Camp chef flat top grill 600 review – Truly how its worthy?

Camp chef flat top grill 600 review - Truly how its worthy?

Do you come here to find out what camp chef flat top grill 600 offers as a flat-top propane grill? Well, it has almost every feature that a flat top grill should have, and we are going to elaborately overview them.

It doesn’t have the flat top griddle also, it comes as interchangeable as well. The griddle surface is the real winsome feature that is 501 sq. in. The foldable side shelf is made of metal that is for extra cooking prep and folds down when you need space.

Here in this camp chef flat top grill 600 review, we will bring the key features of it and then elaborately discuss them. So, let’s show up the main features first

Noticeable  Features

  • It includes great griddle space and more importantly, they are interchangeable too
  • It has a perfect 604 sq. in of griddle surface and the grilling surface is limited to the 501 sq. in
  • You can experience the matchless ignition from the four burners
  • Two big sizes foldable metal shelf allow extra cooking prep
  • Easy to clean up for grease tray and catch bucket
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Compare Camp chef flat top grill 600 vs Blackstone 1554 Station

Camp chef flat top grill 600 and the Blackstone 1554 Station both come with similar features, however, there are some differences, you need to know. The differences we find with the cooking griddle, while the Blackstone 1554 Sation comes with the 4 Adjustable heat zones, the Camp Chef flat top doesn’t have so. Furthermore, the double cart storage is apparent with the camp chef flat top only, whereas the Blackstone 1554 station has only one cart storage.

Compare Camp chef flat top grill 600 vs Blackstone 1554 Station
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Now come to the grilling space, the Blackstone grill has more space than the camp chef which is 702 sq. in, whereas the Camp chef flat top grill 600 has 600 grilling surfaces. Last but not least don’t mess with the side shelf of Blackstone as it is not foldable like the camp chef flat top.

Key features of Camp chef flat top grill 600

Easy and fast cooking

The main attention of this grill is to feed people fast for the flat condition of the cooking area. On the other hand, the grilling area is perfect to feed for a hundred people for every hour. So, you don’t need to worry about partying. The cooking becomes easier as it doesn’t come with the hot spots rather it produces the heat evenly. Therefore, users feel great ease while cooking lots of items in one place.

Commercial space huge grilling surface

The main fun of Camp chef comes with a huge grilling surface that is 600 sq. in that allows you to cook food for 50 people at least. Now, guess how it comes with huge cooking that can feed those people?

Well, the reason is simple the flat top surface ensures it. Therefore, no other type of grill can accommodate it just like it. Aside from the area, you can trust the surface as it is made of a quality-driven griddle. So you can use it for bacon, sausage, pancakes, and veggies.

Portable design

The flat-top grill is quite portable, despite of its flat grilling space and extra-large width. It is because of Camp chef’s flat top grill 600 portable design, where you find the 4 roller wheels that support it while dragging outside the home. Besides, the leg levelers are easy to adjust which enhance mobility as well. When you need more space or just make it shorter in size, you can fold down the metal shelf easily.

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How worthy compared to the features and performance

The jaw-dropping performance of It is the fewer weights but it doesn’t appear so, and the lockable caster wheel enhances the mobility. When one will see only the griddle at the top of the main cooking area, he may raise his eyebrow.

But when the underneath space opens up to him, he will definitely admire the large space where, he can easily bring more hamburgers, steaks, and chickens. It offers the whole food grilling at the same place and no specific hot spots found just like the traditional grill.

What users saying about Camp chef flat top grill 600

Most of the users find camp chef flat top griddle hot and fast, easy, and last cooking experience. At the same time, the propane fuel power allows to season the food well and show no mercy for the searing steaks. Many users claim that their search for a flat top grill came to an end with the Best Camp Chef Smoker.

The main reason why people love it is because of its width up to 36″, at the same time it is portable also. The users also find it easy to assemble what the manufacturer claimed.

FAQ About Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600

Does the side shelf required to fold up for stabilizing the grease catcher?

Yes, it needs to be folded up so the tray slides can mount on the side of the shelf, and finally, it corrects the open position at the grease tray or support.

How many hours does it take to assemble and what tools do I need to put together?

It takes less effort for assembling and the time is not more than one and half an hour. On the other hand, you don’t need to have a lot of tools just a simple adjustable wrench and basic screwdriver would be fine.

Does it have chances of griddle warping?

No, as it comes with the heavier gauge steel griddle surface that also ensures even heat and eliminates any chances of warping.
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Final Verdict

Buying a flat top grill is not that easy, the situation may worsen more when you have never been experiencing cooking for a lifetime. But we believe, we put everything in front of your eyes and give you a clear concise overview form the camp chef flat top grill 600 reviews. If you find it is more then a flat top grill based on the portable and easy to cook feature, then Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 deserves to you.

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