Otto Wilde Grill vs Beefer – Why Otto Wilde Is My Choice?

Otto Wilde Grill vs Beefer

Have you thought about preparing steakhouse-quality steaks in your backyard? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place as I will go deep into a breakdown of two top-class steak grills- Otto Wilde Grill vs Beefer.

Both of these infrared steak grills can hit up to an extreme temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The Otto Wilde comes with two infrared burners, but the Beefer has a ceramic burner. Beefer Steak grill has a lighter weight & compact design, where Otto is a bit heavier and consumes more space.

Deciding the best one can be a difficult task; my choice may differ from your preferences. However, Between these two Salamander-style grills, I prefer the Otto Wilde Steak Grill. Make sure you stay here to know why!

Otto Wilde Grill vs Beefer – Why Otto Wilde Is My Choice?

  • Otto Wilde steak grill can produce a heating power of 9000 BTU per burner, where Beefer lags a little bit with 8700 BTUs.
  • The Otto has a total grilling area of about 12.8 inches by 10.4 inches, where the Beefer stands at just 6.3 inches by 10.4 inches.
  • Beefer steak grill has a cast iron burner for heating the grates. But the Otto Wilde leads this side with two infrared gas burners.
  • The cooking grates of the Otto Wilde steak house grill are made of cast iron, whereas the Beefer’s cooking grates are of stainless steel.
  • The Otto may lag a little bit by nearly two pounds, then the Beefer, which is slightly portable. Yet, this little weight is negligible. From the portability sector
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Since Otto Wilde has nearly double the Beefer grill, it is slightly heavier, which is also not that excess compared to the size. Considering the price point, Beefer comes at a lot cheaper price than Otto Wilde. Though they don’t have a massive difference in the performance sector, a variation of such heat may also matter for the perfectness of your steaks.

SpecificationOtto Wilde GrillBeefer Steak Grill


Otto Wilde Grill
Beefer Steak Grill
Overall Dimension16.7 inches x 11.6 inches x 17.3 inches9.1 inches x 15.7 inches x 18.5 inches
Assembled Weight39.7 pounds35 pounds
Grate SurfaceCast Iron CoatedStainless Steel 
Cooking Power9000 BTU per burner8700 BTU per burner
Burnerstwo Infrared burnersOne ceramic burner
Temperature1,500 °F at MaximumMore than 1,500 °F
Cooking Area12.8 inches X 10.4 inches6.3 inches X 10.4 inches
Power SourcePropane GasPropane Gas
WarrantyTwo years( All accessories)Three years
Amazon Ratings4.24.2

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Similarities & Dissimilarities Between Otto Wilde Grill vs Beefer Grill

Similarities & Dissimilarities Between Otto Wilde Grill vs Beefer Grill

Build Quality & Design

Both of these grills have a body construction that appears like Salamanders. The Otto Wilde steak grill has a solid and durable build that covers with stainless steel body material. The Beefer steak grill also has a stainless steel body construction, and the outer part has a shiny polish.

Otto infrared grill has an adjustable grilling grate, which comes with a stageless aptitude management feature. For the height management of the cooking grate, the Beefer has an Insertion Raster. In overall dimensional measurement, the Otto stands twice the size of the Beefer literally.

Cooking Performance

For better and optimized performance, your steak grill needs to have a higher ability to hit the maximum temperature that sears steak meats. Otto Wilde steak grill has two powerful burners with an infrared heating system powered by propane gas that instantly fires up to 1500 degrees.

On the other side, The Beefer appears with a single burner made out of stainless steel that heats at 8700 BTUs. This one can also rage up to 1500 degrees, but it may take a little more time than the Otto because of one burner. Beefer consumes about 0.55 lbs per hour, which can last up to 35 hours with a 20 lbs propane tank.

Ease Of Usage

We mean easy to cook and hassle-free cleaning after usage in terms of easy use for steak grills. Otto and Beefer, both of these grills, have an adjustable grate height management system, which enables an easy cleaning system without removing any parts.

If you consider the portability part, The beefer may go ahead since it has a lighter weight and a smaller footprint than the Otto Wilde grill. The otto grill is nearly 38 pounds, where Beefer is 35 pounds. Moreover, Beefer takes less space while assembled.

Additional Accessories

Both of these infrared grills have all the required materials in the box. The variation you will find is in the grilling grate materials. Otto has a cast iron material grill grate, where Beefer has a stainless steel grilling grate.

Otto grill makes its way with a long 36 inches gas hose, tray hinging tongs, drip tray, and a lever to easily adjust the grill grate’s height. On another side, Beefer has a 59 inches long gas hose, Gastronorm trays, grates, and an essential handle.


The more extended warranty your grill has, the safer and more comfortable your usage will be. Beefer has a three years warranty that includes the grill only. On the contrary, Otto Wilde has a two-year warranty covering the grill, including all the accessories. For your convenience, you may consider the best gas grills under 500 also consider the most popular Blackstone grills reviews.

FAQs About Otto Wilde Grill And Beefer Grill

What is the ideal place to locate the grills?

Since these steak grills produce too much heat, they can burn any wood or plastic surface. It is preferable to locate the grill on a stainless steel top or any stone.

How long can it grill with a 25 lbs propane tank

Since these steak grills produce too much heat, they can burn any wood or plastic surface. It is preferable to locate the grill on a stainless steel top or any stone.

Can it bake cookies in this too?

Because this one is a grill with extreme heat, it cannot bake cookies. The cookies will burn out for excessive heat.
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Final Verdict

Despite having a stunning design, the Beefer doesn’t go that well with its performance and claims. The Otto steak grill provides higher performance, but it is a bit expensive than the Beefer.

If you want decent steaks at an affordable price, I suggest you go for the Beefer grill. If you don’t bother spending more money for better, then Otto is the best one for you to switch on!