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Weber Genesis II E-335 Review – Which is best E330 or E310?

While researching and testing for the Weber Genesis II E-335 review, we noticed some amazing features that you can’t find within one grilling machine other than this one. The first thing you’d notice that the sear burner is back on the Genesis series. Without it, this machine becomes a second choice.

The other reasons to have you this amazing product is its Flavorizer Bars, huge grilling area, powerful side burner, and grease management system. Also, you will get a long flexible cable for natural gas connection. Let’s get started with the review and we’ll see why Genesis II E-335 is a pro-choice to have fun in the summer.

Weber Genesis II E-335 Review

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Genesis II E-335

Q. What are the materials used to build different parts of this grill?

Weber genesis uses porcelain covered cast iron for the cooking grates and Porcelain-enameled for the lid. On the other hand, the doors, control panel, side tables, lid shroud, cooking grates, FlavorizerBars, burner tubes, and heat deflectors are made of stainless steel and some other materials for other internal parts. Those are the main concerned areas for a grill and you’ll be able to use it for years because of those high-quality metals.

Q. Where is the dripping liquid going? How can I clean it afterward?

One of the great advantages of having Genesis II E-335 is that it has a grease management system. For this reason, you won’t see the drips until you open the front door and put out the tray. Inside, you’ll see a disposable drip tray. So, you won’t have to clean anything. Just throw the disposable tray in the trash can and put another one which you can buy from your local store.

Q. Why my Weber grill is not making enough heat and it’s getting harder to light the burners?

The only reason for this problem is that you have a gas leak at any point of the gas carrying tube or junctions. This is a common problem and the solution is to find out the leak, repair it, and reassemble to use it again. This safety mechanism gets automatically activated and it is called the BYPASS.

The procedure to make it new again is to turning all knobs off, turn on the gas supply in full, wait a couple of minutes and you’ll see that there is a pressure building inside. After a minute or two, the grill will be ready for normal operation. Now turn on the burner and hit the ignitor. There’ll be no problem lighting up the burner and you’ll notice that the burner is providing 500 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit without any problem.

Before we go, some customers asked about the grate rods’ thickness. And those rods are 7mm thick in diameter. Now, let’s what are the users and our expert reviewers are saying about Genesis II E-335.

What Users Saying About Weber Genesis II E-335

Instead of some minor and easily solvable issues, we got most of the reviews in favor of this grilling machine. The design is well-researched and made to last for years. After unboxing, we could assemble it without any hassle. Some complained about broken or dented parts and faulty ignitor. But those might have happened due to mishandling while delivery. So, reaching out to the platform you ordered it from or the manufacturer will really solve your problem.

What users saying about Weber Genesis II E-335

The performance of the grill was quite impressive. The heat was enough for perfect cooking and we could manage to cook for 3 or 4 people at the same time. After the cooking was done, the customers reviewed it as the best because it has a grease management system and the parts are easy to disassemble for cleaning. So, the overall impression on the Genesis II E-335 has made us recommend it to others.

Weber Genesis II E-330 vs. Spirit E310 vs. Genesis II E-335

The Genesis II E-335 is the highest priced grill among the three. This has also a larger grilling and cooking area than Spirit 2 E310.

Weber Genesis II E-330 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill (66012001)

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Both E330 and E335 have the same specification and performance except the power source. Genesis II E-330 runs on liquid propane and Genesis II E-335 runs on natural gas. So, you can choose either one of them according to your requirement.

On the other hand, getting Weber Spirit E310 will not be a good option as it can’t give you the grilling experience like the other 2 models. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a sear station. Also, it has less grilling area and less powerful heating output than others.

Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

But if you want a grilling machine from Weber under a lower price tag, then the Weber spirit E310 definitely worth the money compared to its features and performance. Hence  you may find Weber Spirit Grills Reviews to compare which model is best?

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Key Features of the Genesis II E-335

In this part of the Weber Genesis II E-335 review, we’ll know about the key features and the performance of the Genesis II E-335.

Powerful Grilling

The Genesis II E-335 can reach up to 500 to 550 degrees under a closed lid. So, getting enough heat is not a problem. This is possible because the main 3 burners use 39000 BTU per hour, the sear station uses 9000 BTU per hour, and the side burner uses 12000 BTU per hour. As a result, you can use the maximum heat output for perfectly seared meals with very precise heat control. With all those features, you get a fast and uncompromised cooking performance.

Large Space

When we’re partying outside, waiting long for the food could be a party-killer. That’s why this powerful grilling machine can cook for 3 or 4 people in a single batch. It’s possible due to the large cooking area of 696 sq. inches where 513 sq. inches are for the main grilling area. The other 156 sq. inches are foldable warming rack area which is convenient for fast meal preparation.

Cleaning Options

This Weber Genesis II E-335 has detachable parts for easy and quick cleaning. Moreover, it has a grease collection tray. When the drips fall from the FlavorizerBars, it goes to a disposable tray placed right under the main cooking area. So, you can take out the tray easily and replace with another one which saves you a lot of time.

Build Quality

Finally, the build quality of this grill can’t be matched with other machines with similar or close price tag. Also, the design of this grill makes it practical to use and store without any problem. This grill has porcelain-enameled cast iron parts, stainless steel parts, and more for the ultimate reliability. With designing and manufacturing in the US, you can be assured of quality and durability.

Who needs Genesis II E-335 the most?

If you want a larger grilling space than other models, more safety, powerful heating, and perfect heat-controlling, you should have the Genesis II E-335. You can get it for yourself or gift it to your loved one.

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Final Verdict

Comparing the Genesis II E-330, Spirit 2 E310, and Genesis II E-335, we think Weber Genesis II E-335 review is the best one for its large cooking area along with the sear station. The Genesis II E-330 can also be your preference if you want to use liquid propane as your power source.

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