Weber Summit S 470 Review – How better its performance?

Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 Propane Grill

Weber brought much kitchenware and they know what their consumer wants them to bring out. Keeping this in mind, they come with Weber summit S 470, a propane grill that has a number of worthy features to describe. They want their consumers to enjoy the rotisserie dish with other favourite dishes. Also, one can easily take it outside and enjoy the outdoor food feast hence, it is portable too.

So what next come to you? Why should you buy this or not? We are going to cover every valuable aspect in this weber summit s 470 review.

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Weber summit s 470 review

Weber summit s 470 is the member of the weber family. This model has a good space for cooking covering the 580 where you will have 4 burners. The main attention of the construction of this grilling machine is to have the stainless steel cooking grates which are 9 mm in size. The size of the cooking areas and the number of burners is enough to satisfy 8-10 people’s hunger.

The summit s 470 jet ignition system never allows any falters and light up as fast as possible. Besides, it is set up in every burner like the side burner, station burner, smoker burner and most importantly the rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner. Here you can see the versatility of cooking by dint of these different burners, all of them are made of steel.

We can not forget to tell you about the stainless steel cooking grates that come with the flavorizer bars whereas it produces 48,800 BTU per hour. These are distributed among 12000-BTU side burner, 10600-BTU sear station burner, 10,600 rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner and  6800 for the smoker burner. Among this burners, infrared rotisserie burner is the main focus to buy it.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a total of 580 of grilling area where the primary cooking area has 468 and secondary has 112
  • It has a total of 4 burners along with 48,800 BTU which are allocated separately
  • All the burners light up by the Jet individual burner ignition system
  • The enclosed cart has a built-in thermometer and made of stainless steel
  • It is versatile with side burner, sear station burner, smoker burner most importantly the charming rotisserie burner

Note: The main amusing aspect of Weber is its versatility, and thus they always bring something special in every product and same goes to the Weber q 1000, so you can read this review too.

What users saying about the weber summit s 470

The reaction of the consumers is a mix but we found most of them are reviewing it positively. It is clear to use, a product went viral due to having the single benefit that stands out from the others. So in this summit 470, the rotisserie burner is the main attention to the people as searing steaks in the low flame in this affordable product bring attention to them.

Weber 7170001 Summit S-470

However, there are some cons they came to know as some of the parts required to be replaced after a certain period later. But we believe it is a common aspect with any gas grill you are going to buy.

Compare Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 Vs Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 comes with 3 burners and the cooking area is 529 This is the main feature when you have a look into this. On the flip side, the Weber Summit s 470 is a bit ahead considering the size like it has 4 burners and 580 Otherwise, the build materials are all the same like the cast iron grates, ignition start-up the system, grease management system, and flavorizer bars.

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

You may hardly find the difference between these two except the grilling area. Same pinch to us, we thought there is nothing more we can differ but finally come to know the rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner that makes differences between them. This burner is the blessing for the Weber s470 as it helps to sear the meat even in the low fame.

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Key Features of weber summit s 470

Grilling areas

Weber summit s 470 has standard grilling area where you can toss all types of food in the four different burners. The 580 is unforgiving to any dishes to burn and distributed in two-zone, one is the primary area and another is the secondary area. The primary covers the maximum area which is 468 and there you can find the 12000 BTU per hour input flush-mounted side burner, and 10600 BTU for the rotisserie burner.

Besides the side burner is great for low flame cooking like searing the meat that are covering the area of 112 Besides the side burner is also called the warming rack area where you can find the flavoured bars too.

Build Quality

Weber summit s 470 is fully furnished with the stainless steel. The shroud is so sturdy as a result that can open so smoothly on its hinges. Hence, you can see the burners are roaring to its life, while you are preparing the dishes. Besides, the cooking grates, burner tubes, flavorizer bars and the overall build quality is excellent that last year after year. The cast aluminum and the weber gas grill cook boxes are ultra-durable for that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to take care of it.

Finally, let’s talk about the cooking grates that come with the porcelain-enamelled steel and porcelain enamelled cast iron. They will allow you to sear the stick evenly and provide perfection while cooking. Besides the stainless steel rod, you will find would be great to leave sear marks and finally, easy to clean up. The porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates are superior for retaining heat by dint of cast iron. As a result, the seasoning would be great too. Review

Flavorizer Bars

Weber innovation is the Flavorizer bars and it is infused in this Summit grill to provide a variety of functions at great cooking performance. It helps to catch the drippings that smoke that helps to bring smoke and sizzle for that, you will have more smoke in your food.

Easy clean-up

Weber innovation is really amazing, especially with the grease management system. In most cases, the juices of meat become smoke while vaporizing at the same time leave the drippings. But now in this grill, it goes to the grease tray and catches those drippings followed by the burner tube. So now the cleaning up process becomes so easy for that, you just need to clean the disposable dripping pan and toss it into the trash.

What disadvantages have weber summit s 470

It is hard to find the cons with the Weber Summit s 470 since most of the features are innovative and convey the consumer’s satisfactions. However, it has a minor weakness with the battery compartment. The battery compartment comes with the screw fitting but it can be screwless that helps the user to easily bring it out.

After that, you may find the warming tray a bit low but still capable of tossing the buns and burgers. But it won’t occur before a year after that you need to replace it with a new one. Maybe some other stuff requires to be replaced too.

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In this weber summit s 470 review, we try to focus on the main features first that most of the gas grill must have it. After That, we dig deep into the features and bring some special note in which you can choose to buy. Alternatively, the cons are also given too. Overall the product has some key points that bring the attention to the consumers regularly and they are loving it too.

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