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Napoleon Grills TQ285 Review – Truly you should have it?

Getting the right portable grill is somewhat difficult compared to the commercial grill. But when you will minimize it within any reputed brand like Napoleon, then things become easier for you. Napoleon Grills TQ285-RD-A Travelq has a lot of things that will catch your attention. But the main focus is its portability with standard 285 of grilling surface. Besides this beautiful red grill comes with 2 burners and powered by 12,000 BTU’s.

Napoleon Grills TQ285 Review

The main attention of it is to have the Premium Steel wind deflective lid that shuts well especially when the handles come to close down for traveling. For better travel experience it comes with the fold legs so you can snap it out and in easily. The temperature gauge is praiseworthy that can track the most accurate temperature in real-time. Now, let’s deep down to  Napoleon Grills TQ285 Review in the following article so, at the end of it, you will come to know whether to have it or leave it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Napoleon Grills TQ285-RD-A Travelq 285

Q. I fail to install the grease tray so how can I do it?

Ans: If you are trying to insert the grease tray but unable to do so after several times then you must do something tricky. Make sure, you are sliding across the grease pan back and forth. The problem would be you are trying to press it to the forward but you insert the pan from the back. If you make sure to resolve the problem then fixing the grease pan would be easy for you. After going through this instruction, if you fail to do so then the grease pan itself becomes a con so you can contact the closest retailer and replace it.

Q. How does it work for temperature control?

Ans: One of the best advantages of this portable grill is to track the temperature in real-time. Having minimum cooking surface paves the way to precisely control the temperature. Apart from this, it comes with a great temperature gauge in which you can track the temperature in real-time. It can easily monitor the inside temperature and show you the in an analog way like a clock. So when dealing with the beefy food, especially camping in the woods, you can keep it and roam around without any worries.

Q. Does it come with durable fittings?

Ans: This grill has porcelain-enameled cast iron parts, stainless steel parts, and more for the ultimate reliability. It has been designing and manufacturing in the US since birth, so you can rely on their quality and durability. The parts are easy to detach and assemble again, therefore, you can easily run the cleanup process too.

What users say about Napoleon Grills TQ285-RD-A Travelq 285

Most of the users, who want to have a portable grill review this with much positive feedback. The common review of the users of the precise heat controlling of it. After that, they find it super portable within 285 of grilling area. Some people just love it not being made in China rather made in the USA.

Napoleon Grills TQ285 Review

The build material is also praiseworthy to the users for having cast-iron grates across the grilling surface. The plastic made foldable legs come to them durable too. More importantly, the ergonomic design astonishes them for that it comes as lightweight but offers good grilling areas.

Compare TQ285-RD-A vs Napoleon TQ2225PO

Both of these grills come with similar features that support the portability of them. However, there are some differences, especially with the cooking area. The Travel Q 285 has a larger grilling surface 285 whereas Napoleon TQ2225PO has just 225 of grilling surface. Same thing happens with the BTUs so Napoleon TQ2225PO has fewer BTUs like 10,500 compared to the TravelQ which has 12,000 BTUs.

Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Portable Grill

Now you will be surprised to know that The TravelQ 285 has not only more space compared to the  Napoleon TQ2225PO but also it weighs less too. This is why travel q 285 is way much better than it.

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Key Features of The Napoleon Grills TQ285-RD-A

Now in this Napoleon Grills TQ285, let’s focus on the key features deeply so you will precisely come to know about it.

Cooking area
Napoleon Grills TQ285 comes with the standard cooking surface within the portable feature, which is 285 In this grilling surface, you can keep up to 18 burgers at a time. The space of it is not just enough rather the main focus of it is having the nice cooking grates that go across the grilling surface and allow amazing searing meat and smoky flavor.

It is an amazingly crafted portable grill that can easily bring anyone’s attention. The foldable legs made of heavy-duty plastic bring it anywhere you want to go, at the same time, the surface allows you to place it anywhere you want too. It weighs just 25 pounds which seems like ten pounds due to having the easy to carry handle.

Build Quality
It has a cast iron cooking grids that are a feature of the commercial grill but it is great to find this within this portable grill. Due to the cooking grids, it can withstand the high flame at the same time retain that heat to prepare heavy dishes, also it allows indirect heat reservation in the long run.

The upper lid is made of aluminium for that it can hold the inner air and obstruct to let in the outer air. The body is mostly made of stainless steel that can sustain for years after years. The foldable legs are made of durable plastic that also last for years.

Easy to clean
The napoleon travelq Tq285 comes with the grease tray that slides out for cleaning stuff. Besides, you can lock it down in place whenever you are traveling with the grill. When the drips fall from the Flavorizer Bars, it goes to a disposable tray placed right under the main cooking area. So, you can take out the tray easily and replace it with another one which saves you a lot of time.

Who needs the Napoleon TQ285-RD-A the most

Napoleon TravelQ 285 is for those people who are looking for a portable grill with some winsome features. This grill is small in size but comparatively has larger grilling area compared to similar products. On the other hand, is easy to carry by the suitcase like handles and the foldable legs allow perfect sitting anywhere you want. So considering the portable features like lightweight and easy to carry one should buy this amazing grill without any further thinking.

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Final verdict

Going through the overall Napoleon Grills TQ285 Review, you must come to know some of the best features of it. We recommend you for this because this comes with the huge grilling area at the same time it is portable.

Where more or less maximum portable grill fails to meet the two opposite features like portability and grilling area then this one able to bring a good amount of cooking area and lightweight body. However, the lightweight body is durable enough for years of regular use.

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