Traeger Texas Elite 34 Review – Truly How Considerable It Is?

Traeger Grills Texas Elite 34 Pellet Grill & Smoker TFB65LZBC

Finding the best pellet grill can be an extremely difficult task when you don’t what you’ve been searching for. The main reason behind this is the market has so much more to offer to select from, making it harder for every consumer to find the right one for his or her needs. It’s a big struggle for anyone to choose a pellet grill, but you will never go wrong with Traeger Texas Elite 34 grill (TFB65LZBC).

Traeger grills is one of the most popular pellet grills brand in the market today. This texas elite 34 has many features that aim to improve one’s grilling experience while giving a delicious, completely cooked food.

Key Features

  • It comes with a spacious cooking surface
  • It has 6 cooking options
  • Its pellet hopper is also big and roomy
  • It controls that are very easy and convenient to use
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Traeger Texas Elite 34 Review (TFB65LZBC) Key Features

Wide Cooking Surface

Texas Elite TFB65LZBC by Traeger comes with a cooking surface that measures 34 inches by 19 inches that provide 646 sq. in. of cooking surface. The digital controls help a lot in keeping the whole surface equally heated so that all your foods will be perfectly cooked. You can adjust the temperature anywhere between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

6 Cooking Options

Aside from having ample cooking surface, Traeger Texas Elite 34 also gives you up to 6 cooking choices. These include the ability to grill and barbeque, depending on what you really want. You can also use this pellet grill for braising and baking. The wood pellets it uses are suitable for roasting and smoking meats.

Roomy Pellet Hopper

This medium-sized hopper can hold 12 to 19 pounds of wood pellets in each fill. This will allow the grill to function and be available for usage for several hours. Therefore, Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC is a good pellet smoker to use in smoking and other time-consuming cooking methods in which a grill is a must.

Easy-to-Use Controls

The best thing about Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC is that it even comes with controls designed to help you take your grilling experience into the next level. The unit comes with big dials which you can turn with ease. It also has digital displays which give bright and readable numbers.

The text is large and also readable. So, everything in the display is easy to read in both night and daylight.

What Users are Saying About Traeger Texas Elite 34 (TFB65LZBC)?

With its good design, efficiency, and durability, Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC gained an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Based on the reviews, many of the customers are happy with grill, knowing that the parts are easy to put together. The grill works fine, it is heavy-duty and fits perfectly slices of meat.

What Users are Saying About Traeger Texas Elite 34

Customers are also satisfied with the performance of this pellet grill. It has the best features that can suit your needs. Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC is so amazing, according to most customers in the reviews.

Also, a lot of people who own this grill said it gives the best value for your money. Many of them even said they will recommend this pellet grill. They said this grill is perfect for people who are searching for a cheap but functional pellet grill.

Compare Traeger Texas Elite 34 (TFB65LZBC) vs Rec Tec RT 700

Both grills are great. They are two of the top-rated pellet grills in the online market as of the moment. However, Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC tends to outperform Rec Tec RT 700 in some ways.

Rec tec rt 700 Review
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First of all, this grill is much more affordable compared to Rec Tec RT 700. While the size of the latter is wider and longer than the cooking surface provided for Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC, this grill is still capable of cooking two large turkeys or more slices of meat at the same time. Getting them fit in the cooking surface should not be a problem.

What is the Disadvantage of Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC?

The lower temperatures given by Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC can be great for slow roasting and smoking. However, they limit the unit in other ways. The maximum of the 450 degrees Fahrenheit will not be ideal for good searing. Those who have been used to grilling at higher temperatures will need to adjust their cooking periods, too.

Traeger Texas Elite 34 Review

Also, there are concerns with the wheel design. Its small wheels have a locking mechanism that can help in preventing unwanted movement. On the other hand, the leg design puts the wheels too close to each other and can cause wobbling, particularly when the surface is not good. A set of wheels is smaller compared to the other. A smaller set can even cause issues moving through terrain which is never completely smooth.

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Final Verdict

Without a doubt, grilling can be a much more enjoyable activity if you use a highly capable pellet grill like Traeger Texas Elite TFB65LZBC. It gives every user a wide array of cooking choices, allowing you to cook more food options.

This pellet grill even gives contemporary digital controls. It also has a solid warranty. That even makes Texas Elite TFB65LZBC super worth considering. The warranty will give you peace of mind.

Besides, this multifunctional pellet smoker and grill will give the best grilling experience that you always deserve. It gives lower temperature settings for a wide variety of cooking choices. Its electronic ignition system is dependable while the innovative digital controls are very easy to use, allowing you to save time each time you cook using this grill. The porcelain-coated grates help in the prevention of sticking and allow for quicker cleaning.

Truly, this unit has the basics plus the extras you may want for a pellet grill. The best part is you can enjoy them without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a budget but highly functional pellet smoker and grill, then don’t hesitate to consider this one. It has everything that a decent pellet grill can provide.

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