Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe – Why Users Choose Deluxe?

Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe - Why Users Choose Deluxe?

Are you searching for the best charcoal grill? Restrict your choices to the Weber Performer Series. The Weber Performer and the Weber Deluxe do come with some prominent features but they are not the same. 

The Weber performer lacks some basic features and the Weber Deluxe is pretty much flawless but has some tiny issues with the assembling part. Still, they are not so crucial to switch your pickup decision.  Below we will find out why Weber Deluxe is the best. 

Why is Weber Performer Deluxe the Best?

  • From the majority, the crucial difference within Weber performer Deluxe is the Touch-N-Go feature for the ignition system. Though the propane pan is not included, you will feel the magic when you press the button. Weber Premium lacks in the electronic gas ignition system for quick illumination.
  • The Weber Premium misses an additional attribute which is the hinged Gourmet BBQ System. The Hinged Gourmet Porcelain coated BBQ system of Weber Deluxe makes a drastic change inconvenience. 
  • The Weber Deluxe represents four distinct colors and they are crimson, black, green, and copper where the Weber Premium has one color.
  • Performer Deluxe has a more extensive charcoal storage bin and it also has a wider table whereas the Weber premium has a bit inferior table and storage bin.
  • In terms of spacing, the Weber Deluxe comes with pretty much less space as it stands 30 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 43.5 inches in height but worthy enough within the price tag.

These aforementioned differences are not that crucial for everyone. Still, they can make a huge difference in usage while you are at a grill BBQ party.  Comprehend these variations in features and if you want one to be your BBQ partner, then check out here.

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What Are The Similarities Between Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe?

As both of these charcoal smoker grills are from the same manufacturer and even from the same Performer series, thus these two have pretty much similar features. With some slight differences and a vast number of similarities, check the specifications chart out there.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill
  • Both of these two grills come with a 22 inch diameter porcelain enameled bowl and lid with a total cooking area coverage of up to 363 square inches.
  • To set a specific time for your preferable dish, both weber Performers have disposable digital LCD timers included.
  • With a Lid thermometer on the top of the lid, you can check the inner temperature of the grill and your dishes conveniently.
  • Both come with a convenient one touch washing technology as well as features charcoal storage space which allows you to store charcoal inside. 
  • Both feature a 7.5 inches Lid height which can hold up to 13 burgers at once. These two are also furnished with painted finish and best quality porcelain & steel materials.
SpecificationWeber Premium GrillWeber Deluxe Grill
Cooking Area 363 square inch363 square inch
Dimensions43.5 x 30 x 48 inches30 x 48 x 43.5 inches
Weight (lbs)91 Pounds91 Pounds
Touch-N-Go AbilityNoYes
Battery2 AAA batteries3 AAA batteries
Color OptionOne Color (Black)Four Color
Amazon Rating4.8 out of 54.9 out of 5
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Differences and Similarities Between Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe Grill

Below we will introduce some facts and attributes of these two Weber performer charcoal grills. As we have explained some similarities and dissimilarities before, here we will briefly discuss all the key features. 


The induction is one of the crucial parts of a charcoal grill, and this part has also made the main differences between these two Weber grills. A positive saying, the Weber Deluxe has got the great Touch-N-Go feature for performing all tasks automatically within a single press. 

On the other hand, the Weber Premium lacks in this sector where you have to fire it with matches or lighters manually. From the deluxe, just press the button, the charcoals will lit and the BBQ flavor will feel the air magically.

Area Coverage

Both charcoal grills come with a total cooking coverage of 363 square feet and both offer a 22 inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl which will allow you to prepare medium sized meals. Both of these can hold up to 13 burgers at once and space can cover up to your favorite dishes.

Size And Weight

If you are concerned with your charcoal grill’s spacing issue, which, which, then the size will be a crucial fact for you. And if you want a space saving option then we will suggest you go for the Weber Deluxe Grill since it has a smaller footprint than the Weber Premium. The Weber Deluxe is 30 x 48 x 43.5 inches in Length, Width, Height format and in a similar perspective, Weber Premium stands at a size of 43.5 x 30 x 48 inches in L, W, H format. 

Heat Control

Just like all other features, this feature is also a handy one when it comes to increasing productivity while cooking. Since heating is a key factor for charcoal grills and unbalanced heating can ruin everything, thus precise heart control technology is a necessary one.

It enables the user to regulate the temperature level externally removing the lid cover. Alternatively, you can simply adjust the restraints and it makes the charcoal grill usage safer. Both Weber Performer grills offer a precise heating control feature. 

Cleaning Process

Both the Premium and Deluxe Grills have a simplified aluminum stainless steel material built storage and it also offers a one-touch cleaning feature. The removable ash catcher can simply remove all debris and ashes with one click. 

Moreover, the specks of dirt and other junk elements directly get shifted into the ash catcher for convenient cleaning. A weather protected CharBin container stores all charcoals safely so that you can use them whenever you require them. 

Mounted Timer

Both of these Weber Performer series grills are made with a feature that allows setting cooking time for best taste. And it is a mounted time that can be added while needed and it is disposable, so you can remove it when you want. 

This feature is a very convenient one that allows one to reduce stress while cooking. This is a removable LCD timer that can be easily placed on the table. The timer is the easiest way to preheat the grill, all you have to do is set the time, and the machine will be ready.

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Final Verdict

After observing the whole comparison about the Weber Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe you have got a clear concept that these two charcoal grills are nearly the same. But still, there are some handy features included in the Weber Deluxe grill that makes it a beneficial choice for all who are looking for a better experience while grilling.

The Weber Deluxe is a bit expensive in the budget sector, which can be an issue for some buyers. Therefore, if you are worried about the price and don’t require such additional features then go for the Weber Premium charcoal grill. 

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