best basket air fryers.

Compare Power XL Air Fryer Vs Instant Vortex At a Glance

SpecificationPower XL ProInstant Vortex


Power XL Pro
Instant Vortex Mini Air Fryer Reviews
Overall Dimension( L x W x H)14.96 inches  x 13.4 inches x 14.56 inches  14.92 inches x 12.36 inches x 12.83 inches
Weight19.1 Pounds12.08 Pounds
Cooking CapacitySix QuartsSix Quarts
Power1700 Watts1500 Watts
Appliance Functions Seven FunctionsFour Functions
Cooking Method360-degree rapid airflowCirculating hot airflow
One-touch PresetsEight PresetsFour Presets
RotisserieYes Yes
Amazon Ratings4.4( 6000+ users)4.7( 15,000+ users)

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What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Power XL Vs Instant Vortex Air Fryer

What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Power XL Vs Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Both air fryers are from two brands, but they appear pretty much identical because them being a similar type of products. Below, we will deeply overlook these products to break down many more key facts about these two. Let’s go deep into it!

Build Quality And Design

Power XL air fryer and the Instant Vortex both come with an outer metal layer with a combination of molded plastic bodies. Power XL comes in three colors, where Instant Vortex is available in just black color. Both air fryers have a cooking basket made out of non-stick materials, and they have a handle made of stainless steel.

From the front, there is a digitalized control panel with a gathering of LED buttons and presets. The Power XL has eight one-touch preset control buttons, but Instant Vortex comes with four customizable dashboards. Power XL has a rounded plastic basement, and Instant Vortex has rectangular-shaped feet. Instant Vortex is pretty much lightweight and portable than the Power XL.

Cooking Performance

In cooking performance, the first variation that stands between these basket-style air fryers is the cooking power. Vortex comes with 1500 wattage cooking power, but the Power XL offers powerful 1700 wattage airflow technology. Both cook foods with a hot airflow system, which is the base method of any air fryer.

But the Power XL comes with a more improved and upgraded airflow system that circulates rapidly, fast, hot airflow throughout 360 degrees. Power XL provides a wide temperature range that allows you to cook more versatile foods within a specific device. Power XL is a footstep advanced with seven cooking presets. The Vortex features four customizable preset functions, which lack dehydrate, pizza, and grill functions.

Ease Of Usage

Both air fryers come with a digitized LED backlight control panel where you can quickly get all the presets and control in one place for effortless usage. Both basket-style air fryers have an editable setting feature that memorizes your previously used settings for ease while using the next time.

Both air fryers offer a six-quart cooking basket made of non-stick cooking material that doesn’t gather oil residue. Additionally, all the cookery accessories that pack in the box appear with dishwasher-safe elements. Thus, one can easily clean up the parts after cooking just by putting them into a dishwasher simply.

Included Accessories

Inside the box, the Power XL air fryer includes all the necessary cooking accessories. Such as a cooking basket, rotisserie rack, cleaning brush, three recipe books, etc. On the other side, Instant Vortex has a Non-Stick Fryer Basket, a non-stick grill pan (that needs to be purchased separately), and a quick cookbook with recipes and guides.

FAQ About Power XL Vs Instant Vortex Air Fryer

What are the build materials of the cooking basket?

Both air fryers have cooking baskets and trays made of PFOA-free PTFE materials that come with maintaining the food-grade standard. 

How big of a Turkey can the rotisserie handle?

We can’t assure you that this one can handle a thanksgiving turkey, but it is decently enough to easily take 3 to 4 pounds of chicken. Make sure you wrap the meats properly and set them in the rotisserie rack. 

Does this have an automatic shut-off?

These air fryers come with an automatic shut-off technology that shuts off spontaneously when your food is ready all the way.
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Final Verdict

Before making a conclusive decision, we suggest you look after your requirements and budget segment. The Power Xl may seem a bit expensive in the first look, but it makes purchase worthy with newly packed advanced features.

On the other side, Instant Vortex has a comparatively cheaper rate, but it may not come in handy for all individuals. If your budget is tight and your requirement is decent, go for the Instant Vortex. We still recommend you to have a look at the Power XL air fryer for the best value.