Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 Review – Is it better than Ironwood 650?

Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 Review

Weber SmokeFire grills are one of the most popular pellet grills to turn wood pellets and meats into smoked perfection. I’m here to share my thoughts on Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 pellet grill. There are a lot of benefits to owning this product, but there are some drawbacks that I’d like to point out first.

The Weber Ex6 2 features a very strong fan that causes the pellets to float in the air when you switch to maximum temperature. Furthermore, while cooking, I discovered a significant variation in temperature throughout the cooking hob. It’s sometimes useful for multitasking because the temperature of the center and sides are different.

Another aggravating feature is that this one necessitates the usage of Weber wood pellets for cooking. The difficulties described above may not be an issue since they achieve maximum efficiency when lids are closed. Keep an eye on Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 Review for information on the magnetic aspect.

Noteworthy Features Of Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2

  • The Weber SmokeFire Ex6 second-generation pellet grill comes with a porcelain-coated outer finish that prevents the grill from any damage or rusting.
  • It appears with a weather-resistant LED display which is easily readable and provides more accessible and enhanced usage.
  • Weber SmokeFire packs an ash & grease drawer that directly puts all the grease and ash residue into the drawer for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Do more with your meats and porks since it has a large 20 pounds hopper capacity as well as an ample grilling space that can take more load.
  • Features a wide temperature range that allows you to flavor all sorts of meats according to the heat it takes to reach the perfection level.
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Compare Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 and Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill

Below we will overlook the specifications of two highly appreciated and top-notch wood pellet grills from two distinct manufacturers. Look at the comparison chart below between Weber and Traeger grill, and it will let you choose the fitting one according to your demands.

Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill
 Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 Traeger Ironwood 650
Weber SmokeFire Ex6 2nd generation wood pellet grill comes with a 1010 square inches dual grilling space to sear and smoke more meats.Traeger Ironwood 650 pellet grill can take a decent amount of workload since it has a main grilling space of up to 650 square inches.
It has a large 20 lbs hopper capacity which can hold more pellets thus runs for a longer time.Despite having a smaller grilling area, it has a more significant 20 lbs hopper capacity to deliver more smoke for a prolonged period.
The Weber SmokeFire Ex6 2 pellet grill comes with a porcelain-coated exterior layer that prevents the grill from any damages, fractures, or rusting.It comes with a double-wall stainless steel interior made for lasting up to a prolonged period, even in harsh weather.
It comes with a wide temperature range from 200 degrees to 600 degrees that allows you to cook versatile dishes.With a wide temperature range of 165 to 500 degrees, you can smoke and sear meat to squeeze out the desired flavor.
The Weber Smoke fire Ex6 2 stands 30.3 x 55.5 x 31.3 inches and weighs about 200 pounds in overall dimension.Traeger Ironwood 650 measures 46 x 27 x 47 inches in L x W x H format, weighing about 150 pounds, a little bit lighter than the Weber.
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What Are Users Saying About Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2nd?

With a commitment to providing excellent results on smoking and searing, the Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 jumps out of the box like a conqueror. Since it is the second version of the weber smoke fire gen 2, it comes with handy enhancements in features. Such as dual meat probe, DC powered engine, even heating, flavored bars, diagnostic alerts, etc. The wireless connection and the control over the mobile app are just flawless.

It does have some issues; sometimes, you may need to clean the grill grate frequently because of fat consumption and grease residues. You have to hassle using the SmokeFire Ex-6 since it works with Weber wood pellets only. The Ex-6 2nd Gen is a little bit expensive if you compare the features, but it has premium features that level up your grilling experience. Except for these slight drawbacks, it is a handy tool for steak searing, smoking ribs, baking pie, roasting veggies, and whatnot!

What Are The Key Features Of Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2?

What Are The Key Features Of Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2

Strong Built

Weber says the Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 comes with solid material built to last for a longer time. In handling the most challenging weather or damages, it comes with a specially made porcelain-coated exterior finish. In prolonged usage, it can also prevent your grill from cracking, rusting, damaging, etc. The build material works as a handy tool for preserving the temperature range in precision.


The Weber Ex-6 pellet grill comes with an extended temperature range of 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit that allows cooking various dishes. The temperature variation works great for adding new flavors to your smoked foods. Smoothly works with whatever task you give to it, from steak searing to roasting veggies and much more.

Large Spacing

The total grilling space of Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 is about 1010 square inches, where the primary cooking area is 650, and the warming rack is about 350 square inches. Furthermore, the hopper capacity is massive, which can handle up to 20 pounds of wood pellets at once. Therefore, you can smoke more meats and ensure the hard-achieved flavors through a long-time usage.

Convenient Usage

It has an LCD panel that shows time, temp and works as a helping hand for easier control for easy usage. Moreover, it has flavorizer bars that ensure direct and consistent heating for flame-free use. With the Weber Connect feature, you can grill directly from your smartphone since it notifies you whenever you need any changes to your cooking.

Easy To Clean

The EX-6 Gen 2 comes with a grease drawer that efficiently manages the grease and ash flow into one spot. The grease collection drawer then leads into an effortless clean-up system. Apply the given plastic scraper tool to push leftovers from the cook box into the drawer.

FAQ About Weber 23510201 SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen) Grill

What are the cooking surface dimensions on both sides?

The top grilling surface is 10 inches wide and 35 inches long, consisting of a total area of 360 square inches. The bottom surface is 18 inches X 36 inches, composed of 648 square inches grilling top.

Can the smoke production be raised for individuals’ demands?

There are featured settings on the app named SmokeBoost, which runs the grill at a lower temperature than usual that produces more smoke.

What is the manufacturer warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty is available on the Weber website; it is about 3 to 5 years long.
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Final Verdict

After unboxing, the Weber SmokeFire Ex6 Gen 2 jumps out as a smoke professional with all the qualitative features. Even after having some shortcomings or complaints, it can chant your tastebuds with mouthwatering smokey meats. The price range can be a headache for someone who is on a tight budget. After all, if you want a quality pellet grill for some extra bucks, consider looking at this Weber grill before you step out.