Weber Q2200 Review – What Users Saying About it?

Weber Q2200 Review

The market offers almost unlimited choices when it comes to gas grills. Your best choices include the Weber Q2200.

This portable gas grill serves as the cornerstone of the brand’s famous Q-line. it’s a real portable and folding gas grill that can be with you anywhere you go.

With a good grilling space and other interesting features, your next grilling activities will be much more convenient and enjoyable. You can use this grill in cooking a large slice of meat of a whole chicken. It’s as versatile as the single-burner grill.

Weber Q2200 is the upgraded version of the Q220. Find out if it will be the right gas grill for you in this Weber q2200 review.

Noticeable Features of Weber Q2200

  • Its total cooking surface measures 280 sq. in.
  • This gas grill has an efficient burner made of stainless steel.
  • It has a 12,000 BTU/hr. input key chamber.
  • It comes with 2 folding worktables: the main cooking area and a warming rack area
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Good quality
Powerful single burner
Foldable side tables
Small size
Side tables made of plastic

Compare Weber Q2200 vs Coleman RoadtTrip LXE Portable Grill

One of the biggest competitors of Weber Q 2200 is the Coleman RoadtTrip LXE. These two gas grills seem to be in a close fight, but eventually, the Weber gas grill appears to be the winner.

Compare Weber Q2200 to Coleman RoadtTrip LXE Portable Grill
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Weber Q2200 comes with a small cooking surface that measures 280 square inches while the other has a slightly bigger cooking area measuring 285 square inches.

Nonetheless, Weber Q2200 seems to be more powerful than the other as it comes with a single burner with a maximum power of up to 12,000 BTU while the RoadTrip LXE has two burners but with a maximum power of just 10,000 BTU.

Key Features of Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Key Features of Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Small Size

This gas grill is small and compact. It is very portable, so it can go together with the whole family anytime, anywhere. Despite the size, it has the same features as most grills in the market.

Gets Hot Quickly

Weber Q2200 gets hot faster, helping you make the food completely cooked. This benefit can even help reduce gas dissipation. You can use this gas grill as an alternative to your stove. You can use it to cook omelets and anything else that is very light and delicious. The gas grill’s 280 sq. in. the cooking surface can cook 10 to 12 burgers or 4 to even 5 big slices of meats all at once.

Lid Thermometer

This weber Q2200 grill features a lid thermometer that you can use in measuring the heat within the grill. Therefore, you don’t need to open and close the lid many times to check the temperature.

You can determine the grill’s thermometer by just looking at the thermometer. With this lid thermometer, there’s no chance of getting your food either overcooked or half-cooked.

Drenched Catch Pan: This feature saves your food from dripping. This dripping has a savory taste that you can use as butter for grilled foods.

Cooking Grates

Weber Q2200 has a pair of cooking grates. The advantage of having not just one but two cooking grates is that if you’re cooking just 4 medium-sized slices of meat or less, you can switch to just one cooking grate. That makes cooking much more convenient.

Electric Ignition: This gas grill features an electric ignition system. It is efficient and easy to use.


The most important part of a gas grill is the burner. A good burner will make your food delicious and flavorful. The market provides you several options when it comes to burner grills as you may find 2, 3, and even 4 burner grills. For the size of Weber q 2200 gas grill, this gas grill has one burner that is in line with the grill.

Side Tables

Weber Q2200 also comes with two side tables made of plastic. These side tables sit on the sides of the grill will let you put other stuff you need when cooking. Also, these side tables will allow you to transfer the grill in different places. Truly, these side tables are making cooking and moving much easier.

Removal Propane Cylinder

This propane gas grill component typically lasts for four to five meals. If you want to organize an event outdoors, then you should have a disposal propane cylinder. Or else, it’s impossible to bring a huge gas cylinder for a special occasion.

Transportable Cart

Weber Q2200 has a portable cart which makes a grilling unit movable. If you want to move your unit to somewhere else, then this feature will be very helpful. Otherwise, you need to bring the grill with your bare hands. A bulky and heavy grill is extremely hard to bring with hands.

What Users are Saying about Weber Q2200?

This Weber gas grill is one of the top-rated units within the online market so far. It got an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. In general, people who reviewed Weber Q2200 said the unit is easy to put together. Many of them said they love how portable it is and how good it is at distributing the heat to ensure that your foods will be perfectly cooked.

Also, many of the customers said they liked Weber 2200 because it is easy to clean, efficient, and heats up fast. Some of them added that they are happy that the grill is made of stainless steel and looks durable.

What is the Disadvantage of Weber Q2200 Propane Grill?

Weber Q2200 is imperfect just like other gas grills in the market. One of the reasons why some customers hesitate to consider this unit is its size. For that, it is not the ideal gas grill to use for big parties. It can be a good choice only for a small family escapade or a trip to the beach.

Also, the external features of this gas grill seemed to make the unit more expensive. People on a tight budget will surely hesitate to consider this gas grill.

The side tables made of plastic are also a problem as they can be burned easily in case of an accident. However, a gas grill having side tables made of steel is typically more expensive than the one with plastic side tables.

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Final Verdict

To sum it up, Weber Q2200 is undeniably a good medium-sized grill. It’s very portable and can take your grilling experience into the next level.

This gas grill comes with the basic features and extras that made it more useful. If you are looking for a smart, portable, and small gas grill, then this product could be the right one for you.

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