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Royal Gourmet GB4000 Review – Compare with popular 3 model

Royal Gourmet GB4000 ReviewAfter the initial arrival of griddles, they have convinced the consumers as they allow cooking a large stack of foods with less time and effort. From the trending marketplace, we have handpicked one for evaluation and here we have covered the Royal Gourmet GB4000 review.

With a total cooking surface of 784 square inches, it can prepare large meals within a breeze. But there are tiny grease trap holes that may cause the clogging of food leftovers quickly. It does provide a durable usage with the sturdy steel construction but the shortage of a rain cover may damage the steel surface through rusting.

If you are aiming for a Blackstone gas griddle but the price range is not perfect for you then the Royal Gourmet GB4000 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle can be a great alternative. Keep an eye on it so that you never miss a detail about this deal-breaker griddle.

What is the Features Of Royal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Griddle

  • The GB4000 is made with a wide cooking top of up to 784 square inches which consists of 36.2 inches in length and 21.7 inches in width.
  • There are 4 burners that can be individually lit, each has an induction power of 13000 BTU, and all stage at 52000 BTU cooking power.
  • The griddle top area is constructed by a ceramic layer that permits quick heating and protects the cooking area from being rusted.
  • Has an electronic ignition mode that lights up with a mere push of the ignitor, the burners spark up immediately, and the cooking surface warms up fast.
  • There are four caster wheels included at the foldable legs which allow easy transportation of the griddle from any place.

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Compare Royal Gourmet GB4000 Vs Blackstone 1554 Vs Blackstone 1825 Gas Griddle

Plain top gas griddles are one of the most efficient tools for preparing a variety of dishes without breaking a sweat. Below we have represented a head-to-head comparison table between three gas griddles. All are packed with nearly the same features but some key variations may assist you to pick one according to your needs.

Specification Royal Gourmet GB4000 Blackstone 1554 Blackstone 1825
Image Royal Gourmet GB4000 Review Blackstone 1554 Blackstone 1825
Cooking Area  784 square inches  720 square inches  720 square inches
Bruners 4 burners 4 burners 4 burners
Ignition 52000 BTU (13000 BTU/burner) 60000 BTU(15000 BTU/burner) 60000 BTU(15000 BTU/burner)
Build materials Durable stainless-steel body construction with shiny Ceramic Coated Griddle surface Has a powder-coated black steel frame with a cold-rolled steel cooking top Features stainless-steel body construction and a cold-rolled steel cooking surface
Overall Dimensions 63.8 x 22.4 x 34.6 inches 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches 66.52 x 27.6 x 35.43 inches
Hot Water function Yes Yes No
Weight 125 pounds 120 pounds 134 pounds
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Each of these griddles are equipped with four burners, but the cooking griddle top and the ignition system capability may make the difference. If you prefer a powerful ignition system (higher BTU) then Blackstone is okay to move. But if you don’t mind the slight difference in BTU’s and prefer the cooking area then Royal Gourmet is your next grilling companion.

What Users Are Saying About Royal Gourmet GB4000 Propane Gas Griddle

Camping was made easy with this newly arrived GB4000 gas griddle as it is easily movable from one place to another with 4 caster wheels (15mm thin) just by lifting the griddle top. The griddle has only one propane tank included, you can add 2 or 3 extra if you require by the hooks. The good news is, If you demand a 6 feet long griddling top, then add 2 of these and secure them together.

What Users Are Saying About Royal Gourmet GB4000 Propane Gas Griddle

The grease management system of the Royal gourmet GB4000 griddle is a bit flawed and it needs some augmentation for further comfort. A decent number of juicers complained about the shipping and customer service because the product appears damaged. Except for the grease trap holes leakage issue and lack of a cover, this is just a worthy kitchen tool. You may struggle to find a versatile kitchen tool under 300 dollars but this is the one you can rely on. Also, if your mood swing to grills and smoker machine, you may find budget-friendly gas grills under $500 

Key Features Of Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch 4-Burner Flat Top Griddle

Key Features Of Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch 4-Burner Flat Top Griddle

Smart Ignition System

The Royal Gourmet Griddle is made with a smart ignition system that allows easy ignition of the burners with just a swing of knobs. By a mere push of the ignitor, the stoves/burners will kindle and heat faster than you perceive.

Powerful Burners

The GB4000 has 4 burners that can be separately controlled by the individual push button/knobs. Each burner can lit up and heat firmly at a temperature of 13000 BTU. If you combine all the burners they can gather a heat of 52000 BTU(British Thermal Unit), which is far enough for faster cooking.

Easy To Transport

Royal Gourmet 36 inches large gas griddle can be easily movable from one place to other as it has 4 caster wheels. All the caster wheels are built with strong and durable construction to carry the mammoth weight.

Large Cooking Area

From our comparison table, you may have observed that it has a larger cooking area than the Blackstone griddles. The GB4000 is 36 inches in length and 21 inches in width that comprises up to 784 square inches of cooking surface, it is decently enough for cooking a large batch of foods at once.

FAQs About Royal Gourmet GB4000 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle

Q: Is the surface ceramic coated?

From the specifications bar, we know that it is a ceramic coated grilling top. More with this, it is a cast iron top which is ceramic coated.

Q: What is the thickness of the griddle?

The thickness of the griddle itself is relative to like a cast iron pan. The top of the griddle is super heavy and it is a great one for smart cooking.

Q: Why aren’t there any lids with these griddle grills?

The reason behind them doesn’t including the griddle top cover is unknown to us. But you can purchase one from any shop and it will work well.

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Final Verdict

It is hard to find a quality griddle under the rate of 300 dollars, but this 36 inches royal gourmet GB4000 is available for you to let you enjoy all the enjoyment of tasty foods. A large cooking area of 784 sq inches, 4 powerful burners with a total of 52000 BTU ignition power, ceramic made griddle top, caster wheels for transportation, and all other quality features make it a worthy one of purchasing.

If you prefer more powerful burners and don’t bother spending extra money, then go for Blackstones. If you want a large cooking space under the capacity of your pocket then you can check out the GB4000 griddle.

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