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Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 – Why Weber Q-2200 is Best Grill Machine?

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200Purchasing a grill is not an easy task. If you have no idea or previous experience with the grill, it will be difficult for you to find the right feature grill. But there is no reason to worry, our review is very helpful to help you get an idea about the grills.

When purchasing a grill you must first decide what type of grill you want to use. If you are more interested in a gas grill than a charcoal grill, Then we suggest you get ideas for two great grills from Weber.

Many people may be confused about Weber’s Q series due to a lack of preconceived notions. So to help you, we will compare the features of the weber q1200 vs q2200 grill and tell you which grill is more suitable for you.

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Why You Should Select Weber Q2200?

Which grill is most suitable for cooking between weber q1200 vs q2200 depends on some of the features and qualities of the two grills. Most users find the Q2200 more effective in their experience. Below we discuss a few key points to give you a clearer idea of ​​why the Weber Q2200 is more effective.

  • If you compare the cooking area of ​​Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 you will see that the cooking area of ​​Q1200 is 189 square inches and the total cooking area of ​​Q2200 is 260 square inches. That means the Weber Q2200 has a larger cooking space, Which allows you to prepare large batches of food.
  • If you notice the difference in BTU in the review of Weber Q1200 vs Q2200, you will see that where Q1200 puts out 8,500 BTU per hour, Q2200 offers 12,000 BTU at the same time which allows you to make the recipe in a much shorter time.
  • The Q2200 grill is heavier and more durable than the Q1200.

The points prove that the Q2200 is the best weber portable grilling machine for you if you want to prepare food in a fast time and in large quantities at once.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 – Which is the Best and Why?

The weber q1200 vs q2200 has some features in common because they are both parts of the Weber Q series.

  • The weber q1200 vs q2200 both come with lid thermometers to check the temperature of your recipe.
  • A foldable side table is added to both grills considering the need for separate tables for users.
  • The Weber Q1200 and Q2200 are both equipped with Grease management to help prevent unwanted accidents.
  • The burner tubes of the two grills are made of high-end stainless steel material that is rust-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Built with high-quality material, this Weber Q series comes with a 5-year warranty for each of its grills.

Specification Weber Q1200 Grill Weber Q2200 Grill
Image Weber Q1200 Grill Weber Q2200 Grill
Dimension 20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 25.1 x 51.4 x 26
Weight 29.5 Pounds 42.5 Pounds
Cooking Area 189 sq. in. 280 sq. in.
Material Stainless Steel Burners Stainless Steel Burners
BTU 8500 12000
Electronic Ignition Starting Yes Yes
Folding Side Tables Yes Yes
Pump 15 bar pump 15 bar pump
Portable Yes Yes
Warranty 5-years 5-years
Overall Performance Good enough Much better
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Similarities and differences between Weber Q1200 vs. Weber Q2200 Grill

Similarities and differences between Weber Q1200 vs. Weber Q2200 Grill


The dimensions of weber q1200 vs q2200 differ from each other. The weber q1200 grill machine measures 24.4 x 40.9 x 20.5 in. On the other hand, the dimensions of weber q2200 are 26 x 51.4 x 25.1 in which is much higher than weber q1200.


These grills are specially designed for easy portability. If you don’t want to worry about being overweight, you can use the weber q1200 grill because it weighs only 29.5 pounds which will be very easy for you to carry from one place to another. On the other hand, The q2200 grill weighs 42.5 pounds which is relatively heavier than the weber q1200.

Cooking Space 

The cooking space on the grill machine is an important issue. In the weber q1200 vs q2200 review, we have already seen that there are differences in the cooking space of the two grills. The weber q1200 grill has 189 square inches of comfortable cooking space enough for your small family. But if you need more space to cook at the same time, you can use the Weber q2200 grill with a cooking area of ​​280 square inches. This means that this grilling machine has the ability to grill bits of large animals/bits.


In the case of grilling, time is an important factor that depends on the temperature of the grill. The BTU of weber q1200 vs q2200 grills differs considerably. The Q1200 grill machine is capable of producing 8,500 btu per hour. But if you want to get a higher heat output you can go with the Q2200 which produces 12,000 BTU per hour.

Foldable Side Table 

A side table is needed to keep the necessary tools while cooking on the grill. In this case, these grill machines come with convenient folding side tables which saves the hassle of carrying extra tables for storing grilling materials and saves space.

Grease Management 

The Weber q1200 and q2200 grills are equipped with grease management Which is located just below the cook box of the machine and at a safe distance from the burner tube. The grease tray and catch pan can be easily cleaned and this helps prevent unwanted accidents.

Burner Tubes

The burner tubes of Weber Q-1200 and Q-2200 are made with high-edge stainless steel material for rust resistance. These can be cleaned by brushing gently. These burner tubes have an infinite control settings system to control the heat level finely.


If you find discoloration in the machine when using Weber Q-Series portable machines, manufacturers will repair the machine for maintenance. So the manufacturers give a 5 years warranty on this machine for protection and repair. Made of high-stainless steel material, this machine can be used year after year.

FAQs About the Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 Grill

Q: How long can the machine be used continuously?

Between 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit you can use the machine for an average of 5 hours.

Q: What is the maximum temperature of these grills in the Weber series?

Through temperature control, the two machines can reach a temperature of 500-550 degrees in an average of ten minutes.

Q: Where are Weber products made?

All high-quality Weber products are made in the United States.

Q: What is the main difference between these two grills?

The main difference between the Weber Q1200 and Q2200 is the cooking area and cooking power. Considering the difference the Q2200 is more popular than the Q1200 for its features.

Q: Are Weber Grills Cook Boxes Durable?

Weber grill cook boxes are more durable than other portable grills, so they don’t require much care for maintenance. The cook box is able to withstand any temperature.

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Final Verdict

From the Weber q1200 vs q2200 review, we can say that overall these two grills are quite good but if you are thinking about a cooking area and more heat then we suggest you buy Weber Q-2200 because it gives you bigger cooking space. And if you are looking for a grill for a small cooking space, you can use the Q1200 grill which will save space in the kitchen due to its small size.

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