Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker Review

If you are a BBQ fan then you may be thinking of purchasing the best smoker. Okay, if so then the Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker would be the best option for you.

This Masterbuilt smoker is built-in meat temperature so you can eat the best BBQ item. Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker is a wood chip electric smoker that will meet your budget. Compared to other smokers, this takes approximately 45 minutes to assembly.

We’ve reviewed this smoker and the following we share everything about this amazing smoker.

Noticeable features of Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker

  • 18.3 x 19.1 x 34.9 inches is the dimension of this smoker.
  • It is 53.1 lbs in weight so the smoker is easy to transport.
  • This Masterbuilt provides an 800 w heating element.
  • The maximum temperature setting is 275 degrees F and you can set the temperature.
  • It is a digital smoker that has a built-in digital timer, on/off and temperature.
  • There are four smoking racks that are chrome-coated.
  • This smoker is patented with a side wood chip loading system.
  • The capacity of this smoker is – 6 chickens, 4 turkeys, and much more.
  • You will get one year of the warranty from the date of original purchase for this electric smoker.

What users saying about Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker

When we went through this Masterbuilt electric smoker we found this is by far a popular smoker to the users. This is a well-built product that the users are happy with. This smoker does not take much time to set up, which attracts the BBQ food lovers. And it holds the temperature for a long time to make the food perfectly.

There is a window on this $200 electric smoker that makes it easier to check the temperature and watch everything else. The cleaning is very simple for this smoker – and the user who does not like cleaning a smoker, they love this amazing feature.

It provides a wide cooking surface so the users can enjoy their party very much as this electric smoker can make large batch food. This smoker is an affordable choice for the people on a budget also, this is a durable one.

The users recommend others to purchase this smoker and they are saying the new users will be happy with their choice.

Compare Masterbuilt MB20070619 vs Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker

Masterbuilt is a popular name in the electric smoker industry and this brand produces different smokers. Each of their smokers is best and here we are going to compare the Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker with the Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker.

Compare Masterbuilt MB20070619 vs Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker

Both are an electric smoker and great for outdoor cooking. These two come with a 1-year warranty but they last for many years.

Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker has chrome-coated smoking racks while Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker has porcelain-coated steel.

In terms of temperature setting the Hollow 30162E electric smoker is better than MB20070619. They both provide easy transport (including handles and wheels) while they both are easy to assemble.

Hollow 30162E electric smokers are a little pricey than MB20070619 if the budget is an issue then you should go for the MB20070619. We suggest you should go for this but if you can afford then purchase the Hollow electric smoker.

Key Features of Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker

Let’s discuss the features that make the Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker the best.

Temperature control

This is a digital smoker and it is built-in temperature. The highest temperature of this smoker is 275F as we mentioned above. Yet you can control the temperature when you need to get the BBQ done properly.

You can check the temperature through the display – this is very convenient. With the display, you can also check the wood so you can add or remove the wood.

Easy to assemble

Generally, smokers take a little more time to assemble which is a hassle for the users. Fortunately, Masterbuilt MB20070619 takes approximately 25 minutes to assemble the smoker. Follow the instructions, it will be easier for you.

Large cooking area

It comes with four chrome-coated racks that make sure you get a larger cooking space. The capacity of this smoker makes it different from others – it can include 4 turkeys, 8 racks of ribs, 6 chickens or 8 pork butts. See, plenty of space make sure you can make a large batch of BBQ. And the plus point is, the racks are adjustable.


This electric smoker is made of steel body and it is coated with chrome that makes sure this smoker can last for years after years. Just make sure you take a little care for this smoker so it can be in good condition.

Also, it provides a one-year warranty with a 90-days money-back guarantee. So if you do not like the machine, you can return the smoker. And the warranty covers only the defective manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker

How many racks does this Masterbuilt electric smoker provide?

It comes with four smoking racks that are chrome-coated.

How can I add wood to this smoker?

There is a patented side wood chip loading system available, and you can add wood to this.

What I can do with this smoker? Can I smoke fish?

You can use this smoker for the steam, boil, and fry whichever you want to do. And yes, you can smoke fish also in this smoker.

What is the highest temperature of this electric smoker?

275 degrees Fahrenheit is the highest temperature of this grill.

Does this electric smoker come with a thermometer?

This smoker is a built-in thermometer and this smoker temperature is similar to a kitchen oven.

Final Verdict

This Masterbuilt smoker is very easy to use that comes with a wood chip loader. It provides digital control, which is an added convenience for the users. As they can set the timer and do other things.

However, this is an affordable choice, especially for the people, have a tight budget. So enjoy this summertime with friends and family with this electric smoker.

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