Big Horn Pellet Grill Review – Compare With Z Grills ZPG-450A

Big Horn Pellet Grill Review - Compare With Z Grills ZPG-450A

Big Horn design this pellet grill to experience the grilling at outdoor with the all-terrain wheels. The surprising thing is the cooking is huge like 700 at the same time, you can easily bring it outside for cooking. All you need to do is to lift the handle a bit and drag with the help of bigger wheels.

Though it is a pellet grill, you don’t need to go through hard times with the temperature control. Because Big horn pellet grill has the digital control probes that will adjust the temperature between 225° F to 450° F. Using the heat, you can toast the six in one versatile cooking with an amazing smoky flavor.

Before taking you to the inside of Bighorn review, let us share the main features first so that the remaining review would more make sense to you.

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What users are saying about Big horn pellet grill

The user’s attention was the mobility of it, and the bigger grilling area of this pellet grill, good to know they found them just perfect. After going through some of the honest reviews from the real users, we have come to know most of them were quite happy with it for these features. Aside from it, it can deliver the perfect pellet grill performance with the versatile cooking experience. The con could be the hopper limitation, but still, it could be compromisable

Compare Big horn pellet grill vs Z Grills ZPG-450A

It is easy to compare between some specifications of two pellet grills, but difficult to recommend. Let the job put on your shoulder and we just show you up the comparison between z grills vs Traeger.

Compare Big horn pellet grill vs Z Grills ZPG-450A
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When we first bring these two pellet grills on the same side and dissection for the difference, the first difference comes to us with the hopper capacity. However, very few will choose it in the first place. Let us tell you the biggest con of Bighorn. It is limited to the hopper capacity which is just 8 pounds compared to the Z Grills ZPG-450A. The Z Grills ZPG-450A has amazingly 15 pounds of hopper capacity that is the reason for being envious for other grills.

Now, let’s move on to the best pros of Big horn. To be honest this big horn comes to us as a more portable and better outdoor grill compared to the Z grills ZPG-450A. Guess why bighorn outdoors grills seem better to us? Because the bigger and durable wheels and the size of it would be somewhat the double in a measure when you will be compared to the Z grills ZPG.

Key features of Big horn pellet grill

Precise Temperature Setting

Grill expert always looks for the temp control feature, when they will have the pellet grill. Because, unless having this feature, the pellet will generate hit and run fast, especially when the direct heat comes to the surface. To bend this temp and bring it to the right amount, Big horn smartly designs the Digital Controller for the precise temperature setting.

700 Square Inch Grilling Area

People would love it when they won’t compromise with the large area. The dimensions of it are 26 x 16.3 inches. And, the grilling area is about 700 square inches, where you find the cooking are like 430 sq. in and the warming rack is like 270 This space is more than enough while grilling outside and feeding the crowd.

Well built design

All the body parts are sturdy as they made from steel. The main attention of the whole design is the folding surface shelf, this helps to keep the storage and you can rest it, if necessary. Afterward, the smokestack damper brilliantly designs in an adjustable way so you can experience mobility. Finally, the all-terrain wheels seem just perfect to enhance the portability of it at the maximum level. You can keep the tools within your reach as it has a 3S Shape hooks feature, where you can keep them at your convenient spot.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

Big horn pellet grill draws the attention by it’s a feature, but does it worth the price? We found it reliable with the large cooking area and stable structure.

How worthy compared to the features and performance

Furthermore, the pellet grill has to be versatile, and the feature of 6 in 1 versatility lets you taste all the variety of dishes. The main feature of it is the precise heating, as many pellet grills fail to do so. But having the digital controller just works perfectly and track the temp in between the right way. Overall the features you come to know are working.

The FAQ of Big horn pellet grill

Does this grill hold temperature well?

Normally, it seems that it doesn’t come with the tightest seal, but when you will keep the door shut, the temp becomes steady.

How many temperature probes does this come with?

It comes with a single probe, and when you will monitor this ambient temperature it seems convenient.

How long does a 10 lb bag of pellets last?

When you will refill your hopper with that amount of pellet, it will last for like 3 days at one stretch, however, it depends also how many units you will burn. Or, in what temp level the probe works.
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Final Verdict

Buying a pellet grill that comes with perfect features may not easy all the time. The problem is you may get the one feature in one grill and lose the other one. So, when you put all the features make sure to find the best one that suits your preference as well. Here, with the Bighorn pellet grill, we found the best feature is the portability with a bigger wheel and amazing bigger surface. Furthermore, the digital control probe helps to retain the heat and provide it as well. Considering these features, now you can make a move whether to bring or not if they match your preferences first.

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