Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Review – Why do users like its preset options?

Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Review

If versatility is your key focus when buying a countertop oven, then the Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA toaster oven can be the best option to go! It is a versatile toaster oven with a whopping 13 cooking functions and a large 25L cooking interior.

Under 150 dollars, it offers a 1750 wattage powerful motor and five heating tubes to deliver the fast preheating and crispier dishes. Four heating elements are on top & bottom, and the other one is with the convection fan ensuring upgraded temperature management.

Moreover, it features an innovative humanizing user interface that memorizes your settings and offers convenient usage further. Unlikely, it may require time for you to comprehend the interface since the manual is lengthy. Scroll over our Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Review if you intend to explore more!

Notable Features Of Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Air Fryer Toaster Oven

  • Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) jumps with an intelligent LCD digital display on the control panel, making cooking tasks easy.
  • It cooks food with 75% less oil so that you can taste the delicious food without worrying about health.
  • Features a spacious cooking interior that can fit up to 14 chicken wings, six bread slices, or a 12 inches pizza pan.
  • Toshiba air fryer oven ensures even cooking results with five heating elements and a convection fan.
  • It features three rack positions in the gasket, allowing you to cook different foods and maintain your desired crisp level.
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Compare Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA With Hamilton Beach 31436 Air Fryer Oven

If you want to comprehend air fryer toaster ovens more detailedly, we might help you. Here we will briefly discuss two qualitative countertop toaster ovens with identical specifications. Let’s have a look at the comparison chart below!

Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer OvenHamilton Beach 31436 Air Fryer Oven
 Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA GR Toaster Oven Hamilton Beach 31436 Air Fryer Oven
This Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA is a versatile oven capable of replacing six appliances with one since it has nine cooking presets.Hamilton Beach 31436 lags behind with just four essential cooking functions, and it missed keep warm & reheat functions.
For faster and more efficient cooking, it comes with 1750 watts of cooking power and five heating elements.It comes with a low 1500 wattage of cooking power, but it doesn’t have any extra convection fan or additional heating elements.
With an ample 25L cooking interior, it can fit up to six bread slices or 14 chicken wings and 12 inches pizza pan.This one features a slightly bigger cooking interior that fits a 9 X 13 inches pizza pan, 6 pounds of chicken, six slices of bread, etc.
Toshiba comes with a 5-degree temperature increment and decremental features that allow more precision in dish preparation.The Hamilton Beach 31436 Sure-Crisp does not feature precise temperature management since it has a 50 degree +/- feature.
Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA has a bright interior light that gives a clear view of inner dishes and their progression.It misses an interior light, but it has a fontal glass door that ensures a decent view of inner items.
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What Users Are Saying About Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer Oven

Upon extensive scrutiny of Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA reviews on Amazon, we have deduced that most users are thoroughly content with the oven’s performance. Not only does it exhibit a suave and stylish exterior, but it also boasts an extensive cavity despite its petite footprint.

What Users Are Saying About Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer Oven

We decided to put the Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA’s baking temperature to the test, and our external thermometer indicated an impressive level of accuracy. Moreover, this oven is a master at retaining heat within its confines, ensuring that external surfaces remain safe and cool to the touch.

That being said, it’s worth noting that this oven has a few hitches that the manufacturer could iron out. To start, the oven features a single switch that necessitates multiple presses to access each of the 13 presets. In my view, a dial wheel would be far more practical than a button in this regard.

Furthermore, the oven’s default function is air fry, but it would be far more practical if users could customize their settings based on their most frequently used function.

What Is The Key Features Of Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Toaster Oven

What Are The Key Features Of Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Toaster Oven

Sleek Design

The Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Toaster Oven features a streamlined design that has captured the hearts of many of its users. The oven’s interior is coated with a regal grey titanium finish that gives it a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Not only does this oven fit seamlessly into any kitchen decor, but it also features a black surface that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Additionally, the oven’s outer surface is constructed from an anti-fingerprint material, ensuring that users can clean it with ease, as black surfaces tend to get quite messy.


The Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA is a true culinary powerhouse, boasting an impressive array of preset cooking options that are sure to impress any home chef. With a total of 13 cooking modes, including 12 programmable functions, this versatile appliance is the perfect choice for those who love to experiment with a wide range of recipes.

Incredibly, this multi-functional oven can replace six different appliances, including an air fryer, toaster oven, griller, food dehydrator, food warmer, and even a fermenter. Its flexibility is further enhanced by the inclusion of three rack positions, which enable you to prepare various foods to your heart’s content, all while keeping an eye on things via the indicator located above the glass door.

With a generous 25L capacity, this appliance offers ample space for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for busy families. Moreover, you can place two medium-sized containers side by side, allowing you to cook separate meals in each pot with ease.

Quick Cooking

For faster cooking, the Toshiba toaster oven features a 1750 watts powerful motor and numerous preset options. It appears with five heating elements on the top & bottom parts to deliver evenly cooked food with a mouthwatering taste.

Moreover, the TL2-AC25CZA operates with a mighty convection fan that delivers blazing hot airflow into the interior and can speed up the cooking significantly. Besides, you can cook air fries and nuggets with little to no oil at all.

Easy To Use

The Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) air fryer is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a large 4.5-inch bright LCD control panel that displays all 13 presets for easy operation. The knobs are easy to use, and the interior light adds to the overall convenience of the appliance.

Cleaning this air fryer toaster oven is a breeze, thanks to its detachable crumb tray and non-stick coated cooking pot. Simply wipe these parts down with a damp cloth to remove any debris that has accumulated during use. Overall, maintaining the cleanliness of this appliance is a straightforward and hassle-free process.

FAQ About Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Which setting uses all 4 top heating tubes?

The air-fry setting uses all 4 top heating tubes. In contrast, the toast setting uses 2 of the top tubes and 2 of the bottom heating elements. The baking function never uses the upper parts; it goes on with the bottom part.

What is the quart size of this oven?

Unfortunately, the Toshiba air fryer oven measures at a Liter unit, and It is measured 25L in total, and it is equal to 26.4 Quarts.

Does the oven pause when the door is open during cooking?

The unit does not stop cooking when you open the door while the cooking progress goes on!
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Final Verdict

To wrap up the Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Review, we can say that it is a worthy toaster oven for individuals who wants versatility in cooking along with affordability. The extra-large capacity and all other handy features will not make you disappointed at all. So, why not give this Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA oven a shot!