Weber Go-Anywhere Vs Smokey Joe – Which one is worthy enough?

Weber Go-Anywhere Vs Smokey Joe

Are you striving for the best portable camping grill to enjoy the great taste of smoked BBQ on the go? Weber has a comprehensive range of small camping grills out there, and we are comparing two of them, Weber Go-Anywhere Vs Smokey Joe.

Both grills are compact and portable for camping grilling, but we prefer the Weber Go-Anywhere considering its portability, design factor, and foldable legs. The dual airflow system makes Weber Go-Anywhere 121020 one step superior to Smokey Joe.

Weber Smokey Joe 40020 is ideal for budget-conscious users since it comes short in a few portability sections. Weber Smokey Joe lacks the side handles that make carrying a little bit awkward.

Why Do We Prefer Weber Go-Anywhere?

  • Weber Go-Anywhere comes with 160 square inches of cooking area, whereas Smokey Joe has 147 square inches.
  • The Go-Anywhere features both plated steel & porcelain-enameled steel grate. On the contrary, Weber Smokey Joe has just plated steel cooking grate.
  • With both charcoal & liquid propane fuel type, the Go Anywhere 121020 leads the way. But Smokey Joe 40020 only has the charcoal fuel system.
  • Go-Anywhere has three Glass-Reinforced Nylon Handles, but Smokey Joe comes with just one handle at the lid top.
  • Weber Smokey Joe holds a circular shape, where Weber Go Anywhere comes with a rectangular shape.
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Considering the portability & specifications part, Weber Go-Anywhere stands further. Though the Go-Anywhere is slightly pricey, it is worth every penny regarding ease of usage. However, the Smokey Joe 40020 is the more becoming pick for individuals who favor circular grills.

SpecificationWeber Go-AnywhereWeber Smokey Joe
Image Weber Go-Anywhere Weber Smokey Joe
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D)14.50 inches x 21 inches x 12.20 inches17 inches x 14.20 inches x 14.50 inches
Total Cooking Area 160 Square inches147 Square inches
Glass-Reinforced Nylon HandlesThree One
Cooking GratePlated & Porcelain Enameled SteelPlated Steel
BurnersOne stainless steel gas burnerNo
DiameterNo 14 inches
Fuel TypeLiquid Propane & charcoalCharcoal
WarrantyTen years for cook box and lid, five years for plastic elements, and two years for other accessoriesTen years for bowl and cover, five years for plastic components, and two years for other accessories
Amazon Rating4.7 (4300+ users)4.7(1000+ users)
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Differences & Similarities Between Weber Go-Anywhere Vs Smokey Joe

Differences & Similarities Between Weber Go-Anywhere Vs Smokey Joe

Design & Build Quality

Both Weber grills are solid and durable in the construction sector since they come with porcelain-enameled materials. Both have a significant difference in their appearance; Weber Go Anywhere is rectangular shaped, and Smokey Joe is circular.

Both grills come with glass-reinforced nylon handles; they don’t become excess hot, so you don’t have to worry about any burning incidents. Go-Anywhere has dual fuel variants, charcoal and propane gas, but Smokey Joe can cook with charcoals only.

Cooking Performance

Since both camping grills come with nearly identical cooking space, you can go cooking the equivalent quantity of food on both the Weber grills. Weber Go-Anywhere allows 160 square inches of cooking space covered by a dual damper system for temperature management.

On the other hand, Weber Smokey Joe offers a slightly inferior 147 square inches of cooking space, and the cooking grates cover by one damper. The overall shape design can play a significant role in cooking specific dishes. As this matter is subjective, thus the choice depends wholly on individual demands.


Being quite portable is one of the most critical factors for small camping grills since people use them mainly on the go. The Weber Go-Anywhere perfectly suits its name, and it is effortless to carry around on your trips.

On the contrary, Weber Smokey Joe is portable because it is lightweight and small. But it is not so transportable as the Weber Go-Anywhere grill. Because the legs are not foldable and it has just one handle on top.

Maintenance & Cleaning

It may seem harsh to hear that; most people are reluctant to move when cleaning their grills. It’s so true, but the perspective with Weber Go-Anywhere & Smokey Joe is pretty different. Cooking grates of both grills are easily cleanable with the help of a decent grill brush.

Following, you have to remove the grill grates, wash them with warm water & soap. After that, wipe the grill grates with a dry fabric or cloth. Besides, there is an ash catcher beneath the cooking bowl in the middle of foldable legs. The ash catcher works efficiently for catching all ash for convenient cleaning.


Weber is a quality grill manufacturer, and it is committed to providing the optimal customer service you desire. Both Weber grill offers a ten-year prolonged warranty on the cooking grates and lid parts. Both also come with a five years warranty for plastic elements and two years for other accessories.

Additional Accessories

With the package, Weber Go-Anywhere and Smokey Joe come with a cooking & charcoal grate. Moreover, they include a user manual, legs & lower vent covers, one handle, and a BBQ lid. Weber Go-Anywhere has two foldable legs, but Smokey Joe has legs made of durable aluminum materials.

FAQ About Weber Go-Anywhere And Smokey Joe Portable Grill

How to clean the ashes?

Ideally, one can dump the ashes by flipping over the bottom half into a steel container with little risk of embers burning the container.

Is there any apparent difference between Go-Anywhere & Smokey Joe?

Yes, there is a considerable variation between these two grills in appearance. The Go-Anywhere has a rectangular shape, and Smokey Joe has a circular designed shape.

What are the assembled measurements of both grills?

The Assembled height and width ratio of Weber Smokey Joe is 18 inches in height and 17 inches in width. Weber Go-Anywhere is 15 inches in height and 21 inches in width.
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Final Verdict

Both are top-notch grills for camping and going for BBQ when you are on the fly. As a portable grill, the Weber Go-Anywhere stands more strongly with more transcendent portability options. For any storage options, you can fold the legs of Go-Anywhere, but Smokey Joe lacks in this feature.

Because of all the flaws, you may think that Weber Smokey Joe is not that worthy. But you may fall wrong since it has all its uniques charms. Smokey Joe is a more budget-friendly option as a portable camping grill. Both are best for their attributes; the decision is yours depending on your budget & demands.