Weber q 2400 Electric Grill Review – Why Most Users Like It?

Weber q 2400 Electric Grill Review

When you are dealing with a Weber electric grill, it brings amazing portability at the same time provides commercial level grilling experience. The item you toast which prepared on that grill somewhat has the same taste as a big fat grill can offer. Today, we will talk about that kind of electric grill on our weber q 2400 electric grill reviews.

The main attention of Weber q 2400 is to bring the features focusing on the must-do have a type. Cutting off some extra features like the built-in thermometer, and the foldable side tables make it more affordable. As you know Weber charges high, so weber q1400 electric grill would be an affordable choice for you. Read out the weber q 2400 electric grill reviews, and know what’s coming next?

Let us bring out the key features in short, so it makes sense to broadly discuss them later.

Noticeable Features

  • 280 square-inch of the cooking surface is empowered by the 1560 watt
  • It comes with the die-cast aluminum for all the body parts
  • It covers the cooking area with the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Infinite heat control settings ensure the precise temperature
  • It has 6 foot grounded cord, that is accommodating to reach out the plug and the place you keep it
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What users saying about weber q 2400 electric grill

While we are preparing for creating this article on weber q 2400 electric grill reviews, we invest more time in sorting out what users actually said. The first and foremost thing is people believe and love Weber cookware, so the reviews from the user ultimately come with a positive vibe. And, if you ask what specialty comes with this product, we must say the build construction and minimalistic price offer compared to the other Weber product.

Hence, users have fully contended as they can have no flimsy part and all the features are performing. When they find any con, even after having the good line-up, that doesn’t directly relate to what Weber q2400 offer in the specification.

Compare weber q 2400 electric grill vs Weber 54060001 Q2200

The main feature of them is the same that is the grilling surface, which comes similar to the 280 But differences bring with the Weber Q2200. First of all, the Weber Q2200 comes with the built-in thermometer but the Weber q2400 grill doesn’t have so. However, you can purchase it and it costs way much affordable like less than $10.

Compare weber q 2400 electric grill vs Weber 54060001 Q2200
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Secondly, the foldable side tables are no longer available with Weber Q2400, so this one the feature of Q2200. Many grill enthusiasts believe that there is some feature that just makes a product expensive nothing else. If you feel in the same way, then there is no reason to avoid Weber q2400

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Key Features of weber q 2400 electric grill

Key Features of weber q 2400 electric grill

Ergonomic design

The main attention to buy any portable electric grill is to have an ergonomic design, and Weber is the master of this business. It seems more functional then you come to know and this is only possible for the brilliant design. Starting from the larger grip handle gives user comfort, and the side handles make it easy to lift. The control knobs work fine and fit well, where it has to be.

Abundant grilling surface

Weber q 2400 comes with an adequate grilling area with the 280 Below 200 considered to be so much minimalistic that the regular should have. On the other hand, it posses great power with the 1560 Watt so no worries to bring heat within this surface inadequate level.

Well-built design

Weber is a brand of trust, and it won’t be boasting, one claims it so. So, at first glance, without even checking out what the electric grill has inside, many users bring it home. But we dig inside and come to know that it has the ultimate grilling materials that are die-cast aluminum which kicks away the existence of rust, even using many years. The cooking surface is also reliable to use for years, as it is team up with the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

When reviewing on this grill, we found that the built-in thermometer is absent, so you need to bring it, and that requires paying off. Quite disappointing, but the good thing is it helps to cut off the extra expense from the price line-up. This is a heavy portable grill to us and to you, as it weighs a bit more (43.5 lbs) compared to some of the other relevant grill of them.

However, it doesn’t affect the portability at all, so no worries. If you know about Weber product, and the brand itself, then you won’t surprise to see other Best Weber Charcoal Grill comes with half of the price it demands. What was that? Well, the reason is simple, the heavy construction of weber makeover everything including the price as well.

FAQ About Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

What is the best way to clean the grates?

You need to take the hosed out from the grates first. After that, use a piece of sponge, but make sure it comes with the pre-filled with wand attachment so that the grease easily get dissolved in the dish soap for the cleaning stuff. That’s work so easy for all.

Does anyone have a work-around for its lack of thermometer?

It comes with the oldies type of grill, which is a lack of thermometer. However, it won’t cost more than $10, when you purchase it, so no worries at all.
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Final Verdict

Now, it is high time to make the decision for Weber q2400, does it worth investing or not. The common question about the Weber product is with the price. More or less, every one of us find it expensive. On the other hand, some other manufacturers offer half of the price by giving the almost same features that weber has.

Keeping this in mind, you may ask why you should have weber q 2400 electric grill? When another offers the same feature but unable to provide the sturdy construction, we believe it would be your perfect investment. The flimsy part may have the same charming attention, but fail to keep the same height that Weber can offer.

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