Top 10 Napoleon Grills Reviews 2023

Grilling is a major staple to any family’s weekend lunch. Nothing says quality family time than grilling some meat or fish on the lawn while the kids are playing in the backyard or relatives are mingling with one another. It is important to note that a BBQ grill can make or break your weekend lunch.

Out of all the grillers in the market, Napoleon grilling units are the best ones to consider. Because there are many different branded grillers in the market, we made our Napoleon grills reviews to help you with your selection.

Top 10 Napoleon Grills Reviews 2019

Why should you consider a grill instead of a griddle for your barbeque? The answer to that question is simple: ‘grill marks’. These marks are the iconic black stripes that give your meat the BBQ look. Grill marks are the result of the Maillard reaction, which is when the sugar of the marinade turns darkish brown when meeting the hot metal.

Another reason for using the grill is the reduction of fat from your meat. Most meat’s natural oil drips down onto the bottom of the unit. This lessens the total amount of cholesterol in your burgers, chops, cuts, and other grilled dishes.

When it comes to grilling, you want to pick the best out of the different models on the market. Napoleon grills tend to the features and function you want when cooking food in your outdoor space or when taking the family on an outdoor trip.

Nearly the company’s entire grill line incorporates materials that can withstand extreme heat and has a long life span. However, certain models have features that make them suitable for specific occasions or needs. Let us give you 10 Napoleon grills that stood out from the rest.

10 Best Napoleon Grills Reviews 2023

Here is the overview of the top 10 Napoleon Grills Reviews

1. Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill

Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill

Allow me to introduce you to the Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill, a versatile and compact grill that’s perfect for taking on the go. With its durable handle, you can easily transport this grill to any location, no matter how remote or inaccessible.

The Travel Q Portable Grill features foldable feet, making it a breeze to store away when you’re not using it. And with secondary feet at the propane cylinder connection point, you can rest assured that your grill will remain stable and secure, no matter where you choose to set it up.

But that’s not all; the compact design of the Travel Q Portable Grill means that it can fit easily into most vertical spaces in your vehicle or bag, making it the perfect choice for campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes.

And when it comes to cooking, this grill really shines. With its cast iron material, it’s built to withstand even the highest temperatures, while also imparting a delicious flavor to your food when properly seasoned. So why wait? Get your hands on the Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill today and take your outdoor cooking game to the next level!


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Even heating
  • Cast iron grill
  • Large cooking area
  • Even heating


  • The outer shell is not as durable as another grill
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However, the outer shell of the Travel Q Portable Grill uses an enameled stamped steel material. This material is not as durable as other griller shells. On the other hand, the stamped steel material makes this Napoleon Grill weigh only 30 pounds. This adds to the portability aspect of the unit.

You might think that because of the unit’s portability, this Napoleon grill does not have much of a cooking area for large batches. This is not the case with the Travel Q Portable Grill with 225 square inches of grilling space. That is enough space for several steak cuts and burger patties. In addition, the unit can achieve 10,500 BTU of heat through the stainless steel burner at the bottom of its grilling space. The shape of the burner allows for an even distribution of heat to prevent undercooked or overcooked parts of your food.

An interesting aspect of the Napoleon grill is its concave bottom of the grilling area. It catches the grease or oil that drips from your feed and leads it toward the open center. Nearly all of the fat transfers over to the removable grease tray at the bottom. This allows you to prevent grease from collecting in the bottom of your grill for easy cleanup. Another feature of the Travel Q Portable Grill is the PIEZO push-button ignition that lights the stainless steel burner. You do not need to use a lighter or match to start the burner for your grill.

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2. Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill

Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill

The standout feature of the Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill is the scissor cart design. You can fold the cart from a standing position to a compact form when you are not using it. The compact form is similar to wheeled luggage or bags that are easy to move anywhere.

This shape lets you store the grill in closets or allow it to hang on the wall of your garage. With a simple pull of the handle, you can snap back your grill into its standing form within seconds.


  • Even cooking
  • Portable scissor cart design
  • Two built-in sides
  • Lightweight
  • Cast iron grill


  • Not suitable for low-temperature cooking
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The enamel stamped steel material of the cart’s outer shell and durable plastic design of its handle makes this unit light than another grill. Despite how light the TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill is, you get two spacious sides where you place raw ingredients and cooked food.

Cooking large batches of food on the TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill is a breeze thanks to the 285-square-inch space. The area is large enough to tackle more than seven strips of pork bellies, steak cuts, corn, fish, and much more at the same time.

The grill utilizes two stainless steel burners that deliver 12,000 BTU of heating. This allows for even distribution of heating ensuring that every part of your meat or ingredients is thoroughly cooked. You can fire up both burners easily with the Jetfire Ignition function.

Another aspect of the Napoleon portable grill is its windproof design. Strong winds will rarely blow out the flames on the burners. This helps when you want to grill while on an elevated area.

The top of the grill features a built-in ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge. This allows you to get a good reading on the total amount of heat within the enclosed space of the grill when cooking certain meats or dishes. The temperature and enclosed space allow you to create a portable makeshift oven. This is perfect for cooking ready-made garlic bread or other baked goods that require an oven. You can further maximize the cooking potential of the grill with an optional griddle. This provides a flat cooking surface to cook eggs or stir fry vegetables.

Despite the additional temperature gauge, the TQ285X-BL is not capable of low heat cooking. This is due to the close proximity of the burner and cooking area. You can only achieve a temperature as low as 300°F.

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3. Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill

The Napoleon T495SNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill is great for parties with its massive 665 square inches of cooking space. This allows you to cook more than 20 beef patties, cuts of meat, whole fish, and vegetables. The T495SNK offers four separate burners that you can light for specific occasions.

If you are cooking for your family or a small group, you can just use one or two of the burners to save gas. Should there be a party at your house, it is a good time for all burners working at the same time.


  • 665 square inch cooking area
  • Side burner
  • Foldable side trays
  • Bottom cabinet
  • Wheels for mobility


  • Inefficient grease catcher
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This grill utilizes porcelain zed cast iron surfaces with a wave grid pattern. If you properly season the cast iron surface, you can get an even searing on your meat for that attractive grill mark. Cast iron retains large amounts of heat for a long time, which can give your meat the proper cooking temperature while on the grill. In addition, the porcelain coating on the cast iron prevents the metal from rusting. On the other hand, the top is a stainless steel tray where you can allow your meat to rest before serving it to the diners.

As the name suggests, you can only use the T495SBNK Triumph with natural gas cylinders. This Napoleon grill is not compatible with propane tanks.

The T495SBNK design has space and usability in mind. You can fold down the side tray and burner when you are not using them. The bottom of the grill can also accommodate a gas cylinder to fuel the burners. You can even place a small chiller in the bottom drawer next to the tank. Both features allow you to place the Napoleon grill in small spaces in your garage or covered lawn space. The built-in wheels make it easy to move the unit around.

The only issue we see with the grill is the grease catcher design. The T495SBNK has a sloped surface beneath the grill that sends oils and fat to a drainage hole where a tray catches all of the greases. Unfortunately, the size of the tray intended to get the grease is small. This allows oil to splatter around the bottom cabinet of the grill.

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4. Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill

The Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill offers a reasonably sized cooking area when you have guests for dinner or lunch. As the name suggests, you have 425 square inches of cooking space to work on. You can grill more than 10 New York strip cuts of steak or other similarly sized meat at the same time.

The Rogue 425 gives you four burners to work with that deliver 36,000 BTU heating capacity.  On top of the grill is a stainless steel tray where you allow most meat to rest before placing it on a plate.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Extra fifth burner
  • Large cooking area
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Wheeled bottom


  • Infrared burner lacks the heating capacity
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If you need more space to cook your food, the Rogue 425 grill features a sizzle zone burner at the side. The burner not only let you grill additional meat, but you can also use it to simmer sauces or soup. If you do not plan to use the extra burner, you can close it to create an additional space to place raw ingredients or cooked foods. Unfortunately, the infrared burner of the grill is its one weakness due to its low heat output. The side burner can only reach up to 9,000 BTU, which is not hot enough for certain dishes.

The Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill uses stainless steel cooking surface with a wave pattern grid. The wave pattern can spread the heat from the burner for better cooking of all raw ingredients on the grill. In addition, the material is incredibly sturdy and easy to clean.

Unlike cast iron which requires a significant amount of effort to maintain, dirt barely clings to stainless steel. This makes it easy to maintain the Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill. Stainless steel grills also have a long lifespan due to the metal’s resistance to heat and corrosion.

One important aspect of this Rogue 425 is its compatibility with a propane gas tank. Natural gas cylinders will not connect with the grill since the Rogue 425 is not compatible with this type of tank.

The Rogue 425 grill has several useful features that help you save space. This includes a foldable function for both the side tray and infrared burner. If you do not need to use the grill, you can fold down the two sides to fit the unit in small areas. The wheels at the bottom can help you move the grill around your house. In addition, the bottom cabinet also lets you place the propane tank to provide your grill with gas. This helps you keep the grill surrounding clean and spacious when setting in your backyard.

Other useful features include a rack at the side where you can place your spices or sauces. The cover has a built-in temperature gauge that gives you a good grasp of how hot the grilling space is. In addition, the grill uses a Jetfire ignition system that easily lights the burners.

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5. Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS-1Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS-1Propane Gas Grill

The Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS-1 Propane Gas Grill is what you need when you are hosting a party at your house and expecting more than 20 hungry diners to stop by.

This Napoleon grill does not just have four or even five burners. It has six burners in total, which gives you a large 805 square inch of cooking area. The LEX485RSIBPSS-1 is capable of 74,000 BTU heating capacity than other grills.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Rear burner
  • Side ice bucket shelf
  • Wide cooking area
  • Side sizzle grill


  • Lacks grill top lighting
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The grill can quickly reach high temperatures thanks to the rear burner. This burner adds an additional heat source that cooks the top side of your meat. It also creates a hot enclosed space for baking various dishes such as pizza. The built-in thermometer at the top will give you an accurate reading of the temperature within the grill to help you cook your dishes correctly.

When it comes to the design aspect of the grill, the LEX485RSIBPSS-1 has it in spades. The stainless steel construction lets you turn this unit into a shiny centerpiece of your outdoor space. In addition, the steel material makes the grill incredibly durable against the harsh outdoor environment. It can withstand physical damage and heavy rain.

Like the Rogue 425, the LEX485RSIBPSS-1 utilizes a stainless steel grid on the grilling surface. The material is easy to clean and can withstand high temperatures. The grill surface has a wave pattern to distribute the heat evenly. On the other hand, the side infrared burner utilizes a cast iron grill with a wavy pattern. The metal can retain large amounts of heat, which is great for beef cuts or other ingredients.

Other features of the grill include a built-in ice bucket to store ice cubes and drinks. Beneath the grill is a large storage area where you can put your gas cylinder to fuel the grill. You will also find a small rack inside where you can place your spices or sauces.

Each knob has an i-Glow Backlit feature that lets you see the intensity of the burners at night. While this feature is useful when grilling burgers at night, the grill does not have other light sources to let you see the state of the meat or other ingredients. 

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6. Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill

One of the standout features of the Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill is the included rotisserie kit. The kit allows you to have the grill rotate meat around the heating element. This allows you to cook whole rotisserie chicken or even kebabs.

The Prestige 500 grill also has a rear burner to add more heat sources for the meat. Apart from its usability, the sight of seeing any meat rolling around the oven can be attractive for any hungry diners.  However, you will need to make sure the meat is balancing just right on the rotisserie or the whole thing will drop onto the grill top.


  • Included rotisserie kit
  • Jetfire ignition system
  • Durable grill top
  • Cartwheels for easy storage
  • Rear and side burners


  • Rotisserie rod requires a proper balance
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True to its name, this Napoleon grill has 500 square inches of cooking space on the grill top. On the other hand, you also get an additional 140 square inches of space on the side sizzle zone as well. Both cooking areas utilize a stainless steel rod grid that lasts a long time and is easy to maintain.

The stainless steel wavy top is great for allowing heat to travel around the surface of your ingredients with ease. The grill also has dual-level sear plates at the bottom that catches most grease dripping from the meat. Grease or oil evaporates from the intense heat of the plants, which sends the flavor back to your meat. It also decreases the amount of oil that drips onto the grease tray at the bottom.

It is important to note that this version of the Prestige 500 is compatible with propane gas tanks or cylinders. Natural gas tanks will not work with the grill since natural gas and propane are not interchangeable.

Other features of the grill include a Jetfire ignition system that quickly lights the burners, including the rear and side ones. The Prestige 500 has a built-in thermometer to help you gauge the temperature of the enclosed cooking area. This helps you turn the grill into an oven. In addition, the grill’s sides are foldable and have built-in wheels. Both features help in storing the Prestige 500 when you are not using it.

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7. Napoleon Travel Q Pro 285 Propane Grill

Napoleon TravelQ PRO285E-BK Portable Electric Grill

The Napoleon Travel Q Pro 285 Propane Grill has a slimmer dimension that lets you take the unit with you on an outdoor trip. The aluminum exterior is incredibly durable and resistant to certain physical damages.

This grill has two stainless steel burners that deliver up to 12,000 BTU of heating to 285 square inches of cooking area. With the large cooking space available, you can cook more than 15 burger patties or other ingredients of the same size. The cast-iron surface top has a wavy pattern that allows for even distribution of heating to your meat.


  • Large cooking space
  • Compact design
  • Dual burners
  • Handy rack
  • Cast iron grid surface


  • No portability features
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Travel Q Pro also comes with handy features such as the storage rack for condiments, spices, and sauces. You can open a cold one with the bottle opener at the back. In addition, the unit has a Jetfire ignition system that easily lights up the burners.

Though the features we are looking for in this grill are any portability ones, which are lacking when we compare it to other portable Napoleon grills. The Travel Q Pro 285 could have a foldable or removable stand in order to allow the unit to fit in small spaces of your vehicle.

8. Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1 Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS-1Propane Gas Grill

The Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1 Natural Gas Grill is nearly the same as the LEX485RSIBPSS-1. The difference between the two is the type of gas it utilizes. This Napoleon grill allows you to connect gas cylinders to your grill instead of propane tanks.

Like the other Napoleon grill, the LEX485RSIBNSS-1 has nearly all of the features we want out of our grill. This includes four main burners and a rear one working on the central cooking area. It also has a side sizzle area for high heat cooking. You will have a total of 805 square inches of cooking space for a large crowd of guests.


  • Six burners
  • Stainless steel and cast iron surface
  • Built-in wheels and foldable sides
  • Ice cube tray
  • Compatible with natural gas tanks


  • Compatible with natural gas tanks
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Another useful feature is the stainless steel sear plate at the bottom. The plate catches and evaporates any grease coming from your meat. The grease turns into flavor-enhancing smoke that makes your meat tasty and reduces the amount of oil that drips onto your catch tray. In addition, the stainless steel material of the plates makes it easy for you to clean them.

The grill also has a tray for storing ice cubes and drinks. In addition, both sides of the LEX485RSIBNSS-1 are foldable for easy storage when you are not grilling. The wheels at the bottom let you relocate the grill with ease.

Much like the LEX485RSIBPSS-1, this grill has a backlit knob. Unfortunately, you do not want to use the grill in dark areas since the grill top does not have any lighting for you to see the state of your meat at night. This is a major missed opportunity for the grill since the backlit feature suggests that you can use the grill in dimly lit areas of your backyard or front lawn.

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9. Napoleon Lex 605 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Lex 605 Propane Gas Grill

The Napoleon Lex 605 Propane Gas Grill is a permanent fixture to your outdoor space area. You get 850 square inches of cooking area with this grill, which can fit more than 30 burger patties at the same time.

The central grill has three bottom burners and a rear one that cooks several ingredients at the same time. The infrared side burner allows you to cook sauces, soups, or stir-fry.


  • Wide cooking space
  • Infrared side burner
  • Stainless steel cooking surface
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Accu-probe thermometer


  • Stays in one place
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As the name suggests, this version of the Lex 605 will only work with propane tanks. If you plan on using natural gas cylinders, there is another version that utilizes them.

The cooking area uses a stainless steel wave grates with searing plates for cooking meat. This material has high resistance against heat and corrosion. In addition, food particles barely stick to the steel surface. This makes the grate easy to clean.

Other features of the Lex 605 includes a Jetfire ignition system that shoots a flame to light the burners. The lid has an Accu-probe thermometer that tells you the temperature of the enclosed space. In addition, the stainless steel and chrome plating construction makes this grill incredibly tough.

The design of the Lex 605 gives it a pleasing look on the grill that fits nearly any outdoor space. However, the built-in aspect of this Napoleon grill means that you can use it in one place. Picking a place for the grill can be a heavy investment for anyone.

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10. Napoleon Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill

This Prestige 500 grill is the natural gas version that is compatible with gas cylinders instead of propane ones. Like its Napoleon grill sibling, the main feature is its included rotisserie kit.

This lets you cook your meat on a rotating stainless steel rod on top of stainless steel burner and beside a rear burner. The kit not only makes it possible to do other kinds of dishes, but it also creates an entertaining view of your party.


  • Durable and easy to clean grill top
  • Wide cooking space
  • Jetfire ignition system
  • Side burners
  • Rotisserie kit


  • Rotisserie requires effort to use
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The issue with the rotisserie kit is how there is how you need to make sure the food is in the right position as it spins. If the rod with the food is out of balance, the motors may slide out the rod and send your meat tumbling to the grill top. With the effort and patience it takes for us to set up our roast to spin on the rotisserie, we barely used the kit for cooking our food.

The Prestige 500 utilizes a stainless steel grid with a wave pattern. This pattern allows heat to easily travel around the cooking surface. The grill top has 500 square inches of cooking space that can fit more than 25 New York strip steak and other similarly sized cuts. In addition, the unit has a sizzle side burner that gives you an additional cooking area for meat that requires high temperatures.

Other features of the Napoleon Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill include foldable sides and built-in wheels so you can store the Prestige 500 anywhere around your house. The grill also uses a Jetfire ignition system that lights the burner.

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What is the best Napoleon Grill?

Out of all the 10 units on this list, the Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill stands out. This grill hits the portability aspect of a portable grill with its scissor cart design. When you fold it, the TQ285X-BL can fit most storage spaces of any vehicle. It is also to set up or fold the grill due to its innovative mechanism. In addition, the grill comes with built-in side trays that you will not find in other portable grills. This reduces the number of objects that may take up space in your vehicle’s trunk or backseat.

When it comes to its cooking performance, the 285 square inches of space with two burners delivering 12,000 BTU of heat is more than enough to make batch meals for families. The cooking space lets you grill more than 13 steak cuts or burger patties at the same time. The TQ285X-BL also utilizes a cast iron grill top that cooks your food at higher temperatures and can retain heat for a long time. This material has a porcelain coating to make the grill top resistant to corrosion.

The portable grill also has other useful features such as an Accu-Probe thermometer. You can turn your portable Napoleon Grill into a portable oven when your crew wants some freshly baked bread or another form of meal. The burner also uses a Jetfire Ignition system that creates a small flame to light your grill.

Napoleon Grills are better than Char-Broil?

In terms of performance, Napoleon Grills sets the bar as high as Char-Broil. Grills from both companies offer wide cooking spaces and additional features that are useful for making batch dishes. Napoleon Grills and Char-Broil units also have a sleek style and look to them that can improve the atmosphere of any outdoor space.

The usability in design for the grill from both companies is present. Most Napoleon and Char-Broil grills have side burners that provide an additional cooking area when you happen to have more diners visiting your house. Almost all of the grills have a storage cabinet for the propane or natural gas tanks to keep the sides free of any obstruction.

However, Napoleon Grills has the upper hand when it comes to portability due to its TQ285X-BL. Char-Broil’s idea of portability is to give compact grills a handle. Napoleon Grills provides an innovative design that makes a standing grill easy to take with you on trips and takes a few seconds to set up or fold.

Overall verdict

As you can see with the 10 best Napoleon Grills, the company’s catalog has a versatile range. Whether you need a unit with a large cooking space or one that is easy to take with you on trips, Napoleon Grills has something for everyone. It pays to know what you need out of a grill before making your final purchase. Make sure to give each of the listings and product details a good read to know which unit is a good fit for your lifestyle.

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