Pit Boss PB757GD Review – What Users Are Saying About It?


If practicing conventional charcoal or pellet grills is not fitting for you and you are striving for a pleasant cooking tool that permits preparing a bunch of dishes without any nuisances, then a griddle can be your best friend. Let the sweat-breaking process go away, have a glimpse at the newly arrived PIT BOSS PB757GD Griddle since it is a contender of the leading griddle manufacturer Blackstone.

After having adequate experience with the Pit Boss 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle, I’m here to share my adventure. This griddle is just a beast, heats super fast, is stuffed with versatility and the overall food preparation is just flawless. The heating is overwhelming but the burners sometimes take too long to lit, which can be disappointing. It doesn’t come with a lid or something like outer accessories for covering after usage.

Don’t be confused, trust me this is a gem in the market of griddles. I’m not joking with you at all nor promoting this stuff. Just stick around with this PIT BOSS PB757GD review, where I’ll unveil the key facts which will let you comprehend if this is worthy or not!

Noticeable Features Of Pit Boss 4 Burner Deluxe Portable Griddle

  • This gigantic four-burner griddle heats extremely fast and all burners can cover a huge cooking area of up to 750 square inches.
  • For hassle-free storage and transporting it features side shelves that are easy to fold and cover.
  • Pit Boss PB757GD Deluxe has 4 burners and the overall size is perfect for use in the backyard or spending happy time with your family outdoors.
  • Features a 4.7 mm griddling surface which is made of steel and the whole area is previously seasoned with organic oil that eliminates your work a bit.
  • Four folding legs are equipped with four caster wheels and they allow the griddle to easily move from one place to another.
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Compare Pit Boss PB757GD With Royal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Griddle

Around the marketplace, a plethora of LP or Propane gas grilling griddles is out there. Choosing one from such a variety is a headache, that’s why we suggest you restrict the attempt. Below we have illustrated a comparison between two 4 burner gas griddles.

Pit Boss PB757GD GriddleRoyal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Griddle
 Compare Pit Boss PB757GD With Royal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Griddle Compare Pit Boss PB757GD With Royal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Griddle
PIT BOSS PB757GD is 37 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep and in overall cooking area coverage, it stands at 748 square inches.Royal Gourmet GB4000 is 36 inches long and 21 inches wide which covers a cooking area of up to 784 square inches, it is greater than Pit Boss Deluxe.
It has a powerful heating system made with 4 individual burners that are equipped with 15500 BTU power and all combine at 62000 BTU for faster heating.With four individually controlled burners, each has an induction power of 13000 BTU and in sum, all stand at 52000 BTU cooking power.
Starring with a 4.7 mm griddling top which is constructed with steel and the whole area is beforehand seasoned with organic oil that saves time.The cooking griddle top surface is made with ceramic coating which enables quick heating as well as eliminates the griddle top from being rusted/oxidized.
All 4 burners can be controlled easily with 4 dial-in heat controls which enable instant lighting up of the burner and quick heating.With an electronic ignition system that fires up by a simple push of the ignitor, the burners spark up instantaneously, and the griddle cooking surface heats quickly.
The PB757GD has an overall dimension of 76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches in length, width, height format and it weighs nearly 120 pounds.The GB4000 gas griddle stands at an overall measurement of 63.8 x 22.4 x 34.6 inches in length, width, height format and it weighs 125 pounds, a little bit heavier than the Pit Boss.
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What Users Are Saying About Pit Boss 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle

From the upper view, the griddle makes unique changes in the placement of the grease trap which defines Pit Boss greater than Blackstone griddles. From unboxing, the setup is just a breeze if you follow the user manual accordingly. The burners are strong enough to fire super fast and even you can’t stand beside them because of the heat.

What Users Are Saying About Pit Boss 4 Burner Deluxe Griddle

To mention the flaws, it says it is pre-seasoned but most users have to season it multiple times before using it. For some users, it gets sluggish while lighting the burners, sometimes burners require clicking several times for heating. Besides, there is some free space between the burners and the griddle top that leaks some heat, especially on windy days. These issues can’t stand alone with the handy features, versatility, and affordability of this Pit boss deluxe griddle.

Key Features Of  the PB757GD 4 Burner LP Gas Griddle

What is the Key Features of PB757GD 4 Burner LP Gas Griddle

Quality Burners 

Beneath the griddle surface, there are four burners that are placed in sequence. From the right side, there are 3 burners that are straight tube burners and the left one is pretty much u-shaped. All 3 burners play a great role in heating the griddle top, but the left one remains less hot. It is packed with 62000 BTU(British Thermal Units) which is more than enough for a perfect cooking temperature. 

Cooking Surface

Resembling like a hibachi grill in Japanese cooking, the griddle cooking surface measures 37 inches in width and nearly 21 inches in depth. The surface is prepared with non-stick cast iron material measuring 4.7 mm in thickness. Seasoning the cooking area, preparing dishes, and washing is not a troublesome process at all. 

Portable Design

Pit Boss PB757GD Deluxe is compact in the design sector since it is built with legs that can be folded or moved up & down for easy storage or transportation. Nevertheless, the griddle alone weighs a mammoth 108 lbs. So if you go to place it in the backyard it requires a helping hand. Except for the placement concern, it can be considered portable.  

Cooking Versatility

Preparing a variety of dishes takes greater effort, but at this griddle top, you can go for preparing whatever you want from your desire. Starting from baking, roasting, BBQ, frying, broiling, preparing breakfast, meals, and so on can be done with this Pit Boss 4 burner gas griddle. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pit Boss PB757GD Griddle

What are the dimensions of this grill when closed?

Overall griddle dimensions are 76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches in general. When they are shut off it stands 24 inches wide 54 inches long.

Are the side shelves collapsible for hauling?

The side shelves are nearly 3.5 feet long and they can be collapsed for hauling or set firm when it is needed.

Can it be closed while cooking?

Yes, you can close it but there is a higher risk of the shafts being damaged because of the grease and high temperature of the griddle top body.
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Final Verdict

Enjoying a party with your family and friends has now become more apparent with the advent of Pit Boss multifunctional griddles. Even though it has some split issues, these are not for the bulk if you contemplate.

Appearing at a budget range of 300 dollars, we reckon the PB757GD 4 burner deluxe is worthy of your purchase. Without the hassles of charcoal, pellets, or unusual washing this PB757GD deluxe lets you prepare everything your taste buds chant for.

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