Ninja FG551 VS AG301 – Which One is Most Considerable


Ninja is one most prominent brands in the kitchen appliance industry. So, their products always create hype, and customers get confused about which one to choose.

Today, we will talk about two well-known Ninja grills, Ninja FG551 VS AG301.

The Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL is the recent release. The models have new features and a large cooking area and come at the same price tag. So, I prefer the Ninja FG551 over the other model.

Anyways, let’s have moved on to the detailed comparison, starting with the question –

Ninja FG551 VS AG301 – Why Ninja FG551 is better than AG301?

The Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL is much bigger than the AG301, can grill 50% more food. The FG551 comes with a 9″ x 12″ Grill Grate, whereas AG301 has a 10″ x 10″ Grill Grate.

  • The Foodi FG551 comes with an additional broil function, a Smart Cook System, with a smart Thermometer for monitoring food temperature.
  • It ensures quicker, effective grilling along with temperature monitoring and grilling with a control panel.
  • For evenly cooking, the model is made with advanced cyclonic grilling technology.
  • Multi-cooking functions make it more than just a single machine. You can grill, the air crisp, roast, bake, broil and dehydrate.

Ninja FG551 and the Ninja AG301 have the same price tag despite the superiority. So, the Smart XL grill is providing more value in price. So, I recommend the Ninja Foodi FG551 Smart XL grill.

SpecificationNinja FG551 Foodi Smart XLNinja AG301 Foodi Indoor Grill
Image Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven Ninja Foodi AG301
Editor’s Rating4.5 /54.3 /5
Dimensions (w x lx h)16.54 x 15.7 x 11.0516.88 x 12.05 x 10.59
Weight22.44 lbs27 lbs
Smart Cook SystemYesNo
Smart ThermometerYesNo
Cooking FunctionsSixFive
Cyclonic Grilling TechnologyYesYes
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What is The Differences Between NInja FG551 VS AG301

The Similarities And Differences Of NINJA FG551 VS AG301

As a common occurrence with the Ninja grills, despite different models, you can find a lot of similarities among them. The same case with the Ninja FG551 VS AG301. Here, let’s look at the details of the similarities and differences.


You can easily distinguish the models from each other, thanks to their significant difference in Design. But, the grills are fairly large and will need quite a space on your countertop.

The dimensions of the Ninja FG551 are 16 by 17 by 11 inches, whereas the AG301 goes by 17 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 11 inches in height.

FG551’s stainless steel and black finish blends look really good on any countertop. Good thing is, as it does the job of several appliances, if you already have a toaster and air fryer, you can replace them.

Both grills have a digital display on the front part of the grill, allowing you to choose different cooking options manually. On FG551, a thermometer is attacked on the side, but AG301 doesn’t offer any thermometer.

Cyclonic Grilling Technology

Cyclonic Grilling Technology is common among all the Ninja Foodi indoor grills, which packs with heating elements to provide the similar cooking result of a traditional grill.

They have a top-down heating element to produce 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and a fan to circulate the hot air evenly among the cooking; this combination among the Ninja air fryer is known as Cyclonic Grilling Technology.

The grills also have a smoke control system, which allows you to grill foods at high temperatures without making your house all smokey.


Capacity is another palace where you can see some differences among the Ninja FG551 VS AG301. As you noticed, the Ninja FG551 is a little wider than its counterpart. So, it can grill more food than the other model.

It comes with a 9 x 12 inches grill grate, a 4-quart crisper basket, and a 4-quart cooking pot. The grate can hold up to 6 steaks of meat, 24 hot dogs, mains, and others.

The AG301 has a smaller grill grate, which is 10 x 10 inches, but you can cook more stuff on the cooking pot, which has a 6-quart capacity. On the grate, you can fit 4 steaks, 18 hot dogs, and others.

Control Panel

Each model has a front-facing control panel with numerous functions and features. But, the most noticeable function is smart programs, which are only offered by the Ninja FG551.

The smart programs are preset that is set in the grill with perfect time and temperature. You can get the right temperature for the special food to cook it perfectly with just one click. Generally, these programs are common in pressure cookers.

The FG551 has two types of presets – protein and level of doneness. Protein presets are actually foods like beef, chicken, fish, pork. You can choose between nine levels of doneness, such as rare, medium-rare, or even medium.

Thus, the machine eliminates the guesswork and cooks the exact way you want. Anyways, smart programs are missing in the AG301 model. Without that, the control panel of both models is similar, except that Ninja FG551 has a clear display.

Cooking Functions

Cooking functions allow you to do more with a machine other than just what it is made for. For example, the FG551 has six cooking functions, including grill, the air crisp, roast, bake broil, and dehydrate.

There isn’t much difference with AG301 either. It also has similar functions without the broil option.


Performance-wise there are many differences either. I tried several recipes with both models, and there was just a slight difference, if not the same.

Powerful 1760-wattage motor power AG301 vs FG551 Ninja air fryer. So, cooking speed and heating up time is similar. But, FG551 provides extra convenience, and that is why it’s more preferable.

Thanks to the thermometer, you can know the exact temperature of your steaks. Also, the smart programs save quite some time on prep work. And, the extra additional capacity means more food in less time.


Even cooking appliances are fun until it’s come to cleaning, but thankfully, both the Ninja Foodi Air fryer goes smoothly while cleaning. It will cool down as you turn the machines off in just a few minutes. Then just use the included brush to wipe down the remains from the grill grate.

With the flexible design, all grease will right off quickly. The whole process won’t take more time than three minutes. Things are easier as all the removable parts, except the thermometer, are dishwasher-safe. So, if you want, just give them a quick gentle scrub, and toss them in the dishwasher.

FAQ About NINJA FG551 VS AG301

What are the significant differences between the NINJA FG551 and AG301?

The two models have different designs, with the FG551 being a traditional rifle-style shotgun and the AG301 being more of a pistol grip style. The FG551 is also heavier and has a longer barrel than the AG301. Finally, the FG551 has a choke tube while the AG301 does not.

Which is better for home defense?

The FG551 is better suited for home defense because of its longer barrel and choke tube. The AG301 may be more manageable for some people, but it is not as effective at close range.

What are the pros and cons of each?

The pros of the FG551 are its longer barrel and choke tube, which gives it more range and power. The cons are that it is heavier and may be less manageable for some people. The pros of the AG301 are that it is lighter and more manageable, but it has less range and power.

Which is better for hunting?

The FG551 is better for hunting because of its longer barrel and choke tube. The AG301 may be more manageable for some people, but it is not as effective at close range.

Which model is better for protection?

The FG551 is the better option for protection, as it provides complete coverage of the head and face.

Which model is better for airflow?

The AG301 is the better option for airflow, as it has more openings in the helmet shell that allow air to circulate.

Which model is better for comfort?

The FG551 is the better option for comfort, as it has a padded interior that helps cushion the head and reduce pressure points. The AG301 does not have this padding, making it less comfortable to wear for long periods.

Which model is better for visibility?

The FG551 is the better option for visibility, as it has a larger field of view than the AG301. This allows the rider to see more of their surroundings when riding, which can help to improve safety.

Which model is better for noise reduction?

The FG551 is the better option for noise reduction, as it has thicker padding around the ear cups that helps to keep sound out. The AG301 does not have this padding, allowing more noise to enter the helmet.

What are the weights of the models?

The Ninja FG551 weighs approximately 22.44 lbs, and the AG301 weighs around 27 lbs.

Can I bake a cake in the Foodi grills?

Yes, both the ninja has baking cooking features. So, you can easily bake a cake. Both the cooking pots can hold an 8-inch bundt pan. Fill the bundt pan with cake batter, add water, place the bundt on into the cooking pot, set the cooking timer, and set the temperature to 350 degrees.

Why does the Foodi grill smoke?

It’s a common issue with most users when cooking at a high temperature above 450°F. You should try using oils while cooking at this higher temperature, like avocado, corn, canola, and grapeseed. Keep the temperature at medium ( between 250°F and 400°F) when roasting, sauteing, pan-frying, or stir-frying.

Can these models also work as pressure cookers?

No, the Ninja FG551 and AG301 don’t have a pressure cooker function. You can cook some foods with pressure cookers; but, you can’t prepare soups, stews, sauces, and grains, which are common with pressure cookers.
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Final Verdict

Ninja rarely brings failed products on the market. The Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL and the Ninja AG301 Foodi Indoor grills are the top grills from the brand.

Users greatly favor both. But, because of the time gap, FG551 has included some additional functions, like smart programs, and additional cooking functions. Also, it has a larger cooking capacity.

On top of it, the price of the machines is similar. So, considering everything, It’s clear that Ninja FG551 is the winner of the Ninja FG551 VS AG301 comparison.