Weber Genesis S-325s Review – Is it Better Than Weber S-335?

If you’re in the market and wondering whether the Weber gas grill’s new design with amazing features is right for you, then read our Weber Genesis S-325s review. Launched in 2023, the Weber Genesis 325S represents a major improvement over the earlier Genesis 300 series models.

Weber Genesis S-325s Review


  • The new design gives outstanding performance and much more functional space than before.
  • Extra-large, 13,000-BTU sear zone delivers a steakhouse searing for the whole family.
  • Confidence in Weber’s quality is increased by its sturdy construction and an enhanced guarantee.
  • The management of flare-ups and consistent temperature makes grilling a breeze.
  • Weber CRAFTED grillware is compatible with a variety of cooking methods.

Perhaps you have already heard about their new Weber Genesis design. If you’re looking for a review of the Weber Genesis S-325s, you’ve come to the right spot. The Weber Genesis S-325s gas grill that we’re going to discuss today boasts excellent smart technology that may be utterly mysterious to you.

This Weber grill is simple to set up. Its design is fantastic and stands out from the previous Genesis series, but it also includes more functionality. There are a few facts regarding this Weber Genesis S-325s gas grill that you should know before making a decision.

The majority of the upgraded Weber gas grills offer excellent quality, longevity, performance, simplicity of use, and customer satisfaction. The Weber Genesis S-325s gas grill reviews will be discussed first. Read this Weber Genesis S-325s review if you’re looking for the best 2-burner gas grills.

Compare Weber Genesis S-325s Vs Weber Genesis S-335 Grill

  • Weber Genesis S-325s Grill

    Weber Genesis S-325s Review
    • The 787 square inches grilling grate is prepared with a qualitative metal alloy steel.
    • It features an extra-large preparation & serving table along with a huge searing area.
    • Weber Genesis S-325s is equipped with 3 main burners and an additional burner for perfect searing.
    • Delivers exquisite dishes as it includes high-efficient PureBlu burners and an expandable lid-top cooking grate.
    • It weighs almost 190 pounds and holds an overall dimension of 35.5 x 30.75 x 31 inches.
  • Weber Genesis S-335 Grill

    Weber Genesis S-335 Grill
    • The Weber Genesis S-335 grill has a 787 square inches grilling grate which is produced with high-quality stainless steel.
    • It features Weber Connect Smart Technology along with Weber Crafted Compatible Grates and Frame Kit.
    • Genesis S-335 also has 4 burners and among them 3 work as major grilling burners.
    • Grillware from the handmade outdoor kitchen collection fits the storage container while improving the method for managing grease.
    • Weber Genesis S-335 Grill has an overall dimension of 35.5 x 30.75 x 31 inches and it weighs 210 pounds.

What Users Are Saying About Weber Genesis S-325s Grill

The Weber Genesis S-325S liquid propane gas grill comes in a reasonable price range, which will cost around 1100 dollars. A bulk of the users are satisfied with the performance of this gas grill. The top cooking grate on the Genesis S-325s gas grill is adjustable, and it has one of the widest and sharpest sear zones available.

This allows the main dish and sides to be cooked and delivered at the same time. When the food is prepared, simply move it to the huge prep and serving table to complete the prep-to-serve grilling process. The three burners and one sear burner in Genesis are naturally heated to a temperature of over 650°c in much less than fifteen minutes.

Let’s have a look at a user review- “Only a screwdriver was required for assembly, which took around 45 minutes. The directions were quite explicit and listed the box and components that were required for each step. The overall fit and finish are remarkable, and everything came together fairly well. Wide and accurate heat control is provided.”

Key Features Of Weber Genesis S-325s Propane Gas Grill

Key Features Of Weber Genesis S-325s Gas Grill

By this point, you must have picked up a lot. Let’s continue to discuss the main features of the Weber Genesis S-325s propane gas grill.

Building Materials

The Weber Genesis S-325s structure was made with steel, and the majority of its parts—including the grill grates, furnaces, lid coverings, and internal parts—are made of premium stainless steel.

You may rely on it for its dependability and longevity because it has a high-quality rating. If you have grilling experience, you should be aware that Weber Grill never skimps on quality.

Cooking Area

It comes with a total cooking area of 787 square inches with both secondary and primary grilling choices. Culinary grates can be used for a range of cooking methods, including searing, roasting, baking, and stir-frying.

The primary cooking area, which is 512 square inches, provides a great cooking surface that is ideal for outdoor grilling for a gathering of family and friends. You may hold any family event or small occasion there, for sure, if you don’t care about the kitchen.

Powerful Burners

Each of the three powerful core stainless steel burners produces 39,000 BTU, which is an adequate amount of heat and is autonomously adjusted depending on your preferred cooking method. These newer Genesis gas grills have “PureBlue” burner tubes, which are a unique material.

The square burning tube is curved from front to rear, ensuring uniform gas flow through the burner’s pores and producing a flame that is more even in its distribution of heat. Approximately 32,000 BTUs are produced by the Sear burner off the Weber Genesis S-325s grill.


Even though it closely resembles the previous Weber Genesis series, it has a distinctively new design that will hold your attention for a while. The Weber Genesis S-325s Gas grill has excellent construction and is manufactured to allow steel.

Since the side table has a sear station on both sides, you can cook your preferred meal there. The “PureBlue” characteristics on the Weber Genesis S-325s propane gas barbecue produce great and even heating throughout the cooking area. The sensation of a stainless burner and fittings is excellent.

Experience is enhanced by its storage mechanism and all four lockable wheels. If you invest around $1000 on a gas barbecue, it is made to give your backyard a high-end appearance.

FAQ About Weber Genesis S-325s Gas Grill

What is the average lifespan of a Weber Genesis?

The majority of the grill’s components are warranted to survive for 5–10 years on Weber grills, which offer excellent warranty terms.

Will my Weber grill rust?

You may invest with confidence in Weber’s, which has a long history of producing cutting-edge grills.

What makes Weber Genesis S and E different from one another?

The Weber S model has a stainless steel body and porcelain-coated cooking grates, which are included with the Weber E Series and offer excellent heat retention.

Final Verdict

The Weber Genesis S-325s is a pleasant surprise thanks to its outstanding quality, modern updates, and an all-star lineup of features. It has many outstanding features that really struck us, such as “PureBlu,” the Locker Fit system, and Fry along with Grilling.

We didn’t notice any issues with it, but you should still think about the aforementioned advice before purchasing it. To wrap up this Weber Genesis S-325s review, we can say that this product will go well in your backyard if you want to barbecue using a gas grill.