Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker Review

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma joe’s longhorn reverse flow smoker brought attention as a great offset smoker having reverse flow smoking technology. It comes with two separate chambers. The first chamber is the main cooking area with 751 sq.in and the firebox chamber is with 309 sq.in of the surface. The whole cooking surface is divided among 4 grates, and they come separately.

The main focus of it is to have a series of baffles that allow to let smoke and heat into the main chambers and lead to smoky and delicious foods. By the way, the baffles are removable and customizable. Now we will give you a broad idea on it by covering Oklahoma joe smoker reviews.

Before you deeply dig into the review, let us tell you some of the best features of it that help you to gather some insight on it.

  • It comes with a huge cooking area where the main surface is of 619 sq.in and the secondary surface is of 281 sq.in
  • 4 separate cooking grates in the main chamber along with the series of removable baffles
  • Firebox chambers come with stainless steel fuel basket that is easy to clean and ash removal
  • The temperature gauge works just accurate to track on the cooking
  • Comes with the bigger wagon-style wheels that ease the better mobility

What users saying about Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn

What users saying about Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn

There are mix reactions and feedback of this offset charcoal smokers. But we tried to pick the key prospects that are we value to the reviews, especially want to have the reverse flow smoker. In that case, we mostly get positive feedback from them as the reverse flow smoking seems just perfect for them. Last but most important feedback is about the economical pricing like it is as affordable as any traditional smoker. So more or less everyone would be happy with the pricing.

Compare Oklahoma Joe’s Highland vs Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

So we are going to make a comparison between Longhorn and highland. Both of these come from the same manufacturer and maximum features are the same. The difference we come to know with the cooking area.

Compare Product Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn  vs Oklahoma Joe's Highland

The oklahoma joe longhorn reverse flow smoker comes with more cooking surface in the main and secondary chambers both, whereas the oklahoma joe highland offset smoker is less than approximately 200 sq.in of surface combining both chambers. As a result, differences also come with weight and portability. The Longhorn has a bigger surface so it will come with more weight than Highland has, as a result, the Highland would be easier to travel with less weight.

Key Features of the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Heavy construction
The body construction of this smoker is of heavy-duty steel with porcelain-coated cooking grates. Besides a number of dampers serve to control the smoke and heat. The baffles, dampers, cooking grates and the overall cooking area help to distribute heat evenly across all the surfaces. That means, whatever you will put on the smoker it cooks evenly for you.

Even heating with reverse flow smoking
Longhorn is basically a charcoal offset smoker, but it won’t similar to the traditional charcoal. Inside the main chamber, it comes with the four separate grates and the reverse flow technology fuel the unparalleled smoking. Apart from the main surface, in the firebox, you will have 4 removable baffles that accurately bring smoke and heat at the same place. Let not forget the porcelain coated cooking grates so it helps further for even heat. Several dampers control the smoke and heat so even heating gets more privilege.

Easy clean-up
It is not like the traditional charcoal smoker rather it comes with a certain feature that helps to overcome your hard time for cleaning up. Keeping this in mind, it comes with the stainless steel fuel basket. As you know most of the debris or ash travel to the firebox chamber so it is important to have a smart cleaning process. The fuel basket is not only sturdy but also it is removable easily to throw out the ash.

Storage and portability
You may have seen some smoker that has either an open cart or enclosed cart design, and the enclosed cart has storage inside, and the open one barely comes with storage. This one would be like an open cart but good to know there you find the cooking prep like side shelves alongside the main chambers.

On the other hand, contain shelves are located alongside the wheels and two legs. This also supports the whole grill to withstand. The wheels are made of steel as well and it is large like a wagon so it can easily travel to the backyard or outside the home. Besides the lid-mounted temperature, Gauge is so handy to increase mobility. And, finally, the cool touch handle helps you to drag it forward too.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

If you are looking for a charcoal grill but that has to be smart cooking like the even cooking, then only if you can consider this Longhorn grill. The reverse flow smoking technology also makes a difference from the other traditional. However, this is not the main reason that leads you to buy it, the main reason to have it is the affordable price.

When you come to know the price is like the traditional one then why not you are going to invest in that? In terms of construction quality, it also turns out to be worthy of your investment because of porcelain-coated cooking grates and the heavy gauge steel body.

FAQ About The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn

What is the depth of the steel cooking grates and does it better?

The Longhorn smoker means the grates come with 2 ½ mm of steel that depth of steel would be just perfect for direct heating across the surface. Same goes for the firebox, and as you want to know whether it is better or not then we must confirm that it is the industry standard level.

What are the differences of the traditional smoker with the Longhorn?

The main difference is with the reverse flow smoking technology of this offset smoker. Normally, the traditional smoker makes fire only in the firebox and thus the heat and fire guide to the main chamber. Afterward, it leads to cooking the food inside over here and emits out smokestack which is mounted oppositely to the firebox. Here comes the difference with the reverse flow. That is basically different from the smokestack which is not only mounted over there also it set beside underneath of your 4 cooking grates also you may see the four porcelain-coated baffles.

What happens if I will cook with wood only, and no charcoal?

It is not recommended to cook with the wood only, however you can still get it through. In that case, you can bring woods that are no longer than ten inches. So make sure to bring some woods that are fairly come as small as it can fit the small space.

Final Verdict

What will make you think to buy the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse, Flow Smoker? This is the main thing you need to consider. Does the reverse flow smoker overcome all the cons of traditional offset charcoals? We hopefully, sorted out this to you, now it is your turn to set your preference.

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