Char-Broil offset smoker 30 Review

Char-Broil offset smoker 30 Review

We thought it would be better to put our bet on some manufacturer who has more 70 years of grilling experience. The Char-Broil offset smoker 30 from Char-Broil, is a product that is widely popular for its reliable performance over many years.

So, we did our research on that smoker and ordered one for our outdoor parties. Before the order, we were shocked by seeing the price and then by the performance of the offset smoker. So, let’s see what we found over the weekends, and it will help you decide.

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Comparison between Char-Broil offset smoker, 30 and Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

If you read our previously written best Char-Broil grill review, you will see that we don’t compromise with quality. The offset smokers from char-broil that we are comparing here don’t have much difference in their prices.

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker
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The 30” smoker has a cooking area of 605 square feet where the other gourmet smoker has 670 square feet. So, there is not much difference in their cooking area too. But you will see a difference in the shelf area which is used to keep important materials close.

30-inch Char-Broil smoker grill has a side shelf with little space where the other one comes with a wide front shelf. From experience, experts say that it will help you a lot while cooking.

Key Features of the Char-Broil offset smoker, 30

Key Features of the Char-Broil offset smoker, 30

Smoking Performance

The first consideration of a smoker is its smoking performance, and we are satisfied with the performance. The offset chamber can have the wood chips for a heavy smoky flavor. And the main cooking area has the setup to allow grilling too.

There are two holes to pass the air maintaining perfect temperature and airflow. Both are important for a tasty grill or smoky dish. Controlling the lids will let you control the cooking temperature, and you can see it on the meter on top of the smoker.

Large Space

With 477 square feet of main cooking area and 128 square feet of offset cooking area, you will be able to cook for 3 or 4 people at once. For a small or mid-sized gathering, it is more than enough.

Moreover, it has storage space so that you don’t have to look for more charcoal or wood chips while cooking. Also, on the right side, there is a small shelf that will keep the necessary items close to your hands.


Cleaning the Char-Broil smoker grill is very easy with the side-mounted ash removing system. The small lid can be opened to remove ash as well as control airflow. The main cooking area is designed in a way that you can put a one-time aluminum tray to collect the grease dripping. Moreover, the cooking grates come with porcelain coating so that you can easily clean them with soapy water.


Finally, the portability of a smoker or grilling machine is important because these are too heavy to move around easily. The smoker we are reviewing here comes with two 8” wheels for quick and effortless portability. You can even move it on uneven surfaces without damaging any parts.

What users saying about Char-Broil offset smoker, 30

Some got it as a gift, and some bought it for the summertime parties. Most of the customers were happy about the performance of the smoker over the years. They are still using the grill without any major issues.

One little complaint is worth mentioning is the placement of the grate in the firebox. It is too low to put enough charcoal for a long-time cooking. For 4 or more hours of cooking, you will have to clean the ashes several times.

The customers who took care of the smoker after every time they cook didn’t see any problems complained by some other buyers. This is a basic smoker with very reasonable pricing, and we were happy about its features and capabilities.

How worthy is Char-Broil offset smoker, 30 compared to its features and performance?

Char-Broil offset smoker, 30 is completely worth your investment. Reading our reviews and hundreds of other customers’ shared experiences, you must order this one today. For the price, you won’t get more worthy smokers in the market.

It has all the basic features and functionalities that one expects from a smoker. The only remaining issue is durability, and many confirmed us after using it for a year. They told us that it is still providing the same performance after a year of careful use. So, we don’t see any more issues for not buying such a great smoker.

(FAQ) About Char-Broil offset smoker, 30

What should I do to clean it when I first opened it?

After unboxing the Char-Broil smoker grill, you should season it following the instructions. You will find them in the product guide that comes with it. The process includes applying oil all around the inside chamber, lighting a charcoal fire, and keeping the vents open a little bit. After 3 or 4 hours, your smoker will be ready to take the first batch of meat and vegetables.

Where do I put the wood chips?

On the left side, you can light the wood chips and put them in the offset box. However, you can also put charcoal for grilling, and it will be perfectly cooked by indirect heat and intelligent airflow design.

I’m confused about the grilling area; is it 605 or 477 square feet?

Actually, both are correct as the main grilling area is 477 square feet. With the offset cooking area, you will get a total of 605 square feet. That will be enough for a medium-sized gathering with 9 or 10 people.
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If you want an affordable smoker with a large cooking area and great performance, you must get the Char-Broil offset smoker 30. Following the instructions, we assembled the smoker and couldn’t complain about the taste of our meal. Now, the decision is up to you, and we recommend you to do more research and read the reviews.

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