Royal Gourmet GB4001 Review – Does it better than Blackstone 1554

Royal Gourmet GB4001 Review

If you’re planning an outdoor party or family holiday, the 61” long, 23.6” wide  Royal gourmet GB4001 cooking space would be good enough for 10-12 people or at least 15 people at once for a bbq party.

The 38 inches height with a 4.5-millimeter griddle plate helps to serve your food without bowing the head.

Royal Gourmet GB4001 is an open cart design and sturdy enough that you can move flawlessly with its 4-wheel locking casters. Once I have analyzed its recent user experience, undoubtedly I can say, it would be the perfect and affordable griddle for your investment.

At a glance Royal Gourmet GB4001 Gas Grill Griddle

  • The GB4001 is made with a wide cooking top of up to 792 square inches which consists of 36 inches in length and 22 inches in width.
  • With four distinctly controlled burners, each has an induction power of 13000 BTU and in total, all stand at 52000 BTU(British Thermal Unit).
  • The upper surface of the cooking area is constructed with a ceramic layer which allows immediate heating as well as shields the griddle cover from being rusted.
  • With a gentle push of the ignitor, the burners spark up immediately, since it has an electronic ignition mode that lights up fast.
  • There are four caster wheels combined at the foldable legs which provide an easy moving of the griddle from any area.
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Royal Gourmet GB4001 or Blackstone 1554 – Which is best for you?

To make your consideration more wisely, I have compared this Royal Gourmet GB4001 with the Blackstone 1554 griddle which is appreciated by more than seven thousand users. Let’s have a look at which one would suit your preference.

  • In the overall cooking surface, the GB4001 stays ahead with 792 square inches of grilling area. Where the Blackstone 1554 lags with 702 square inches of grilling space.
  • Both griddles have 4 burners but the Blackstone 1554 comes at a slight addition in burners heating power. Royal Gourmet griddle gb4001 produces 13000 BTU/burners and Blackstone 1554 has 15000 BTU.
  • The Royal Gourmet GB4001 comes with a ceramic-covered griddle top where the Blackstone 1554 has a griddle top made of cold-rolled steel.
  • Both griddles feature 4 caster locking wheels for easy movement. But the Royal Gourmet GB4001 has a brake system that provides secure footing on the ground.
  • GB4001 has a larger footprint, wider grilling surface, and a little bit of extra weight than the Blackstone 1554 griddle.
SpecificationRoyal Gourmet GB4001Blackstone 1554


Royal Gourmet GB4001 Review
Blackstone 1554
Cooking Area792 square inches720 square inches
Bruners4 burners  4 burners
Ignition52000 BTU(13000 BTU/burner)60000 BTU(15000 BTU/burner)
Build materialsDurable stainless-steel body construction with Gloss Ceramic Coated Griddle TopBlack powder-coated steel frame with cold-rolled steel cooking surface
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)61 x 23.6 x 38 inches62.5 x 22 x 36 inches
Weight122 pounds120 pounds

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What are the Key Features Of Royal Gourmet GB4001 Outdoor Griddle

What is the Key Features Of Royal Gourmet GB4001 Outdoor Griddle

Massive Cooking Space

The above chart shows the GB4001 has a huge cooking space where the Blackstone 1554 falls behind with a smaller one. What does it take to cook a large batch of foods at once? It is 36 inches long and 22 inches wide consisting of a total cooking area of up to 792 square inches.

Easy To Use

Using a griddle can be a headache if it takes more time to clean and needs more effort to transport. This one from Royal Gourmet has a detachable oil cap that collects all oil drippings for easy cleaning. Furthermore, 4 caster wheels are included with a brake system that allows firm positioning and easy transportation.

Quick Cooking

Royal Gourmet GB4001 has four burners that can be individually managed by separate buttons or knobs. All of these burners can light up and heat at a steady pace at a heating power of 13000 BTU(British Thermal Unit). If you turn on all four burners they can submit a total of 52000 BTU heat, which is more than enough for quick cooking.

What Users Are Saying About Royal Gourmet GB4001

Straight out of the box, all the parts were fairly unharmed and the assembly was just a breeze. Since GB4001 is a large and bulky appliance, most of the users faced the issue of damaged corners or any other body parts. More with that, some reported about the cheap, flimsy griddle top which doesn’t have enough bracing in the framework to hold the heavy cast-iron flat top from shaking or trembling.

Another issue is, that the griddle top structure has holes that sometimes may leak grease while cooking. Except for these tiny issues, the Royal Gourmet griddle gb4001 works great for quick heating. More with that, the griddle top surface is excellent for cooking and cooked meats don’t stick with the surface as well. Users don’t bother with these tiny flaws, rather they loved it more for surpassing features.

FAQs About Royal Gourmet GB4001 36 inches Flat Top Griddle

Does it have a hardcover included with the package?

For Royal Gourmet Griddle the company has covers to protect the griddle from environmental calamities. But they don’t include the cover with the box, you have to purchase it separately.

How many burgers can this cook?

It can simply cook up to 12 burgers. But most of them come with half griddle and half grill parts where 6 burgers on both parts make a total of 12.

Does the cooking surface warp after use?

The GB4001 is a quality grill made with a sturdy griddle top that does not get any warping issues even after heavy usage.
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Final Verdict

If your taste buds are quenching for a juicy piece of meat, then you should try out this GB4001 from Royal Gourmet. It is made with premium features that make your cooking simple like drinking a cup of coffee. The Blackstone 1554 griddle has powerful burners but the cooking space is not that much satisfying.

On the other hand, GB4001 has a quality griddle top packed with handy tools. If you care about quality with affordability for an excellent griddle, go for the Royal Gourmet. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a griddle with powerful burners at a comparatively expensive rate, have a look at the Blackstone griddle.