Top 6 Bull vs Weber Grills – The Ultimate Battle 2023

If grilling is your passion, then you need a good grill. In today’s times, several brands offer a wide variety of grills, and two of the most well-known ones happen to be Weber and Bull. While Weber has been around for many decades, Bull was established only in the ‘90s. At present, both companies offer grills catering to different grilling enthusiasts with different grilling requirements.

In this unique review, it’s a straight-up Bull vs Weber grills contest, as we try to determine the better brand. We will be taking a look at three grills from the Weber house and three grills from Bull and in the end, we will reveal the winner (in our opinion, of course). So, let’s get started!

Bull vs Weber Grills – The Ultimate Battle 2023

1. Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit E310 is an affordable natural gas grill that packs in numerous features. If you want a grill that has enough space and power to cook food for small family gatherings, this has to be one of your considerations.

Key Features

  • Three burners made from solid stainless steel, offering a combined total of 30,000 BTUs cooking power.
  • 424 sq. inch cooking area with a 105 sq. inch warming rack.
  • Electronic Crossover ignition system allows users to ignite the burners with a simple push of a button.
  • Center-mounted thermometer
  • Side tables made from stainless steel
  • Flavorizer bars that are porcelain-enameled
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On the performance front, the Spirit E310 does not disappoint. Its heating is particularly impressive, as it allows users to create both direct and indirect heating zones. The grill also features a grease tray, which is a breeze to clean up.

While there are very few negatives with this grill, its weight could have been lighter and installation could also have been simpler. However, all in all, it’s a great affordable natural gas grill priced at just over $500. To see how Weber grills like the Spirit E310 fare against similar grills from Nexgrill, check out our Nexgrill vs Weber review.

2. Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Next up on our Bull vs Weber Grills review is the Genesis II E310 from Weber. This is another natural gas grill but one that offers several more features than the Spirit E310.

Key Features

  • 513 sq. inches cooking surface with 156 sq. inches warming rack.
  • Three stainless steel burners that generate a combined cooking power of 37,500 BTUs.
  • Quality grease management system
  • Infinity Ignition system, which allows users to switch on the burners by simply turning a knob.
  • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars
  • Side shelves
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Priced around $200 more than the Spirit E310, the Genesis II E310 definitely has a lot to offer. Its main highlight is its construction. Made of high-quality components, you can expect the grill to last you a long time if you maintain it well.

However, many critics have argued that the grill’s price tag is not justified. While it’s true that feature-wise it has more to offer than the Spirit E310, it still doesn’t explain why it costs a whopping $200 more. Also, this grill is not ideal for heavy-duty grilling applications.

3. Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill

Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Q3200 is one of the best grills in Weber’s Q Series. It is a liquid propane grill that works wonderfully for small applications and the best thing is that you can even carry the grill with you as you travel.

Key Features

  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grates
  • Two burners made of stainless steel that offers a combined cooking power of 21,700 BTUs per hour.
  • 393 sq. inches cooking surface with a 75 sq. inches warming rack
  • Foldable side tables
  • Wheels for enhanced portability
  • Built-in thermometer
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With the Q3200, it’s pretty easy to understand Weber’s motivations. The size of the grill along with its design is proof of the fact that Weber wanted to create a grill for people who don’t have a lot of room for storage. Performance-wise, the grill does just fine and functions like your typical liquid propane grill.

From a price standpoint, the grill costs as much as many other high-end gas grills, which is a bit of a letdown considering its size and limitations. Yes, it’s a fantastic grill, but considering the fact that it costs a whopping $200 more than the immediately lower model in the Q series, it may be deemed as too expensive by many.

Z Grills and Traeger are two reputed brands that have similar grills in their respective catalog of products. You can check out how their grills fare against one another on our Z Grills vs Traeger review.

4. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Grill

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Grill

It’s time we shifted our attention towards grills from Bull on this Bull vs Weber grills review. The first Bull grill we will review today is the Outlaw, one of Bull’s entry-level gas grills. It’s a simple grill that packs a lot of power.

Key Features

  • 4 porcelain-coated burners with each burner offering 15,000 BTUs of cooking power
  • Commercial-grade 304 stainless steel build
  • Cooking grates made of solid stainless steel
  • 810 sq. inches cooking area with a 210 sq. inches warming rack
  • Piezo ignition system that facilitates easy ignition of burners thanks to zinc knobs
  • Heavy-duty thermometer
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The Outlaw manages to reach meat searing temperatures in a matter of minutes and even heat distribution is another core strength of this grill. The quality stainless steel build makes this grill an extremely durable product.

Like all Bull products, the Outlaw is priced reasonably at just over $1300. At this price point, we must say that there are very few grills that offer as many features as the Bull Outlaw does. So, if you are looking for a really powerful grill at a fantastic price, the Bull Outlaw is a product that should definitely be in your considerations.

5. Bull Outdoor Products 87048 Lonestar Select Liquid Propane Grill

Bull Outdoor Products 87048 Lonestar Charcoal Grill

The Bull Lonestar is another entry-level grill from Bull’s catalog of incredibly reasonably-priced grills. The Lonestar is available in both liquid propane and natural gas variants. Even though there are many similarities between the Outlaw and the Lonestar, there are a few differences that we will cover once we take a look at this grill’s core features.

Key Features

  • 304 stainless steel commercial-grade construction
  • 4 welded stainless steel burners that offer a combined cooking power of 60,000 BTUs per hour
  • 810 sq. inches cooking area with a warming rack of 210 sq. inches.
  • Twilight cooking made easy thanks to the twin-lighting system.
  • Piezo ignition system featuring zinc knobs for every burner
  • Included smoker box for smoking large pieces of meat
  • Heavy-duty thermometer
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The Lonestar is meant for more heavy-duty applications than the outlaw, which is the major difference among the two grills. This is the reason why it is priced around $500 more than the Outlaw. However, the difference in price may be unjustified to many, considering the fact that most features are similar across the two grills.

Also, the Lonestar fares poorly in comparison to the Outlaw when it comes to even heating. As the heat is not distributed evenly across the cooking surface, you may find yourself having to move your meats and burgers around for them to be heated evenly.

REC TEC and Traeger both have grills similar to the Lonestar in their respective lockers. Check how the grills of these two brands fare on our REC TEC vs Traeger review.

6. Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 47628 Propane Grill Head

Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 47628 Propane Grill Head

The last grill we will be checking out on our Bull vs Weber grills review is the Bull Angus. This is a mid-range grill from Bull that packs in a lot of features and this is strictly meant for experienced grillers. It is a heavy-duty grill that offers enough cooking area and heating for those large gatherings with family and friends.

Key Features

  • 4 cast stainless steel burners that offer a combined cooking power of 60,000 BTUs per hour.
  • Rotisserie kit with infrared backburner for an additional cooking power of 15,000 BTUs.
  • Twin lighting system that facilitates twilight cooking
  • Piezo ignition system with zinc knobs to ignite the burners
  • 304-grade stainless steel build
  • Cooking grates made of strong stainless steel
  • 810 sq. inches cooking area with a removable warming rack
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The Angus has enough power to sear large meat pieces and whole birds thanks to its whopping cooking power. Bull’s trusted ReliaBULL technology ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the entire cooking surface, which means that you don’t need to constantly move those meats around.

Additional accessories like the full-sized stainless steel griddle and the vegetable tray offer added value to users. On the assembly front, it’s easy to get this grill up and running. Priced at just over $2300, this heavy-duty mid-range grill is sure to be a delight for experienced grilling enthusiasts.

For grills similar to the Angus from Traeger and Pit Boss, be sure to take a look at our Pit Boss vs Traeger  Grills review and comparison.

Bull vs Weber Grills – Advantage and Disadvantage Comparison

Bull and Weber are both companies that manufacture grills and you might think that both companies have the same target audience. However, a closer look at the grills from both companies reveals something different.

Weber manufactures grills with great focus on quality construction. For years, Weber has been known as a company whose grills are among the most durable and long-lasting. Due to the high-quality components Weber uses in crafting their grills, their prices are often much higher than grills from companies such as Bull.

This is not to say that Bull uses substandard parts for creating its grills. However, Weber’s construction and build quality are significantly better than that of Bull’s.

Weber also offers a greater variety of grills for grilling enthusiasts. Along with heavy-duty grills, Weber also manufactures portable grills that people can easily carry with them on their travels. Bull, on the other hand, mainly manufactures heavy grills that offer very little portability.

Bull vs Weber Grills – Users Opinion

Most users were happy with the Weber Spirit E310, with the grill’s ease-of-installation and quality grilling. On the downside, some have complained regarding its build-quality and also its high price point.

The Genesis II E310 from Weber received positive reviews as well, particularly due to its great grilling capabilities and the ease of cleaning the grill. Again, its high price point has been a source of debate but most users agree that spending high on this grill is totally worth it.

The Q3200 has also received numerous positive reviews and feedback from users, with most users praising its compact size along with its grilling capabilities.

The Bull Outlaw has managed to impress many users. Most users have been in awe of the grill due to its power-packed features and also its low price point.

However, the Bull Lonestar is not rated as highly by users as the Outlaw is, especially due to its uneven heat distribution.

The Bull Angus is one of Bull’s most highly-rated grills. Its low price point coupled with its heavy-duty features makes it a great buy for grilling enthusiasts who want a value-for-money product.

Bull vs Weber Grills – Who is the Winner?

In terms of the brand that manufactures the better grills, we have to choose Weber. While many of Bull’s grills are wonderful, Weber’s strong focus on build and construction quality has to be lauded. After all, the most important thing that grillers look for is durability, as grills are big investments and you wouldn’t want to keep spending on repairs and replacements every year.

In terms of individual winners, we decided to pick two. For heavy-duty grilling, the Bull Angus is our undisputed champion, as it offers a lot of cooking power and also has a ton of helpful accessories to make grilling convenient for users.

However, the Weber Q3200 is our winner from a portability standpoint. It may be a small grill, but if you want to enjoy grilled food on your travels and camping adventures, there’s nothing like quite like the Q3200.

So, we have finally come to the very end of this review/comparison. Ultimately, we would like to congratulate both Bull and Weber for the great work that they are doing by manufacturing quality grills and also constantly updating their features to make grilling convenient for users. We hope that you found this review/comparison informative and will now be able to pick either a Bull or a Weber grill based on your requirements. Happy grilling!

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