5 Traeger auger motor problems & solution

Traeger auger motor problems are a common phenomenon when you have a gas grill. How do you come to know whether it is gone completely bad or still have some options to make it works again?  First of all, do not assume immediately that the motor has gone completely bad as there would be a couple of things that make the auger motor stopped. So when you fix it, you can run the auger motor once again.

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Traeger auger motor problems & solution

In this article, we will discuss the auger motor problems and give you some handy tips to make it work again. And if you’re looking for a new grill or smoker, you can find the latest Traeger grills reviews or even Traeger smoker reviews here.

5 Traeger Augor Motor Problems & Solutions

Whenever you face a problem with the auger motor, the first thing that comes up in your mind is when you clean up the ashes from it. We’re pretty sure you know about the cleaning up stuff. However, there are some other types of problems you will face using the gas grill, and they are cited here:

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Traeger Augor Motor Problems & Solutions

Traeger auger motor problem – 1

The first problem occurs with the vacuum switch. Normally, the vacuum switch remains in line with the power that connects to the auger motor. In that situation, you need to check out whether the vacuum switch senses back pressure inside the stove or not. If it does, then If you had not cleaned the chimney of the stove for a long time. Since you are not cleaning the stuff for a long time, it is normal to stick the vacuum switch. Consequently, the auger motor comes to a stop.


Pick a clean and dry cotton fabric that will go inside the chimney and clean it properly. Besides, check out properly whether you can find any debris, small particles of ash.

Traeger auger motor problem – 2

Another common problem when you can find the broken pressure switch, especially when you clean out the chimney, you come to know about it.


Whenever you find this problem, pull the wires off the vacuum switch and then connect it. Hence, you can use the paper clip or another metal connector to avoid using your fingers directly. Afterward, turn on the stove and check out whether you can fix the problem or not. Keep in mind that you have plugged it out while fixing it. Even if you can’t see the solution, make sure the power properly reaches the auger motor.

Traeger auger motor problem – 3

If you check out the power issue and then find the auger motor doesn’t work, it seems you have a bad auger motor. So the solution to the Traeger auger motor problems comes with the replacement. Before replacing it, there would be another story; what’s that? Open up the motor to see whether you find anything that stuck over there or not. But this is a scarce kind of story.


In that case, we have already told you about the replacement, and another case for the replacement is with the heating issue. On the flip side, if you can really find something that stopped to run auger motor, then removes it from there. For example, the butter knife may be slipped inside there, so it is jammed and unable to run. However, this kind of incident is scarce.

Traeger auger motor problem – 4

If you have a long wire inside the motor and get stuck in between something, it could be why the auger motor is not functioning. On the other hand, the heating temperature of the auger motor makes the wire molded, and then the motor comes to a standstill.


In that case, you don’t need to change the auger motor. Rather, replace the wire, and if the wire is too long, make it shorter too.

Traeger auger motor problem – 5

Temperature sometimes goes up to 400 degrees. Hence the ashes get stuck in between the auger motor. On the other hand, you can not clean it over and over again. Keep in mind; it is a rare issue for your auger motor.


Traeger branded pallet is now pretty useful to use in your auger motor; it also supports the extra heating. When you can see the auger motor perform poorly, you need to clean the debris often. You can use the branded pallet.


Normally the Traeger auger motor problems are easily trackable, and you can fix them. We have shown you the most common and a few uncommon problems along with the solutions to them. The best tip for you is to clean the auger motor once a week. However, it depends on how often you use your gas grill. If you think it doesn’t work, make sure you have applied all of our tips orderly from number one to number six, and then you can ensure whether the motor has gone completely out of solution or not.

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