Top 6 Oklahoma Joe Smoker Reviews In 2023

One of the best ways to cook food is smoking because it adds a different taste that makes the food more tempting and flavorful. You can do it by using a smoker. There are several brands of smokers in the market these days. They vary in price, features, quality, efficiency, and style.

So far, the Oklahoma Joe is among the most popular brands of smokers. The company offers a range of smokers featured in these Oklahoma Joe smoker reviews. Thus, the company is giving you more choices to help you make the most in every cooking session. If you are ready to cook Texas-style barbeque in the comfort of your home, no other grills will help you do it right better than these Oklahoma Joe smokers. These heavy-duty smokers created by Joe Davidson have been in the market for more than two decades.

Oklahoma Joe Smoker Reviews

Oklahoma Joe offers different types of smokers, including offset smokers, reverse flow smokers, and gas-and-smoker combos. These smokers are stylish, efficient, with wide cooking spaces, and durable body. These things are making these Oklahoma Joe smokers extremely popular through the years.

Choosing the right one for your cooking needs may not be easy. However, this guide aims to make that easier for you. This guide will show you six of the famous smokers from Oklahoma Joe. Please read on to see which unit has those things that can help you in preparing delicious meals on your next occasion, whatever it is.

6 Best Oklahoma Joe Smoker Reviews of 2023

Here are the overview of 6 Best Oklahoma Joe Smoker Reviews

1. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal, LP Gas Smoker Combo

If you are looking for a smoker that works with both gas and charcoal, this smoker combo is a good choice. This smoker combo is suitable for smoking and grilling a variety of foods like meat.  With a wide cooking surface, you can provide enough food for all your relatives. This smoker is sturdy, stylish, highly functional, and easy to use. Truly, it is a good additional cooking tool to use for your next occasion.

It comes with a built-in igniter and a sturdy offset box designed for the smoking flame. It also features a wide cooking surface measuring 1,060 square inches. A large of it is the primary cooking surface within the main chamber on top of six cast-iron grates coated with porcelain.

This primary cooking surface measures 750 square inches. The remaining 310 square inches is also a cooking surface within the firebox chamber.  There are two cooking chambers: one is for gas grilling and the other for smoking.

This gas-and-charcoal smoker combo comes with a removable ash bin for easier removal of cold ashes after you cook. The unit’s handgrip has a unique design that lets you hold the lid without getting your hands burned.

The firebox will allow you to stock the fire even while you keep the main door closed. It will keep the smoke and heat within the main chamber, where they should be. This smoker also has dampers to help you regulate the airflow and temperature across the cooking surface.

Moreover, this product comes with cooking racks made of a non-rusting material covered with porcelain. These cooking racks distribute heat evenly and are easy to clean. This smoker also has a shelf where you can store small cooking utensils. It even comes with thermometers that will help you check your progress.

There is a baffle system intended for temperature control and an electronic starter designed for propane. This smoker combo is also transportable as it has sturdy wheels, helping you move the unit anywhere in your backyard.

2. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker

This offset smoker is something unique. It comes with great features and ample cooking space where you can cook your food to perfection. This unit is among the few smokers in the market built using tempered steel.

This Oklahoma Joe smoker comes with a large cooking space that measures more than 740 inches. This cooking space measurement is enough for smoking or grilling your food. It comes with an extraordinary baffle system that can help you a lot in regulating the temperature and the amount of smoke you want for the food.

Plus, there is a large grilling space in this Oklahoma Joe smoker. This grilling space measures more than 750 cubic inches, allowing you to cook food at your preferred parameters. This unit is a high-temper treated smoker featuring multiple baffles and a device that measures temperature.

This powerful device will provide you maximum vapor and heat control so that the food will have your preferred tenderness and flavor for it. This grill is also easy to clean. It’s all because of the access door that leads you straight to the firebox. Likewise, this firebox door will let you add more fuel without losing the smoke and heat within the main chamber.

This smoker also comes with handles that allow a strong and firm grip which will protect your palms and fingers from the heat. The hard-wearing porcelain coats the entire cooking surface to keep rust at bay. The whole surface is easy to clean as well. The upright pipe is holding the dampers and also helps in keeping the heat and smoke at the ideal level by pulling the air over the unit’s cooking chamber.

Furthermore, there’s a convenient workspace that is useful for dicing and slicing veggies. Keep your small cooking tools or extra fuel near the metal shelf located underneath the cooking and smoking chambers. This smoker can use either wood or charcoal for cooking the food based on your preferred flavor.

Some smokers use various kinds of wood like cherry, apple, pear, and hickory. Choose the right kind of wood to make meat slices more flavorful. Traditional charcoal works best for hotdogs and hamburgers.

3. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

If you want a more versatile smoker, then you might be looking for this one. This Oklahoma Joe smoker will surely amaze you. It aims to offer you a one-of-a-kind cooking experience. It comes with awesome features that are simply hard to ignore. All those features are making this product one of the best smokers in the market.

This reverse flow smoker comes with 4 removable baffles and a movable smokestack that will let the warm air to infuse with the chamber-produced heat to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the cooking time.

It even comes with a big container where you can put charcoal so that you can quickly remove or add fuel when needed. The baffles sit firmly underneath the heating grate. It spreads the smoke across the smoker’s cooking chamber.

Feel free to spend more time in cooking your favorite dish. With this smoker, you have total control on the temperature and heat level. The unit features a big charcoal container that sits within the firebox.

This smoker also comes with a removable ash bin and an access door that lets you clean the cooking surface with ease after every use. Likewise, there’s a warming tray that sits on top of your firebox. Therefore, you can cook a whole meal while smoking slices of meat.

There’s no need for opening the firebox door in keeping the fire because the firebox will allow you to do it with ease. The smoker’s vertically constructed chimney comes with dampers which you can tweak so that you can keep the smoke and heat inside by pulling it through the more than 870-square inch cooking surface. The unit also comes with a handy storage shelf below where you can keep your mitts spatulas, and other small cooking materials.

4. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker

If you want a lighter and transportable smoker, this unit can be the right choice for you. It is a popular and highly recommended smoker with interesting features loved by most users. This product is not a combo smoker, so it is lighter and more portable compared to other models. Despite that, the functionality of this smoker is something that can catch anybody’s attention.

This offset smoker weighs 176 pounds and measures 39 by 20.9 by 23 inches. This elegant-looking kitchen appliance provides you a 619-square inch cooking area within the main cooking space. The cooking area is large enough for cooking different kinds of foods for your visitors or for the entire family.

This smoker is 100% easy to use, making it an excellent option even for beginners. The unit comes with a firebox that allows you to store woods. It even makes stoking easier. Besides, this firebox is extremely accessible with its easy-to-open door.

This smoker also comes with multiple dampers. It gives you total control through the entire cooking process to help you get the best results each time you cook using the unit. Besides, there’s nothing to worry regarding your extra cooking utensils and other small materials needed for the entire cooking process. You can put these things on the included shelf. With that, you can easily get these things once you need them.

In general, this beautiful kitchen appliance provides convenience to everybody. From its structure all the way to its features, this smoker is not only efficient and functional but steadfast, too.

5. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

If you want a bigger smoker, consider this reverse flow smoker from Oklahoma Joe. This smoker weighs more and is more difficult to transport or move from one place to another. On the other hand, this reverse flow smoker gives you more room to cook more slices of meat.

Thus, it helps you save time. Aside from a bigger cooking surface, this smoker offers more nice and irresistible features. This big Oklahoma Joe smoker is ideal to use whether you want stable smoke and heat or the traditional cooking method.

This unit comes with customizable dampers and a big fuel container that will allow you to take the smoke and heat to whatever level you like. Aside from those things, this smoker has more great features to offer. There are many features available in this unit which will let you cook in the best way for you. For instance, you can move the pipe between places.

There are 4 nonconventional baffles that hook underneath the grates. They allow both heat and smoke to circulate through and all over your foods. If you’re cooking meat, this will make the slices more flavorful. You can spend more time cooking because you can put more fuel within the firebox.

Besides, once finished, you can get rid of the ashes straight from the chamber using the access door. This access door allows easy cleaning the chamber after every use. Also, you can quickly add gas without losing the smoke and heat with this access door.

Do you need to warm up a bread loaf, sauce, or beans? You can use the warming tray on top. This way, you can cook the whole meal while you smoke slices of meat. There’s the upright pipe with customizable dampers that can help in keeping the heat even by drawing the air over the cooking space of over 1050 inches.

You can also move the pipe going to different locations when needed. Thus, you can easily ensure that the smoke and heat are circulating within the chamber to cook your food completely. You can move the temperature gauges from this location to another.

Therefore, it helps you ensure the temperature throughout the cooking space is the same. This assurance is crucial especially when you want all those slices of meat cooked all together. This will be very helpful if you’re organizing a backyard BBQ party.

6. Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker and Grill

Oklahoma Joe's Bandera Smoker and Grill

This unit is also a 2-in1 grill and smoker made for you by Oklahoma Joe. It comes with a primary cooking space in the grill chamber that measures 254 square inches. It also comes with a primary cooking space in the smoker chamber. This cooking surface measures 738 square inches. All in all, this Oklahoma Joe smoker and grill has a total of 992 square inches cooking space.

Aside from a good cooking surface, this Oklahoma Joe smoker and grill also features four cooking grates. These cooking grates are adjustable and very useful. The unit comes as a complete package. It has a rib rack set and 2 meat-hanging hooks.

Since this smoker is lightweight, moving, dragging, and transporting it should not be difficult. The entire unit doesn’t ask for a larger space, making itself highly convenient to use for both intimate family gatherings and other occasions.

Which Are the Best Natural Gas Grills?

Wondering which of these five units is the best? Well, the answer is the first one on the list – Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo.

Many people, especially the ones on the budget, settle for an all-in-one kitchen appliance. If you’re one of these people, then Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo will be an excellent choice for you.

This unit measures 31.5 x 74 x 50.6 inches and weighs 205 pounds, so it is quite big and heavy. That’s okay because it is a 2-in-1 smoker that you can use for grilling and smoking meat. This model will provide you with multiple choices to help you make the most out of a fun cooking experience.

Speaking of its power, Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo will give you up to 12,000 BTUs for each of the 3 main burners. However, its side burner also provides a generation power of around 12,000 BTU.

This power generation capacity is good enough. It can already accommodate any kind and size of food. This unit offers both efficiency and convenience. That’s because this unit has more dampers, fire access, a chimney, and 3 temperature gauges for easier, improved control. The grates crafted using porcelain-coated cast-iron guarantee increased quality.

Undeniably, this combo smoker provides a decent performance that will provide you with more options to cook food. This is truly a great option considering its outstanding capabilities.

What Is the Best Oklahoma Joe Smoker?

The truth is, almost all Oklahoma Joe smokers have something to offer that makes them stand out. However, if you want the best of all, you should look for these things that define what the best Oklahoma Joe smoker is.

Crafted Using the Best Material – considering that heat plays a crucial role in the cooking process, the material used in building the smoker really matters. Seemingly, the material’s heat retention capability must be extremely high. The chambers should be not so cool or hot. If it occurs, that will mean your food are either raw or cooked. The best Oklahoma Joe smoker is the one crafted using a thick material.

  • With Tight Seals – the best smoker is the one with tight seals. These seals are true of the best quality and securely placed and attached for efficiency. The Oklahoma Joe smoker has good seals that prevent excessive fuel consumption and improved temperature control.
  • Ventilation – the Oklahoma Joe smoker has a damper or chimney that provides a better way for the heat and smoke to enter. Also, the chimney closes tightly so that the smoke will completely remain inside. There are two times of ventilation systems a smoker has. That is why there are some units called reverse flow smokers. Whatever the ventilation system offered, the best smoker will get the job done excellently.
  • Temperature Measurement – the best Oklahoma Joe smoker has its temperature gauge placed externally instead internally. If placed inside, you need to open the chamber’s cover from time to time for checking the temperature. It causes the temperature to drop the more often you check it.
  • Maintenance – the perfect Oklahoma Joe smoker also guarantees easy cleanup after every use. The unit comes with some features that will help you in cleaning the chamber after cooking.
  • Portability – well, the Oklahoma Joe smoker is also lightweight and compact. Thus, the unit is easier to move whenever you have to. The unit will let you do it on your own.
  • Extra Accessories – if you spend a little more on something, it’s normal it has something else to offer. The accessories present in the Oklahoma Joe smoker can be extra racks or hooks. It can also be something that makes cooking more convenient. Therefore, the unit seems it tries to give the best value for your money.

When it comes to best Oklahoma Joe smoker, this is something elegant, classy, durable, and lightweight. It has not just the basic features a smoker should have. Instead, it tries to be the ultimate choice for your outdoor cooking needs. In fact, the Oklahoma Joe smoker will give everything you deserve at a reasonable price.

Overall Verdict

Oklahoma Joe is truly one of the best brands of smokers in the market. The company comes with several units with decent performance and great features that will surely make cooking more fun and interesting.

Still, the decision is yours. Choose what’s right for your needs to get the best value for your hard-earned money. Keep in mind what you had learned from these Oklahoma Joe smoker reviews to make the best buying decision in the end.

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