Ninja AG301 Vs AG400 – Why do I recommend the Ninja AG400?

Ninja AG301 Vs AG400 - Why I recommend the Ninja AG400?

Are you looking for an indoor grill that cooks efficiently while releasing zero smoke? Here we’ve reviewed the comparison between Ninja AG301 Vs AG400; both are widely admired grills packed with a bunch of intelligent features.

The Ninja AG301 and AG400 have nearly everything similar in terms of design and features. The AG400 has a smart temperature probe that the AG301 missed out on.  The temperature probe allows measuring the inner temperature of cooked meats; individuals who want preciseness in dishes appreciate this.

However, I recommend the Ninja AG400; here’s why!

Why do I recommend The Ninja AG400?

  • Ninja AG400 has the smart temperature probe for accurate temperature observation, which the AG301 lacks.
  • The Ninja AG400 has an additional cooking grate coated with a ceramic layer that ensures more flexibility in delicious cooking.
  • Both have a claim to smoke-free cooking, but the Ninja AG400 has integrated smoke-free technology with cool air zones for smoke-free cooking.
  • The AG400 has an automatic shut-off technology that combines with the temperature IQ feature and stops heating after reaching the desired temperature.
  • Ninja Foodi Pro(AG400) has 20+ recipe books & some essential guides, whereas Ninja Foodi(AG301) has a book with just 15 recipes.
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With literally no physical difference except for the added temperature probe, both Ninja Foodi grills have the exact specifications. The build materials are also identical, but the AG400 is available in multiple colors. You may laugh since I’m mentioning these insignificant variations, but yes, they are existing.

SpecificationNinja AG301Ninja AG400


Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Grill
Ninja AG400
Dimensions (inches)17 inches x 14 inches x 11 inches17 inches x 14 inches x 11 inches
Capacity 6 quarts cooking pot & 4 quarts crisper basket6 quarts cooking pot & 4 quarts crisper basket
Temperature ProbeNoYes
Cooking Power1760 Watts1760 Watts
Preset Modes55
Amazon ratings4.8 (16000+ users)4.8 (4500+ users)

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What Are The Differences And Similarities Of Ninja AG301 Vs AG400?

What Are The Differences And Similarities Of Ninja AG301 Vs AG400

These Ninja foodi air fryer grills are alike in all the aspects you may observe in naked eyes. Still, the differences are more significant than the similarities, making them two different models. The Ninja AG400 has an expensive price tag, where AG301 is decently cheap. Let’s have a closer look at these two Ninja Foodi models and find out which stands best for you.

Design & Build Quality

In appearance, both are like brothers. Both grill’s inner parts appear with a stainless steel outer layer and ceramic covering. In overall dimensional measurement, both are similar to measuring 17 inches x 14 inches x 11 inches in Length, Width, and height, respectively.

Both Ninja grills have a lid with a hinged grill hood and spatter shield. However, if you go for cooking over a countertop under a cabinet, the top may cause difficulties. Inside the box, both include a 10 X 10 inches non-stick grill grate, 4 Qt crisper basket, roasting rack, cleaning brush, etc. In addition, the AG400 comes with a temperature probe, which differs from the AG301.

In the frontal part, both come with a control panel with digitized preset buttons, and touchpads. The control panel includes five functions- grill (4 temperature ranges), dehydrate, Air crisp, roast, bake, etc. From the forepart, the digital control panel gives the grill a shiny and elegant look.


The cooking performance of both these Ninja Foodi grills is also the same since the functions and configurations are similar. Both have a 1760 wattage cooking power, packed with a cyclonic airflow system that heats up to 500 degrees within no time. Thus, you can prepare your desired dish in about 10 minutes.

But to mention the additional temperature probe, the AG400 stays ahead. Because the intelligent temperature probe allows automatic heating to the set temperature, it instantaneously finishes heating. And this sort of advantage is not available in the Ninja AG301.

Usage & Versatility

For cooking various dishes, the AG400 will stay ahead since it has two additional accessories included. The grilling grate made with a ceramic layer works excellent for char-marked BBQs with a smokey flavor.

Both of these grills have dishwasher-safe parts, and that’s why you can clean them after usage in a trouble-free way. Prepare whatever you want to cook with delicious taste, but they don’t have the broiling feature.

Value For Money

The Ninja AG301 comes with a price tag of just under 200 dollars, and the AG400 stands further with a price of under 250 dollars. Both Ninja Foodi grills have all the essential and quality features that everyone demands.

But to be honest, from a budget point of view, we recommend Ninja Foodi AG301. And if someone requires the premiums in cooking, they can spend some extra bucks for the best one(AG400) packed with versatility and productivity. For your convenience, you may also consider Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fryer Oven Reviews.

FAQs About the Ninja AG301 Vs AG400 (Ninja Foodi Vs Ninja Foodi Pro)

Does the heat affect the countertop?

You don’t have to stay concerned since it doesn’t get too hot for the countertop to damage or burn it.

Do they work as air fryers since grills tag them?

Yes, both of these Ninja Foodi grills work great for air frying. From our usage experience, we will say that they work more than an air fryer.

What is the weight of these grills?

This Ninja Foodi 5 in 1 grill has a 4-quart cooking space that weighs about 27 lbs.
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Final Verdict

If you have come through up to this point, then you have got the notion that both Ninja Foodi grills are pretty much familiar to each other in most factors. Nevertheless, the AG301 launched a bit earlier, and the AG400 arrived after a couple of months. Ninja AG301 has gained much attention for the cheaper price tag, whereas AG400 has some additional features and an expensive price point.

If you don’t mind the slightly advanced features and care a bit more about your money, then go for the Ninja Foodi(AG301). If you’re a food-geek and you want the premium features for more delicious foods, then ninja Foodi Pro(AG400) is undoubtedly going to be your next grilling companion.