Cuisinart CGG-240 Review – Is it better than Char-Broil?

Are you in quest of that gas grill which assumes to do everything? If so, then which can be better than Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill. The Cuisinart brand is notable in these present circumstances. Amongst thousands to millions of grill models, this Cuisinart model seized the marketplace with its portability and performance. 

Where a larger degree of the grill brand doesn’t recommend these two functionalities their users can expect from Cuisinart CGG-240. With certainty, this grill is the pick of the bunch in recent times. Not merely its name but also functionalities can be more stunning simultaneously. Read the rest of Cuisinart CGG-240 Reviews to become acquainted with it.

At a Glance Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill

  • Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill is designed with a 240 square inches surface.
  • This gas grill has a 15000 BTU Stainless Steel Loop Burner.
  • This Cuisinart grill includes side shelves for offering ample space.
  • Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill features a porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grate.
  • You can rely on its twist to start ignition for eliminating matches.
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Compare Cuisinart CGG-240 and Char-Broil 280 Propane Gas Grill​

Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas GrillChar-Broil 280 Propane Gas Grill
 Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill has less space than Char-Broil 288 Propane Gas Grill. With 240 square inches of cooking space, it grills the food.Char-Broil 280 Propane Gas Grill has 288 square inches of the cooking surface of porcelain-coated stainless steel for rapid cooking.
This gas grill features a 15,000 BTUs stainless steel loop burner for distributing heat for superlative performance.This propane gas grill features two stainless steel in-line burners for cooking performance that delivers 20,000 BTU’s of heat.
This Cuisinart gas grill features a porcelain enamel grate for eliminating cold spots and retains the exact heat of the grill.This Char-Broil gas grill has appeared with a piezo ignition system for offering rapid and reliable burner start-ups with a single touch of a button.
Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill assumes you can cook up to 400-degree Fahrenheit. You can preheat the grill for four minutes.Char-Broil 280 Propane Gas Grill includes two 6-inches plastic wheels for offering enhanced transportability and maneuverability.
This Cuisinart model provides you with a handful of additional accessories that you can keep in it’s two folding side shelves.This lucrative propane gas grill has 12 inches wide metal side shelves so that you can have ample storage and prep space. Yet this above facts make this grill one of the best char broil grill in our list.
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Key Features of Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill

Key Features of Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill


Portability is contemplated as the best function of this grill. If you are keen to travel then Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill is an ideal choice for you. Not only for traveling but also for camping, tailgating, and picnic this grill is unparalleled. It allows you to grill any sorts of food including fresh vegetables, pizza, hamburgers, bread, steak, seafood, roast, and fish.


Users are exhilarated with the construction quality of this Cuisinart gas grill. It’s cooking grates built with porcelain coated enameled cast iron for holding the temperature for a long time. Being porcelain-coated it heats up the food rapidly. When you are grilling seafood, chicken, and vegetables. Being foldable you can use it outdoors.

Ample Space

Customers have complaints about this grill’s space. It’s grilling surface is truly insufficient for the users. With 240 square inches of cooking space, users can grill or cook small pieces of dish. In that case, Char-Broil 280 Propane Gas Grill is spacious compared to Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill.

Users’ Opinion About Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill has plenty of amenities that allure the customers a lot as well as bounds to purchase. Cuisinart CGG-240 is the best Cuisinart gas grill. But nothing has perfection in the universe, so occasionally it starts to become a nuisance with a couple of consequences. For the convenience of customers, we have equipped a user opinion to figure out the flaws and advantages of the grill. The majority of the customers loved its artistic design with a perfect shape.

According to them, it fits in every corner of your house. Its heat distribution is beyond comparable. They said it has no issues with heat. It provides even heat in the entire food item. For perfect BBQ it can be said A1 grill. But other groups of customers opine that this gas grill has a serious issue with manufacturing quality. They said its internal part is made of cheap plastic and cheaper metal. On account of this, it is unable to retain the heat. Last but the least it has no longevity and optimal control quality.

FAQs of Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill

Does Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill last long?

Cuisinart CGG-240 lasts average. Users opine that this best gas grill lasts for up to 3 years. But the manufacturers assure that this grill lasts up to 5 to 15 years undoubtedly. Customers don’t need to replace it. If it starts to be a nuisance-they can contact Cuisinart customer care service. The durability of the grill counts on the maintenance.

Which is a better Char-Broil 2or Cuisinart grill?

Both grills are high-end with favorable functionality and easement. Sometimes Char-Broil grills provide better performances than Cuisinart grills. But the Cuisinart grill is a little bit pricey than Char-Broil with less consistency. Char-Broil 280 grill much more space than Cuisinart 240.

Is 2 burner gas grills enough?

If you are a member of a small family then 2 burner gas grills are sufficient enough. If your family is extra-large in that case you need a 3 burners gas grill.
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Final Verdict

In the meantime, you are prudent on Cuisinart CGG-240 Gas Grill. All the functionality of this grill makes your way of grilling easier. Don’t be skeptical of this grill. If you have any queries over this grill then have a look at Cuisinart CGG-240 Review. You may consider buying this grill at a low-cost price. We highly recommend this grill.

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