Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101 – Why users consider Ninja AF101

Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101

Are you here to find out more insights about leading air fryers from Ninja because you can’t sort out the best one for you? At the end of this review, you can decide which one to buy from Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101!
These Ninja air fryers come with similar looks, but some factors differentiate them into two different models. Ninja AF100 has a cooking power of 1500 watts, where AF101 claims to appear with 1550 watts.

Why Ninja AF101 Is Appreciated By Most?

Ninja AF101 comes with a multi-layer cooking rack; Ninja AF100 missed that accessory. The best value for me is the Ninja AF101 air fryer. Why? It has everything I could wish for in a kitchen appliance.

Ninja AF101 has been in the battle for a long time now, with only slight differences from Ninja Air Fryer. However, considering that it is ahead in some key features like more cooking racks and an affordable price, you should give this Ninja AF101 serious consideration when purchasing an air fryer.

Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101 – Why Ninja AF101 Is Appreciated By Most?

  • Ninja AF100 air fryer has a cooking power of 1500 watts, where Ninja AF101 claims to have 1550 watts power, which cooks quicker than AF100.
  • The Ninja Air fryer 101 comes with an additional multi-layer cooking rack which works excellent for dehydrating. On the contrary, the AF100 doesn’t include this one with the box.
  • In user satisfaction, Ninja AF101 stays ahead, and more than thousands of people admire this one. Despite having nearly similar aspects, Ninja AF100 failed to gain popularity.
  • The Ninja AF100 doesn’t include any cookbook or recipe books, where Ninja AF101 has a recipe book and inspirational guide with 20 recipes.
  • Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101 both appear with the exact dimensional measurement. But Ninja AF100 is pretty much lighter, and AF101 is a bit heavier.
  • Ninja AF100 Air Fryer

    Ninja AF100
    • Dimensions: 14 inches x 11 inches x 14.75 inches
    • Weight: 5.9 lbs
    • Basket Capacity: 4 Quarts
    • Cooking Rack: No
    • Cooking Modes: Four presets
    • Temperature Range: 105 degree to 400 degree
    • Weight: 10.55 Pounds
    • Available Colors: Black
    • Editor’s Rating: 4.7 (100+ users)
  • Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

    Ninja AF101 Air Fryer
    • Dimensions: 14 inches x 11 inches x 14.80 inches
    • Weight: 11.4 lbs
    • Basket Capacity: 4 Quarts
    • Cooking Rack: Yes (Multi-layer)
    • Cooking Modes: Four presets
    • Temperature Range: 105 degree to 400 degree
    • Weight: 12.2 pounds
    • Available Colors: Black & Gray
    • Editor’s Rating: 4.8 (25000+ users)

What Are The Similarities & Dissimilarities Between Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101

What Are The Similarities & Dissimilarities Between Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101

I have explained all the key facts about these two air fryers from Shark Ninja. After all, they are from the same manufacturer as well as the corresponding model. That’s why they have a bunch of key features in common. They have some slight variations that finally make them two different models. Let’s discuss more of these Ninja air fryers below.

Build Quality & Design

As they are from the same lineup, their design and build quality are pretty much identical. Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101 comes with a hard molded plastic body in the outer part. The inner parts and the cooking accessories come with non-stick ceramic coating.

From the frontal view, you will find a digitized control panel with all the preset functions, on/off buttons, temperature controls, etc. The one-touch control panel works excellent for innovative cooking. Ninja af100 vs af101 has a 4-quart cooking basket, an aluminum steel handle for pulling out while cooking.

Ease Of Usage

The first benefit of these Ninja air fryer af101 vs af100 is, they can quickly let you have the best dishes of your desire without any hassles. With the one-touch control panel and versatile cooking features, your cooking will be a breeze. Ninja AF101 has a multi-layer cooking rack which advances your cooking more apparent.

After your cooking gets finished, you also don’t have to break a sweat to clean the whole air fryer. All the cooking materials come with dishwasher-safe elements, which are easily washable in the dishwasher. Cook your favorite dish more efficiently with the help of the handy recipe cookbook that comes with the box.

Cooking Performance

Ninja af101 vs af100 have the same cooking functions and features, except for the cooking power wattage where AF101 is ahead. Both can perform air frying, roasting, dehydrating, and reheating with little to no oil for maintaining your sound health.

Ninja AF100 vs AF101 have a slight difference of 50 watts between them, so they are nearly decently built to cook smoothly. Ninja af100 vs af101 has a wide temperature range from 105˚  F to 400˚ F, which can go with preparing whatever you want.

FAQ About Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101

Does it have plastic on the inner part?

No, the interior part of the fryer comes with a non-stick material surface. The inner housing inside the machine (encompassing the ceramic-covered pot) is hard-molded black plastic.

Does the basket needs seasoning before the first usage?

The cooking basket doesn’t have to be seasoned by users since it is a non-stick cooking basket. We recommend you remove all the packaging materials, labels, and tapes from it. It is sufficient to wash the basket and dry it thoroughly before you go for cooking.

What comes inside the box?

The Ninja Air Fryer comes with a 4-quart ceramic-layered non-stick basket & a crisper plate, a Multi-layer rack, and a 20-recipe flash guide.

How big is the Ninja air fryer AF100?

The Ninja air fryer AF100 measures 13.5″ tall, 11.5″ wide, and 10″ deep. It has a capacity of 3.7 quarts, which is approximately enough to prepare 2 servings for an average household (or 1 serving for a more prominent family).

How do I perform the essential functions on my Ninja Air Fryer?

To preheat your Ninja air fryer, press the “Temperature” button and set it to your desired temperature. Next, press the “+30 Seconds” button to begin preheating. The LED screen will show a timer and a countdown of how many minutes are left before the time is up and food is ready.

How do I set the timer on my Ninja air fryer AF100?

After preheating, press and hold the “Timer” button until you see “Bake” displayed on your LED screen. Use the “+30 Seconds” or “-30 Seconds” buttons to input how long you’d like to cook your food.

How do I turn off my Ninja Air Fryer AF100?

To turn your air fryer off, press the “Power” button. Once you see ‘P0’ displayed on the LED screen, your air fryer is in standby mode and will automatically turn back on when it senses motion or if food is placed inside.

How do I perform a quick release of steam?

The Ninja air fryer AF100 includes a quick-release button located on the front side of the machine, which can be used to quickly and safely remove heat and pressure from your unit. To use it:
After cooking, press and hold the quick-release button until you hear a chime from your air fryer.
Remove the cooking basket and dump its contents into a bowl or dish. you will now display the safety valve on the LED screen.
To reset it, select “Yes” or press “+30 Seconds”.

Can I cook frozen food in my Ninja air fryer AF100?

Yes, you can cook frozen food in your Ninja air fryer. You will be capable of getting the same results as cooking melted food. However, the temperature and time may vary depending on how cold the food is inside. To ensure it cooks thoroughly and safely always allows the unit time to reach the preferred temperature before putting food inside.

Can I make fries in my Ninja air fryer AF100?

Yes, you can cook French fries in your Ninja air fryer! Make sure to cut the potatoes as uniformly as possible to cook evenly and simultaneously. Since frozen fries are already prepped, follow the manufacturer’s recommended cooking time and temperature.
If you’re cooking homemade fries, follow a guide online for ideas on what temperature and cooking times to use. Just be aware that these can vary depending on the oil type or amount of potatoes being cooked at once.

Can I cook other food in my Ninja air fryer AF100?

Yes! You can cook a wide variety of foods in your Ninja air fryer. Some examples include chicken wings, veggies, pizza rolls, egg rolls, etc. Just be mindful of what temperature and time work best for the food you’re a cook.
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Final Verdict

If you came up to this point with me, you have a crystal clear notion about these AF100 vs AF101 air fryers. Ninja makes them launch with some slight differences, which perplex general users about which one to choose. In my opinion, it is better to go for a product that many users appreciate.

From that perspective, Ninja AF101 becomes the winner. However, they appear with an almost equal price tag. Nevertheless, if you want portability and don’t bother about extra benefits, go for Ninja AF100. Therefore, if you are looking for additional features along with affordability and reliability, Ninja Ait fryer 101 is the best option to check out.