Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Review – what features make it worthy

Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO Review

Earlier, grilling was tiresome, and most people struggled to have sustainable construction, perfect heat-retaining, and accommodating space. The problem is solved, bringing many features that people didn’t imagine beforehand. Napoleon prestige pro 500 is not an exception as it is one of the sophisticated propane gas grills.

As you come here to know whether it is worth it, we will cover the Napoleon prestige pro 500 reviews. After reading the whole article, make sure whether your demands are fulfilled with it or not.

The highlighted feature of the napoleon prestige 500 rsib

  • It has a total of 4 burners that sit on a suitable surface and are powered by 48000 BTU
  • Total 500 sq. of grilling area where the 140 is for the side burners and the 260 is for the main warming rack.
  • Infrared sizzle zone makes perfect searing the meats that heat goes up to 1800 degrees.
  • JETFIRE ignition system allows to light up all the burners in no time with accuracy
  • Napoleon Safty Glow control knobs allow multi-zone grilling
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In this competitive gas grill market, it is hard to find everything in one place. However, some gas grills are worth reviewing, and this napoleon Pro 500 is one of them. It comes to you with four burners, whereas the heat generation is 48,000 BTU.

But the primary attention has the steel sear plates that ensure even heat. Later on, the 500 square inches of cooking surface can easily accommodate 31 burgers.

After the grilling surface, you can focus on the infrared sizzle zone located at the side burner. It helps to burn the dish in no time as it can generate 1800° F in just half a minute so that the heat searing, which is the graceful feature in the side burners, will be under the hood in this gas grill.

It is designed for high heat searing along with slow spit roasting. It nails this with the help of having the rear infrared rear that is an excellent feature as a Rotisserie burner.

The Jetfire ignition system ensures the highest assurance to light up the burner in no time and never misses at all. Besides that, you can control the knobs that indicate red when the burner is kept on unnecessarily at the safety glow feature.

Compare Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph vs. Napoleon Pro 500

Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph Natural Gas comes with more grilling areas of 665 sq. It also has Porcelainized cast iron cooking grates. The construction is perfect with stainless steel, and the BTU level rises to 57,200 BTU.

Napoleon T495SBNK Triumph
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This is the main feature of this Triumph natural gas grill of Napoleon. Now when you compare it to the Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO, then you may well have more burners, grilling areas, and BTU levels.

Though it is the main feature of every gas grill, it varies one from another whether they require this space or not. So if you can jump onto the lower grilling space, you can go ahead with Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO.

Because it has the Infrared Sizzle Zone Side Burner, Napoleon infrared rear Rotisserie burner, Napoleon safety glow control knobs, and the unique roll-top lid, we have already explained the benefits of having these features above so make a move after comparing them.

What is the Key Features of Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

What is the disadvantage of  Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 rsib

Grilling surface

The 500 sq. in of grilling cooking space is divided into the side burners and the main burners with the warming rack. The side burners have 140 sq. in, and the main accommodates like 260 sq. in. This is the common feature that may not make you wow.

But having the perfect space for enjoying the rotisserie is worth describing. Good to know the kit comes to it while purchasing, so you don’t need to spend more on it.

Convenient Propane Cooking

The grilling surface of this Napoleon gas grill is large and accommodating with lots of foods. The four burners bring you many choices to prepare a variety of dishes that fuel with the 48000-BTU

When you deep inside the feature, you will find the cast iron cooking grids porcelainized. Having this cool stuff allows to give you a nonstick cooking surface. As a result, the heat will distribute evenly even in the high and low. 

Heavy construction

The durable construction is the mandatory feature, and having stainless steel is a must. Hence, it doesn’t compensate for these features.

Besides, it comes with the Napoleon Safty Glow control knobs that help you track the multi-burners lit for multi-zone grilling. The cast-iron grates are durable and non-sticky, making you accurately deal with many dishes.

Napoleon Infrared rear

This gas grill is a blessing for those who love to toast drinks with the juicy flavor of rotisserie. For that, it comes with the specialty of the Rotisserie burner. You will love it as it can perform great even in the high heat for that the searing becomes perfect; however, most of the gas grill can not maintain it in the high heat.

What are users’ opinions about Napoleon prestige pro 500?

Most of the consumers of this grill find it tough to assemble. However, they were happy with the napoleon 500 prestige pro features at an affordable price.

The grilling surface was just perfect for them, and searing the meats within the precise temperature seemed perfect to them. More importantly, the infrared rear burners make them worthy and satisfactory unless the scenario would turn in the opposite way.

What is the disadvantage of  Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 rsib

Even the best products come with a few cons, so that this gas grill would be no exception. It claims that it can sear the meat in any high flame. However, it is not valid, but it works to some extent. We will suggest you do not expect more in this feature, but it is far better than the traditional gas grill, where it is hard to sear even in the low flame and so. Besides, we didn’t find it portable or easy to clean while reviewing it.

Final words

After telling every fact in the napoleon grills prestige pro 500 reviews, you must know whether it is worth investing in or not. Maybe you will quickly jump off if the grilling areas are not satisfying.

But if it does, then the features like having porcelainized cast iron, infrared rear for Rottisseire, safety knobs will amaze you as to get this in one place is pretty rare in other gas grills.

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