Weber Spirit E 310 Review – What Users Saying About Its Features?

Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The market has many options to offer for anyone who is searching for a good grill. One of these is the Weber Spirit E 310.

This gas grill is solid, durable, and highly functional. It will give you superior control over the food, temperature, and for the rest. It may be more expensive than other Weber grills models, but the way it was constructed, its performance, and the manufacturer warranty will justify the cost.

Should you include it in your own list of choices? This review should help you find out.

Noticeable Features of Weber Spirit E 310

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind
  • Flavorizer Bar System to keep your food tasty and juicy
  • Compatible with iGrill 3
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  • 10-year warranty
  • iGrill 3 compatibility
  • Flavorizer bar system


  • Some flimsy parts

Compare Weber Spirit E 310 vs Broil King Signet 320

Broil King Signet 320
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Both grills are of good quality. Also, they can be a good addition to any backyard. Each comes with potential benefits and drawbacks. The right one for you will always depend on your needs and priorities.

When it comes to construction, the Spirit E 310 comes with better materials. Thus, it is more likely to last for many years compared to Broil King Signet 320.

Weber Spirit E 310 also beats the other grill in terms of cooking space. Its cooking space measures 424 square inches, so it is bigger than the Broil King Signet 320’s grilling surface measuring 400 square inches.

Key Features of Weber Spirit E 310

What is the Disadvantage of Weber Spirit E 310

Wide and Spacious Grilling Space

Weber Spirit E 310 comes with a wide grilling space measuring 424 square inches. It also comes with a big warming rack that measures 105 square inches. Therefore, this Weber grill has a sum of 529 square inches of cooking space for big slices of meat, fish, burgers, etc. What about a 20-pound turkey? That should not be a problem with this grilling surface.

Stainless Steel Side Tables

Weber Spirit E 310 can take care of it with ease. You will love the side tables made of stainless steel. They are very useful.

Decent Performance

Getting enough control over the heat is truly important when it comes to grilling. Good thing, the burner controls in Weber Spirit E 310 are customizable. Thus, you can use them in making indirect or direct heat zones.

Flavorizer Bar System

This feature is a decent and innovative addition. The system will catch the sizzling drippings while the grill is cooking the food.

Easy to Clean

The juices which did not go through the Flavorized Bar System will go the oil management system of the grill. Weber Spirit E 310 has an angled oil tray that works together with the catch pan placed in a distance from the grill’s burner. It is a disposable catch pan. The grease tray will easily glide inside and outside of the cabinet for fast cleanup.

10-Year Warranty

Get peace of mind and confidence when buying this grill as it comes with a 10-year warranty. This warranty means this product is a risk-free investment.

Compatible with iGrill 3

Apart from the open cart design of this grill and availability in different colors, the Weber Spirit E 310 comes with iGrill 3 compatibility. This feature allows you to connect the grill with your smartphone to receive alerts while grilling. It is a grilling thermometer equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Although the high-tech accessory is not available in Weber Spirit E 310, this grill still stands out from the crowd. It remains to be a compelling option for the budget-conscious customers out there.

Spider Prevention Screen

This feature is designed for keeping the spiders from invading the grill. It’s a one-of-a-kind feature that most customers have heard for the first time.

Brilliant Design

Weber Spirit E 310 is intended to look like the typical grill. It features 4 color options for the hood. You can spice up everything with the sapphire hood or bright red or just keep it traditional with black.

Its surface comes with cooking grates made of cast iron and covered with porcelain. These are easy to clean and durable. Thanks to its decent grease management mechanism that funnels the drippings in the detachable tray.

The main burners have an amazing power input of 30,000 BTU. Even with a good amount of heat, occasional flare-ups will also take place due to the flavorizer bars. This will keep anything you cook from getting overcooked.

What Users Are Saying About Weber Spirit E 310?

Weber Spirit E 310 Review - What users saying about its features?

As a good grill, Weber Spirit E 310 got an average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. This grill comes with nice features, it is easy to assemble, and very convenient to maintain. Many customers talked about the grill’s ability to distribute heat and control the temperature within the cooking surface.

Also, there are customers who said this grill heats up fast. Putting the parts together is very easy as well.

What is the Disadvantage of Weber Spirit E 310?

If you’re running out of space, the stainless steel side tables can become a nuisance as you cannot fold them down. Moreover, this model is quite heavy and requires another person to set it up and move it.

With parts constructed on the lower grade stainless steel, several customers had complained about getting their units with dents. Make sure you check it for dents before the setup even when you purchase the unit locally.

Lastly, installing Weber Spirit E 310 is somewhat complicated to install. It can be annoying considering that the grill is bulky. It comes with the complicated directions and numerous parts that are making the assembly and installation time-consuming and hard to finish. The job may take as long as 3 hours.

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Final Verdict

Weber Spirit E 310 is undeniably a compelling option when it comes to cheap gas grills. Considering its cooking space and the 3-burner design, this unit comes with power and space that meet the needs of a small family or a group of friends.

It also comes with incredible features, such as the flavorizer bar system, fully enclosed cook box, electric crossover ignition, and fuel gauge. The grill is so easy to clean after each use. Transporting it is also a breeze.

Despite some issues with the lower grade stainless steel construction, the Weber Spirit E310 has several qualities and exceptional features that make it the perfect entry-level full-size gas grill for the price.

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