Top 5 Napoleon Gas Grills Reviews 2023

Gas grills are very easy to use as you can enjoy different cooking food with friends and family in a matter of time. Besides, according to health experts – compared to charcoal grills, gas grills are healthier for our body as well as for the environment.

You can control the temperature of the gas grills easily rather than charcoal grills. However, when it comes to gas grills there are many options are available to choose from.

This guide is all about the Napoleon gas grills and you don’t need to take the hassle of researching different Napoleon gas grills, we’ve done this for you. We select the top 5 Napoleon Gas grills that will meet all your BBQ needs.

Let’s jump into the discussion and find out which one is the best Napoleon gas grill model.

 Top 5 Napoleon Gas Grills Reviews 2023

1. Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Gas Grill

Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Gas Grill

This is the Napoleon prestige gas grill that is our first choice. It provides 500 sq inches cooking space that is large enough to cook a large batch of the meal. It has stainless steel sear plates that provide even heat including 4 stainless steel main burners.

Operating this gas grill is very simple as it has a Jetfire ignition system. Also, there is a thermometer on the lid that shows the temperature of the grill so you can control the grill.

Key Features Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Gas Grill

  • The Napoleon prestige gas produces 48,000 BTUs per hour that includes 4 stainless steel burners.
  • It provides a steel sear plate.
  • The main cooking space is 500 sq. inches, the extra warming rack is 260 sq. inches and the side burner is 140 sq. inches.
  • Each burner has a Jetfire ignition system.
  • Within 30 seconds the Infrared Sizzle Zone side burner can heat up to 1800 degrees.
  • Main burners come with 10-years of warranty.

If you want to enjoy rotisserie-cooked food, you can choose the best gas grills. There is an 18,000 BTUs infrared real burner that comes with this gas grill including the Napoleon heavy duty rotisserie kit. So now it’s time to be creative with your choice.

Users are saying this is a good grill but they said to improve the plastic door handles and side handles as well.

Anyway, it lights up fast and generates tons of hot fast as well and very simple to clean. This is a versatile gas grill that provides you cooking sausage, rotisserie chicken, salmon, pizza, steaks, burger,s and so on – you can consider purchasing this grill.

2. Napoleon PRO285X-BK TravelQ Portable Gas Grill

Napoleon PRO285X-BK TravelQ Portable Gas Grill

If you are a travel guy and want a Napoleon gas grill that is very convenient to port then Napoleon TravelQ is the one you are seeking for. This portable gas grill is perfect for camping or tailgating and a great choice for the home barbecuing as well.

The TravelIQ assembly is very simple, you just need to tap the retainer onto the axle, fit a wheel over it then thread it through the base. Next, add the second wheel and tap on the other retainer – you are done.

Key Features Napoleon PRO285X-BK gas grill

  • This is a portable gas grill that you can take anywhere.
  • This gas grill can cook up to 19 burgers at a time.
  • You will get two burners with this.
  • This grill unit can reach up to 500 F degrees.
  • It takes seconds to set up the grill which is much easier than other grills.

It also provides a tray and you should securely attach the tray. The total assembly time for this gas grill is approximately 10 minutes.

This is capable of cooking 19 burgers at once plus this has iconic cast iron cooking grids that provide even heat and create distinctive sear marks on the food.

Two separate burners let you control the temperature separately. The burners are large enough to make different BBQ items you want to prepare, such as – steaks, chicken breasts, lamb, shrimp, etc.

This is a durable grill and would be worth buying for the price. You can use a 1 lb propane tank with this gas grill.

So if you want to get charcoal flavored BBQ and need a grill that you can take anywhere you want, this would be an ideal grill for you.

3. Napoleon BIP500RBPSS-3 Gas Grill

Napoleon BIP500RBPSS-3 Gas Grill

Napoleon’s prestige gas grill is the best for the people who want to build their own outdoor kitchen. This is a stainless steel made gas grill, you can use this for many years to come.

The cooking grids provide even heat also, this creates iconic wave cooking grids that make distinctive sear marks. There is a SafetyGlow feature that provides this gas grill on the control knob that glows red when you turn on the burner.

Key Features Napoleon BIP500RBPSS-3 gas grill

  • This napoleon gas grill has 4 stainless steel burners.
  • 66,000 BTUs are the fire energy.
  • The total cooking area of this grill is 760.
  • It also provides an infrared Rear Rotisserie Burner.
  • It provides a night light control knob that has SafetyGlow.
  • There is also contains instant Jetfire ignition.
  • This gas grill has dual-level stainless steel sear plates.

The multiple burners allow you startup and cooking more than easier than you imagine. This napoleon prestige gas grill has four burners that make this a versatile grill. Use this to get the perfect rotisserie meals.

If you want to get the charcoal flavor then there has an optional charcoal tray with this grill. According to the users, this is an excellent outdoor BBQ that has a powerful design and it provides easy heat on.

Also, it comes with a warming rack, moreover, this gas grill is mostly assembled – you just need to unpack the grill and then set the grill. Everything is ready – to get the best convenient you can use this gas grill.

It creates powerful BTUs (48,000) including the rear burner is 18,000 BTUs. Moreover, this comes with a hose and regulator to attach to the tank – you do not need to purchase one separately.

But the lights are prestige Napelon are battery-powered yet the users are very satisfied with this gas grill. Don’t worry about the rust, since it is rust-resistant.

4. Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Gas Grill

It is a Napoleon propane gas grill including infrared rear and side burner, also, BBQ gas cart, instant failsafe ignition and backlit control knobs – we don’t think you’ll need anything else from a gas grill.

The LEX Napoeloen has 6 burners with 815 sq. inches grilling area that creates 74,000 BTUs. It makes sure the grill gives even heat and produces sear marks.

There is a large side shelf that provides prep and staging space very conveniently. Also, the right shelf has a hidden ice bucket including a cutting board. You can make your preparation here easily.

Key Features Napoleon LEX 485 gas grill

  • The total grilling area is 815 sq inches.
  • It has 74,000 BTUs.
  • The wave shape of cooking grids provides exceptional sear marks and even heating.
  • It has large side shelves that provide both prep and staging space.
  • There is a cutting board also available on the right side shelf.
  • Main burners provide 15-years of warranty from the date of purchase.

With a jet of flame, immediately the failsafe ignition system lights burners. The infrared heat produces high temperatures so that you get the perfect steak every time.

You don’t need to maintain the cooking grids since these are virtually maintenance-free. And there us a storage cabinet that lets you keep all the BBQ accessories.

For the users this is an excellent grill, most importantly, they have no complaints with this grill. The quality of this grill makes this better than other gas grills plus this heats very quickly even if the weather is below zero.

This comes with 15 years full coverage warranty and the price is very reasonable. We’d say you can purchase this grill to get the ultimate grilling fun with family and friends.

5. Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS Propane Gas Grill is a versatile grill that is very powerful. This grill comes with a rotisserie kit also it includes a bottom infrared burner inside the main grilling area.

The construction is very high-quality of this gas grill. It provides 6 burners, the total cooking area is 920 sq. inches. You will get everything you need from a gas grill – it is designed with rear infrared burner, range side burner, and infrared Sizzle Zone bottom burner.

Key Features Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS gas grill

  • This napoleon propane gas grill has 6 burners that produce 90,500 BTUs.
  • The total cooking area is 920 sq inches.
  • It provides a cutting board including an integrated ice bucket.
  • The grill provides the JETFIRE Ignition system with i-Glow lights.
  • The lid is made of stainless steel plus the side shelves are made of stainless steel as well with the integrated tool hooks and condiment holders.

If you want baking or searing over infrared high heat – purchase this one. We bet you, you won’t disappoint with your purchase.

Though it has wheels they do not work properly which is a hassle for the people. Yet while comparing the other benefits this is not a hassle actually.

The customers of this Napoleon gas grill think they get more than their money. The larger size led lights and the infrared burners are very amazing.

This gas grill is the perfect size for any large cookouts and the heat controls are great. Also, this grill lets you use charcoal if you want.

What is the best Napoleon gas grill model?

There was 5 of the best Napoleon gas grill that we select for you. You can choose any grill from the above you want. All of them come with an affordable price tag. Still, what is the best Napoleon gas grill model?

According to us, Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill is the best model so far if you want to use a grill in from of your home. This is the gas grill that will meet all of your BBQ needs. Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill, Stainless Steel, Propane Gas made from the high-end stainless steel materials so you can use this for many years to come.

How many gas burners do you want from a grill, 3 burner gas grill or 4 burners gas grill? Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill provides 6 burners and these 6 burners make this a versatile grill. Use this to make your favorite BBQ whichever you want.

This doesn’t take much maintenance which is very convenient. It provides the unique wave shape cooking grids that provide even heat moreover this prevents the food from falling through also this makes sure to produce exceptional sear marks on the BBQ that you want of course.

The ignition light doesn’t need a battery to operate while other Napelon needs a battery to operate the light.

You don’t need any additional cutting board to prepare the BBQ – it provides a cutting board that hides under the right side shelf. You can enjoy drinking a cold beverage while spending time preparing the meal – there is an ice bucket contains under the right shelves.

It has a grill’s storage cabinet which is very spacious so that you can keep all of your BBQ accessories.

And the warranty? It provides president warranty – the stainless steel base, lid, porcelain enamel lid, cooking grids has a lifetime warranty. The stainless steel tube burners, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grids provide 10 years full coverage warranty.

The ceramic infrared burners, stainless steel sear plates, and stainless steel infrared rotisserie burner provide 5 years of the warranty from the date of original purchase, while the rest of all other parts have 2 years of warranty.

Our second best choice is Napoleon PRO285X-BK TravelQ PRO285X Portable Gas Grill – this is a perfect grill for the people who are travel freak. This has wheels that make portable easier than others. Though this is perfect for travel yet this can make a large batch of the meal with its two burners.

This lets you grill like a professional grilling anywhere. If you love camping often or tailgating then you should purchase this grill – the price is very affordable for this grill.

Every time you can prepare the perfect meal since it has iconic cast cooking grids and doesn’t worry about your food falling from the grid.

It has cast aluminum lid which is built high enough for roasts, whole turkey and chicken too. The weather is not a matter for you when you camping with this grill. This is designed windproof that prevents the weather not to hinders the preparation.

This grill is X design so this cart can stable on most of the surface you keep it. The sets up is a breeze for this – it has smooth motion that folds s down for the storage. Besides, when the grill is folded, this is very compact that can be tucked away.

Use the cast iron for the better sear marks and make your grilling a masterpiece. This is also very durable that comes with 10 years of warranty, so consider getting this for you if you tend to travel very often and love grilling food. And nothing can beat this professional portable grill.

Final Verdict

This is high time to upgrade your grilling game with any Napoleon Gas grill. All of the Napoleon grills are made from the quality stainless steel material. And they provide wave grids for the even heat distribution.

Napoleon is a very durable gas grill compared to other grills on the market that comes at a very reasonable price. We’d say you should choose the one you love and meet the needs you want.

But if you want a large grill then we’d say go for the Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill or if you want to take the grill for outdoor grilling then Napoleon PRO285X-BK TravelQ PRO285X Portable Gas Grill would be a nice option.

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