Offset Smoker Oklahoma Joe Smoker Reviews

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker Review

A smoker needs to be efficient and spacious. It has to accommodate more food so you can save time and money cooking and smoking. And when you are looking for a spacious and reliable smoker, an Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker is a good candidate.

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker Review

The Highland Offset Smoker is one of the spacious Oklahoma Joe smokers. It has features to help you smoke different kinds of food to perfection. You will enjoy smoking and grilling outdoors in any area in your yard because this is transportable with its heavy-duty cart. Find out if this offset smoker is the right one for your needs.

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Noticeable Features of This Offset Smoker

  • Large cooking/smoking space
  • Made from very durable materials
  • With easy to access firebox
  • With multiple dampers for fast smoke and heat control
  • With the extra shelf in front
  • Comes with large wheels for easy transport over grass and dirt
  • Easy temperature monitoring on the grill lid/hood

Key Features of the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Larger cooking/smoking space

You can smoke a large amount of food with this smoker’s 619 square inches of cooking space. You can smoke four large chickens, two-dozen burgers and large cuts of pork chops. The large cooking area is covered by a large and steady lid which will keep the temperature inside the smoking chamber constant.

Easy to stoke fire/easy to add more wood

This comes with a separate firebox and this box has its own door. By having a separate door you won’t change the temperature in the main cooking chamber. Opening the main door also releases the smoke and flavor of food and this will affect your cooking time.

With efficient heat and smoke maintenance

This comes with multiple dampers that will improve heat and smoke control. Dampers may be opened or closed manually to increase and decrease heat for efficient cooking. With this feature, you can smoke all kinds of food to perfection.

With shelves

The shelves in front give you plenty of space to prepare food and a place to hold utensils and sauces. This is a small space which might barely hold a plate so be careful. But despite the size, this shelf is very sturdy and can hold heavy objects as well.

Easy temperature monitoring

You’ll be able to check the interior temperature time and again with this grill’s temperature gauge on top of the smoker hood. Smoke food and monitor temperature so you’ll get the best smoking and cooking results all the time.

Large cart for easy transport

The large cart is made of very durable material which can sturdily hold the heavy smoker chamber and firebox. The legs are very strong while space at the bottom of the cart lets you hold food, tools, extra wood chips and more. You’ll also notice the large metal wheels which let the Highland smoker roll over grass and soil without fear. Because of this durable cart, you can take this Oklahoma near the pool, in the park, in your garden or in your campsite.

What Users are Saying About the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

So many users agree that the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker is a large-capacity smoker with impressive features. Some say that the separate firebox design is a great idea since you don’t need to open the large chamber door to add more chips or add water.

Another feature that most users love is the transportable cart. Not all smokers are transportable. Some are freestanding smokers because these are just too heavy and bulky. This smoker can be taken anywhere you want to especially when you want to take it camping or to other outdoor venues.

What Users are Saying About the Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker

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There are some disadvantages to using this offset smoker and one of these is it’s hard to clean the smoking chamber. Some users think that the low smoking chamber is too hard to clean because there are no grease trays and pans to remove the dirt. You need to take a hose, spray and scrub the inside to get a satisfying clean. Same goes with the firebox which doesn’t have a way to clean the inside except for the front door.

Compare Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker vs. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Compare an Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker vs. an Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker

The two smokers look identical; the main difference between the two is the size. The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker is larger with a total cooking area of 1,060 square inches of in the two chambers. The cooking area on the main smoking chamber is already more than 750 square inches while the additional cooking area is an added 309 square inches. Therefore, Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn offset smoker is for users looking for a larger smoker to cook more food for more people.

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What is the disadvantage of an Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

The Highland’s design is the main disadvantage. It does not have any way to access the main smoking chamber to clean it than the main door or lid. Same goes for the firebox. You really need to take time to clean this from the main doors or else it will smell. Other than this flaw, this smoker is perfect. It can smoke and grill food efficiently and at the best temperature and is made from the best materials.


The Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker has a large cooking area with plenty of space to cook a large number of foods in one time. It is durable, can retain heat better and the cart is strong with easy to transport wheels. The lid is large and heavy so it can trap smoke and cooking temperatures. A separate firebox prevents changes in temperature and smoke from escaping in the main smoking chamber.

It does not have an opening or tray to catch grease and dirt, same goes with the firebox so this may be very hard to clean. But other than this flaw, the Highland remains as a good offset smoker to choose. If you think that the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker is for you, check this link out.

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