Rec tec Stampede Review (RT-590) Disadvantage vs Users Opinion

Rec Tec Stampede RT-590

There are days that we wanted to eat roasted or smoked meat. Our mouths salivate to the taste of these foods. That is why to satisfy these cravings, we sometimes to go to a restaurant and order a meal or two of these. However, not all the time that we could just buy and eat it. Sometimes, it’s more rewarding to make everything your own.

The Rec tec Stampede is a mid-size griller that will get your barbecue or smoked meat cravings done in just minutes of cooking. It’s a high-end model which serves a family or more on a single batch of grilling. Other than that, it’s reliable and very compact to be used for years. It’s a good-looking and flexible brand for everyone’s weekend treat.

Noticeable Features of this Device

  • 123-pound grilling equipment manufactured mostly from stainless steel.
  • A traditionally designed device with black, gold, and silver coated exteriors gorgeously blend in for outdoor grilling use.
  • It has a 767 square inch cooking capacity uniquely developed with precise automated temperature controls for a reliable cooking experience.
  • A four-year warranty device could include also 160 pounds of blended pellets, a grill cover, two-mesh non-stick grill mats, a drip bucket, and an instant-read thermometer depending on the type of purchase you’ll avail.
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Compactly Made from Sturdy Materials
Smart Grilling System Technology
High Cooking Efficiency
Closely Precise Temperature Readings
Large Grilling Capacity
Expensive Price
Installation is a bit hassle

Key Features of the Rec Tec Stampede RT-590

High-Quality Design and Construction
Completely assembled, the device has an overall rectangular dimension of 44 inches by 37.25 inches. It’s manufactured from 304 stainless steel to ensure no peeling or rusting at extreme temperatures. It has four 22-inch long-standing legs with each attached roller wheel for portability.

It’s cooking chamber is uniquely octagon-shaped with a porcelain enamel-painted lid for covering the device during cooking. Moreover, it includes two bull-like handles for easy opening or closing of the device.

Efficient Cooking Capacity for Family Use

This grilling equipment is the perfect size for families. Its cooking chamber induces a capacity of about 772 square inches with a 592 square inches cooking area and a 180 square inches space to prepare your grilling activity. This amount of space will fit about a whole turkey or five large racks of ribs.

On another side of the device encloses the hopper where fuel will be burned. It has a rectangular-sized hopper with a 30-pound pellet capacity. This amount of heat is sufficient to run the operation for straight 30 hours.

Advanced Heating System

Equipped with the smart grilling technology, this delivers the closest temperature reading with its Proprietary PID Algorithm to ensure that it will be truly precise as needed. It’s highly versatile with cooking temperatures ranging from 200F to about 500F.

Additionally, it incorporated a hot flash ceramic ignition system that will keep every fuel input worth it. Since this is electrically powered, you’ll have to use the attached 110-volt plug to fully heat the device.

User-Friendly Interface

Located just on the hopper’s exteriors are its controls and setup. It includes a big rotary knob that is conveniently rotated out to adjust temperature levels. Below it, two flat buttons are cozily pressed for power and setting customization. On the other side, two food probes are inlined vertically and a WiFi system that illuminates whenever it’s activated.

Besides this, a huge rectangular LCD screen lays over it. The screen displays the set and actual temperature measured. It also exhibits the food probe temperatures.

Convenient Cleaning Operation

Since it’s made mostly from stainless steel, it’s expected that the device won’t rust or a lot of discolorations upon use. Moreover, it has a debris and drip tray that catches any residues during the operation. It has also a drip bucket that assists this process.

Well-Distributed Air Ventilation

As it’s heating equipment, the device should have a smoke exhaust to make sure that it has secure and safe air circulation. Nevertheless, this model has three vent holes on the lid of the cooking chamber. These vents are readily organized to assure that the smoke will go to three different directions.

What Users are Saying about Rec-Tec Stampede?

As of now, this product is a perfect five rating in Amazon. Thus, there’s not that much issue with the device. Most users love its versatility as you could smoke, grill, sear, bake, broil, or dehydrate using the device. Apart from that, it’s quite convenient with straightforward controls and operation.

What Users are Saying about Rec Tec Stampede

Also, its equipped with an advanced technology assisting system that uses the internet and mobile apps for easy utilization of the device. It’s a highly comprehensive system with closely precise temperature readings.

Overall, it’s an all-around heating device. It’s a perfect add-on to any outdoor cooking activities.

Compare Rec Tec Stampede and Rec Tec Grills Bull

Manufactured from a similar brand, these two devices have a lot of commonalities. Their design and heating mechanism is quite similar. A few exceptions include its exhaust and the hopper where slight innovations were developed.

REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700
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Apart from that, the size is another difference. The Rec Tec Grills Bull is intended for heavy scale cooking with an over 1000 square inch of cooking area. In contrast, the latter possesses an area of about 700 square inches.

Since it’s much larger, it’s expected that it will be more expensive than the latter. A significant $200 to $300 difference is noted on these two devices.

What is the disadvantage of the Rec Tec Stampede?

In all honesty, everything to this device seems perfect. Its size, design, heating operation, and convenience. As long as you have Rec Tec’s wood pellets, then your are good to go. Everything is quite straightforward as needed.

Perhaps, the only thing that you’ll be having a bit of problem is during the installation. Though, if you have the necessary tools, it would be easy. Installation takes at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Another thing, it’s quite bulky. You’ll have to deal with its size. The good thing though is that it has roller wheels to develop mobility during the process.

Given this, it’s really quite expensive as compared to its competitors. However, given all its features, it’s worth taking a shot of it.


This Rec Tec’s grilling equipment is an ideal size for families who wants to grill outdoors on a weekend. It has a suitable design with a convenient size and heating capability. Apart from that, it’s driven with technology, sophistication, and power.

Overall, it’s easy to use and flexible device for different cooking activities. It may be quite expensive but it’s still something highly recommended for use.

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