6 Weber Spirit vs genesis – Which is the best model?

Which one comes as the best grill, is it Weber Spirit or Genesis? This is the most popular at the same time the most confusing question ever. That’s why we are going to break apart every cornerstone and logically bring some scenarios to you about Genesis vs Spirit.

To let you know the facts of their comparisons, we will bring the best models of Spirit and Genesis at the same time, reviewing them and dissect every part. Therefore, at the end of this article on Weber Spirit vs Genesis, you can make your own choice. So follow all the below pinpoints of our comparisons right away.

Weber Spirit vs Genesis – Which one user most like?

So we are going to discuss the most popular gossip about Spirit and Genesis. We have sorted out some of the best models of them and now at first, we will bring on the best model from Weber Spirit. Later on, we will show you other Genesis and Spirit products and then draw a comparison among them.

So our main choice from the overall models of them is Weber 45030001 Spirit II E310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill. Let’s give you some insight into why we like it most.

1. Weber 45030001 Spirit II E310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

So let’s talk about the most exciting model that is Weber 45030001 Spirit II E310. We put this on our review as the best model and let’s dissect why it is. First off the main attention of it is to have an open cart design and consistent grilling. You now guess why it is important, yes it increases the overall mobility when you will drag it outside. Furthermore, the Wheel under it is absolutely performing and bigger in size. Compared to the other models of this kind, the wheel and the cart were not that satisfying.

Key Features

  • It comes with large cooking surface 529 sq.in
  • Open cart design and large two-wheel increase mobility
  • Powerful 3 burner grill run by 30,000 BTUs along with fuel gauge
  • Available in 4 different colors and portable compact design
  • Well built girl having porcelain enameled cast iron grates and glamorizer bars
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When we look over the grilling area it comes to us just perfect. Having 529 sq.in of cooking surface within the portable feature is a great combination indeed. Moreover, this combination is somewhat rare while we review other kinds of Spirit and Genesis models. Having propane and the natural convertible system allows you to enjoy both of these grillings. GS4 technology adds up as usual with the improved infinity ignition. Let not forget the cast-iron grates for that sear the marks over meat become easy.

There are some common features available in this model, compared to the other kinds, they are having the porcelain-enameled glamorizer bars, multiple color variation and easy to clean. Let’s bring another main feature that stands it out from others. As a natural gas grill has a big hose is a great ace. For that, you are going to have a 10-foot flexible hose, which is rare indeed.

Note: Now we are going to cover a total of 5 reviews on Spirit and Genesis grill models. So now you can compare them with Weber 45030001 Spirit II E-310.

2. Weber 44070001 Spirit II E210

Weber 44070001 Spirit II E210

Weber 44070001 Spirit II E-210 comes with a sleek open cart design that allows extra space for grilling tools. Besides, you can experience it as a great portable grill. The wheel under it is big enough and unforgiving while facing any obstacles. The side shelves give extra space too for the cooking prep. The main focus of it is to have the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates across the surface of grilling areas. The grilling area is 450 sq.in which is perfect for residential cooking purposes.

Key Features

  • It comes with 450 sq.in of cooking area, that is for minimum cooking prep
  • It has 2 burners that powered by 26,500 BTUs
  • Open cart design with 2 durable wheels extend the mobility
  • Easy to clean up with grease management system
  • Team up with Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
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It could be the small size with just 2 burners but still, you should remember it is a powerful propane grill at the same time convertible to natural gas. If you want to experience the most mobility and having the Weber Spirit model then this one would be your right choice. Besides, the design is charming with 5 available colors and the Red is the default of them.

Weber never missed to bring GS4 grilling innovation along with the sophisticated ignition system. The flavorizer bars are another common add on also and for clean up, you can enjoy the grease management system of it. Aside from the burner unit, you can keep food within the warming rack and serve them while necessary. As an LP gas grill never forget to have the easy access tank so that mounting the gas tank outside of the grill is so easy. Furthermore, the fuel gauge placed next to the gas tank where you can track the fuel level.

3. Weber 45020001 Spirit II E310

Weber 45020001 Spirit II E310

E-310 tuned up with Weber’s own innovation to improve the grilling experience called GS4 technology. It comes with the propane grilling and has a durable part made of stainless steel marge with porcelain-enameled glamorizer bars. As a result, it is sustainable for years after years of use. Again, the cast iron cooking grate covers the grilling area and maximize that grilling surface with unbeaten heat retention. The cooking grates is enough to deal with high temperature and leave marks on the meat.

Key Features

  • Weber 45020001 is the propane gas grill that is teamed up with the GS4 technology
  • It has a huge grilling area like 529 square inches
  • The 3 burners come powered by the 30,000 BTU attach to the fuel gauge
  • It is far more durable having the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Packed with the open cart design, six tool hooks, and two bigger wheels
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The cooking area in this model is 529 square inches where the primary cooking area would be 424 square inches and the warming rack would be 105 square inches. The three burners will get an unforgiving flame powered by the 30,000 BTU. At the left table would be great for seasoning and doing other grilling works which are around 42 inches. Below the burner unit, you will find an open cart design along with the six tool hooks.

Again beneath it, two large caster wheels are set smartly that let your grill outside to the lawn. All the burners come with infinity ignition for that light up the burner never miss at all. The glamorizer bars and grease management system infused intelligently by Weber’s for that you can experience the ease of cleaning up.

4. Weber 61006001 Genesis II S335

Weber 61006001 Genesis II S335

Weber Genesis S335 (61006001) comes to the grill enthusiasts with the premium quality along with great materials. It is teamed with the GS4 technology like the other weber’s models. Maximum parts of it come with the stainless steel construction like the side shelves, lid shroud, cooking grates, burner tubes, doors, and the heat deflectors.

Key Features

  • It comes with three burners, and they are primary, side and sear station burner
  • It is fully adjustable with the Gs4 weber’s technology
  • The cooking grates come as the best quality made of stainless steel rod
  • It has an enclosed food storage and warming racks
  • Stainless steel lid retains the heat and thermometer track the temperature of it
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The main focus of having this Weber genesis grill is to have great side burners. Within these side burners now you can make a sauce to saute veggies. Apart from it, having the searing station is an absolute win. For that, you can now heat that station as quickly as possible that allows sear marks on the meat too. Across the cooking surface, the cooking grates have 7mm dimensions that are built from solid steel rod grates.

The app igrill3 is compatible with it and connected through your device. Having this feature will give you a modern feel and also easily track the heating temp without seeing the thermometer reading. Let not forget to tell you the stainless steel lid, for that, the outside air won’t make trouble to the inside cooking prep. The enclosed storage cart allows you to put cooking stuff and the warming rack for keeping the food warm and perfect.

5. Weber 61015001 Genesis II E315

Weber 61015001 Genesis II E315

Weber 61015001 Genesis II -315 model has an aesthetic default black color which is a powerful propane grill. Again it is convertible to the natural gas grill. If you don’t like the default black then you may choose the copper one. It doesn’t come with the open cart design rather you can put things on the enclosed cart. Even grilling is the main feature of it and it is possible due to having the porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates.

Key Features

  • It is a well-built design team up with stainless steel body construction
  • It comes with the enclosed cart along with two wheels and casters, make it movable
  • Teamed up with the i-grill 3 apps to track the temperature in real-time
  • Large grilling area with powerful 3 burners
  • It is convertible to LP gas to Natural Gas
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Again having this cooking grates, you will have superior heat retention too. Having adequate grilling area must require to have a better grease management system, so it is with this model. Therefore, you won’t see drippings to be vaporized from the flavorizer bars. The catch pan is removable located under the cookbox so you can easily remove it and drip the tray while needed.

At the top of the grill, the lid also comes as Porcelain-enameled lid for that, you won’t see to leak out anything. Alongside the main burners, you can keep food to warm up and ready for serving at any time using the warming rack. Hooking up the tools also easy at the side tables so you can have your essential tools if necessary. The overall cooking flavor is smoky and heat retention is perfect with consistent cooking.

6. Weber 67016001 Genesis II E435

Weber 67016001 Genesis II E435

Weber 67016001 comes to its users with a bigger surface having 4 burners, whereas other Genesis regular grill normally has 3 burners. However, you will still find three burners like the searing station, side burners and primary burner. All of these burners successfully lit up with the help of the infinity ignition system.

Key Features

  • 4 stainless steel burners and with huge grilling surface
  • It comes with 7 mm stainless steel cooking grates, that is extra large
  • Infinity ignition ensures the surefire light up for all burners
  • It has a warming rack to keep the food warm
  • The grease management system allows to easy cleanup
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All these burners have a specific BTU unit. For instance, the main burner has 48000 of powerful BTUs. A searing station burner has 9000 BTUs and finally, the primary burner has 12000 BTUs.  Among these three burners, you will find the searing station has the most intense heating capacity. The 7mm stainless steel cooking grates cover all the burners including the side burners measured 228 sq.in area where you find the warming racks.

The overall construction is praiseworthy indeed as it is from Weber’s family. To retain ultimate heat and less leak out of the heat, it has the cast iron cooking grates. With this grill, you can explore the flavorizer bars for picking up the debris and grease management system lowers the risk of flare-ups.

Weber Spirit vs genesis – Which is the best model?

Weber Genesis normally comes with a huge grilling area so be with Weber 67016001 Genesis II E-435. If having an astonishing grilling surface is your main concern then this one would be your first choice. It has 4 burners where the searing station is the main attention.

On the flip side, Weber 44070001 Spirit II E-210 comes with the minimum grilling surface along with just 2 burners. But the ace of it is to have the mobility and portability. For that, it has an open cart design, not the enclosed one.

Having the minimum size doesn’t mean it lacks the powerful grilling rather it is also team up with propane and natural gas grill at the same time. So these are the main comparison of them but keep in mind both of them are made of weber’s best material. So if you want to draw the comparison don’t underestimate any of this durability or having good materials.

All you need to compare is the size. For that, make a decision whether you want to experience huge food consumption with Weber 67016001 Genesis II E-435, or you are going to experience the minimum cooking area but love the portability of Weber 44070001 Spirit II E-210.

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Features Comparison Between Weber Spirit vs Genesis

We come to the final discussion on Weber Spiritvs Genesis review. It is hard to compare between two top models from the same brand without focusing on the best features of them. Therefore, we will now pick two best models, one from Spirit and the other from Genesis. So let’s see which features satisfy you the most.

Best two features of Weber Spirit

More or less every model of the Weber Spirit comes with a sleek design and the grilling surface is for the residential use. That means, it has not boastful huge grilling are, however, it is satisfying for the family grilling, at the same time great portable too. Besides, we found most of them as great materials with even cooking. But which one comes with the two best features of having a portable design and even heating? Let’s find the answer below.

Portable Design

Weber 44070001 Spirit II E-210 is the best portable grill among all Weber products. It weighs just a hundred pounds and comes with less grilling surface like 450 sq.in. Having minimalistic size and only 2 burners set up eventually make it portable. Furthermore, the open cart portable design makes it more lightweight. Under the cart, you will see rubber molded dual wheels that can withstand any obstacles while dragging outside to the backyard.

Let not forget the side shelves of it that allow additional room for fast cooking prep. Alongside it, you can hang six tools over there which is the sign of its portability too. The weight of it is light and the design of it ensured that for that if you are looking for a portable propane grill this one’s for you.

Even Heating with powerful grilling

This model comes with an even heating surface for that it can allow the proper distribution of heat. The cooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled material that is the reason it can prevent flare-ups, retain heat with the high or low flame, and provide indirect cooking. The consistent heating is done by tracking the temperature accurately using thermometer reading. You can not underestimate the size of it rather you should pay respect to the powerful propane grilling system. For that, it can generate immense flame within a small surface.

Best two features of Weber Genesis

The best feature of Weber 67016001 Genesis II E-435 is to have a huge grilling surface with 4 burners and heavy-duty body construction. Due to having these two features, we have already put this on the best grilling machine of Weber’s team. Now let’s explain those features elaborately.

Huge grilling area

Having 4 burners is the main attention of Weber 67016001 Genesis II E-435, which shows how big it would be. So it comes with abundant grilling area that is like commercial grilling purpose. So the total cooking area can accommodate up to 28 burgers that are like huge indeed. This surface can bring 10 to 12 people all together for having food feast easily. The searing station is another main attention where you can have the best flame under the hood. The size of it is also astonishing and it comes with 228 sq.in of area. Let not forget the warming rack outside the grilling surface and there you can keep food for warm-up perfectly.

Well built design

This giant would be worthless if it doesn’t come with the durable all body parts. By the way, it is not possible to be a shabby body part from Weber’s family so you can keep your all trust upon them. The overall body parts are made of stainless steel and the main cooking surfaces are all from porcelain-enameled cooking grates. flavorizer bars, burner tubes, doors, lid shroud, side shelves all of them are from a steel construction for that it can serve you for years.

Performance Comparison Between Weber Spirit vs Genesis

You need to give an overview of these two kinds of Weber differently. They are not the same and prevails great differences, and if you read the above passages, you must come to know. However, let’s bring on the two top models one from Spirit and the other from Genesis.

Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on the heavy grill with the great cooking area? Or, you just want to have a minimum cooking surface but explore outdoor cooking fun? The choice is yours absolutely and we just let you know about the two different kinds of model of Weber’s

We have already explained Genesis is from the big brother’s gang, where you will get the huge grilling space and great materials so be with Weber 62016001 Genesis II E-435. However, you may need to spend thousands of cash US dollars. But to be honest, this is not going to waste at all. But you just need to set your goal first brainstorming on the features of it.

Or, you can think about the Weber Spirit’s grill. The minimum grilling surface but maximum portability comes with Weber 44070001 Spirit II E-210. This powerful red liquid propane grill costs less than half of Genesis. But the performance is the same depending on the build material and powerful grilling. You just only compensate for the grilling area, however, it takes you to explore portability.

Final Verdict

Now, what’s in your mind after reading this Weber spirit vs genesis review? It’s all your preference and we just show you up every cornerstone of two kinds of Weber’s grill. Spirit is for those who want to have a portable grill and don’t care about huge grilling areas. Alternatively, Genesis models are big in size so they deliver huge food consumption but lacks mobility. So, before choosing any of them choose your preference first and bring the best of them at your home.

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