Guide on how to Break In a New Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills are admired for their high, meat-scorching temperatures and the smoke-filled flavor that they give grilled food. With the charcoal grill, you can grill and even smoke flesh with them.

It is comical that most people who get new charcoal or gas grills usually have no idea how to get them ready for cooking. Probably you will not like the results if you break-in your new charcoal grill wrongly.

If you are eager to cook that skinless BBQ chicken for your family but you are not sure how to break in a new charcoal grill, you are in the right place. In this piece of article, we will guide you on how to Break-in a New Charcoal Grill.

How to Break-in a New Charcoal Grill

Read your manual

The major issue of our people is that they do not read the manufacturer manual. It is decisive to invest some hours to learn how to go about it first.

The only solution is thoroughly read through your manufacturer grill manual and make sure that you stick to the given safety directives.

It is the central step to getting your new charcoal grill ready to sweat. If the instruction warns you against using something then do not use it, unless you want to ruin your grill in the bin. Of course, it will prove the total waste of money and time for you.

Confirm if the grill is well assembled

Sometimes we take for granted that everything is the way it should be only to perceive too late that something was missing.

How to Break-in a New Charcoal Grill

The solution to this problem is vital to check for the fault it will only take your few minutes. Closely examine your new grill and make sure that all the parts are there and the grill is well assembled.

 Get the grill to the cooking area

People buy their new grill and place it anywhere in the house, which is not a good idea; it can result to a huge problem when necessary measures are not taken. Locate a clean, well freshen outdoor area, and get your grill there. If possible, do it in your backyard – avoid populated and highly polluted areas. Also, as a safety initiative, stay away from inflammable objects or structures.

 Get the grill ready for seasoning

The process of seasoning is also known as the curing process. Many people often do not give any importance to that problem.

Seasoning your new charcoal grill is one of the best ways to successfully break in your new charcoal grill and enjoy a wonderful cooking experience.

In other words, seasoning means oiling and pre-heating your grill before cooking on it for the first time.

How to season a new grill

The process will depend on the type of grill you are using.

For a charcoal grill, here is how to go about it:

  • By using a brush, brush away any dirt on the entire grill. Using warm soapy water, wet a sponge, clean the grill, and grate surfaces. Use clean water to wash the grill and allow it to dry.
  • Apply high-heat cooking oil such as peanut oil on the surface of the charcoal grill, before heating your charcoal grill.
  • Clean excess oil on the grate using a soft towel and light the grill. Allow it to heat for about 20 to 30 minutes. Remember to light your grill as instructed in the manual.
  • Turn off the heat and allow the grill to cool. Brush away any trash on the grate with a wire brush.

Why should you season your grill?

Reasons why it is important to season your grill:

Why should you season your grill?

Safety:  Almost every product that is manufactured will have dust, metal shavings, dirt, and manufacturing oils, among other waste. Seasoning is meant to burn off these impurities and prepare your grill for safe cooking.

Increases the lifespan of the grill:  Seasoning prevents rusting and buildup of remains on the grill that could reduce the lifespan of your grill. To increase the life of your grill, make sure you season it regularly.

Easier grilling and cleaning: Seasoning smoothens your grill grate surface making it non-stick. Oily and smooth grates will guarantee easy cooking, rolling, and turning of food. In addition, non-stick surfaces are easy to clean.


Charcoal grills need proper maintenance. Simple maintenance tips to keep in mind include:

  • Perform regular operation checks on your grill. Repair problems post-haste after you notice them.
  • To prevent a sudden outburst, remove excess fat from meats before cooking and clean away any food that remains on the grill after cooking. Allow the heat to burn for about 10 minutes after cooking so that leftovers can be burned,
  • Clean your grill frequently to keep it in good condition.
  • Season your grill regularly, like every few months to maintain its stunning non-stick coating and prevent rust from forming.
  • Re-season your grill if you see rust forming or when foods start to stick on the grates.

Final Verdict

Charcoal grills need about 20 minutes to preheat, so keep that in mind when you are preparing your meal. Adequately preparing your new grill for cooking is something that you should do straight away after your grill is put together. It will not only be good for your health, but it will save you from a tiring grilling experience. Just remember to keep in mind the manufacturer’s safety instructions when getting your grill ready. Also, do not skip the seasoning step – it is the first step to a great grilling experience.

Skipping the seasoning step will cause your food to inflame or stick on the grates when cooking. Your food is also likely to mix with manufacturing substances, and besides being dangerous for your health, it could change the taste as well as the color of your food.

Additionally, make sure that you repeat the same approach that we have discussed in this article on how to break in a new charcoal grill at the beginning of every grilling season. Overall, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to season your grill properly.

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