Char-broil American gourmet offset smoker Review

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

Having an offset smoker will give you the best smoky flavor, and when it comes from made in America Charbroil then it is worth reviewing. This Char broil American gourmet offset smoker has 3 smokers in one place that allows you to prepare the finest barbecue and grill. You will experience like 670 square inches of the main chamber along with the 355 of the firebox chamber.

The design is sleek with an ergonomic finish to explore the mobility outside. For that, it comes with four square legs wherein two legs and wheels are adjusted. Just underneath of it and alongside the legs storage a rack is attached, where you can keep your utensils. Opening the lid becomes easy with the chrome-plated cool-touch handles so that you won’t feel the heat at all.

Now let’s move on to the main features of this smoker that you must know before having it in your home. Afterward, we will cover the Char-broil American gourmet offset smoker review.

Noticeable features Char-broil American gourmet offset smoker

  • Serving with 18 hamburgers in the surface, where 670 for the main chamber, and 355 for the firebox
  • A number of adjustable dampers control the smoke and heat perfectly
  • Easy to open up and close the lid using the cool-touch handle
  • Extra space comes with the storage rack to keep utensils
  • Porcelain-coated grates keep it safe from rust
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Compare Product Char-broil American gourmet vs Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

To be frank, it is hard to make difference between them. The Char-broil American gourmet is a bit ahead to the cooking surface, it would be less than a hundred, however, that doesn’t a big deal. The main difference actually brings with the pricing and the Char-Broil is the cheapest option whereas the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker is expensive indeed. If you surf the reviews of users, you must find a couple of review where the people share their thoughts about the excessive pricing of it.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker
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However, the pricing may worth it due to the heavy construction, but still, it is more then we thought. Another, con of Highland smoker is it doesn’t have the ash catcher with the main chamber except for the firebox. On the flip side, Char-Broil proudly has this option.

Key Features of the Char-broil American gourmet

Char-broil American gourmet offset smoker Review

Well construction

The design of this vertical gas smoker brilliantly design and bring many durable parts made of stainless steel. It is praiseworthy what they design so the drawers seem easy to access to the water and wood chips. The four legs are from sturdy material, and the welded cooking chamber keeps smoke within it.

Hence, getting the best flavor is a real ace. The chimney at the top also well vented and controlled which leads to getting perfect smoke too. The wood chips made of steel and it is rust-resistant too for the porcelain-coated enamel pan.

Easy cleanup

Perfect charbroil for perfect cleanup! You may ask how does it possible? Well, the smoker comes with the ash catcher pan not only in the firebox but also in the main chambers. To be frank, having an ash catcher pan in the main chamber is the main win for you where many smokers fail to provide so.

Precise heat & smoky cooking

Several dampers come to it with adjustable mode so you can easily track the heat and smoke in the cooking surface. The thermometer comes accurate heat tracking, and it can record at a great pace as well. However, the lid temperature sometimes sore higher so like most of the thermometer it may read a bit more then it has normally. Last but not least, the heat dispersion across the grilling surface is even so you are going to have the same temperature whether it is the main chamber or the firebox.

What are users saying about Char-broil American gourmet

About Char-Broil smoker users are satisfied with the pricing and it is with more or less everyone. However, the performance experience may come to very users to users, but the rating is quite good due to having the efficient main chambers and firebox. Those surfaces, the smoke spread out gently and the heat remains consistent and gradually scatter all the items you put on there. It is hard to point out cons that one can easily overlook just because of having economical pricing, and it happens in most of the users.

How worthy compared to features and performance?

Buying Char-broil American gourmet offset smoker will give you smoky flavor into the dish and at the same time, it is easy to maintain. So far, we come to know, it is well built, what it offers to you with the pricing. There would be a number of offset smoker you may find, where having the ash catcher for the main chamber is rare.

But it does have it also, you can find this vertical smoker durable as all the parts are made of good quality materials. So, when chargrilling is the main thing you want, then why not you try this offset smoker for the smoky, delicious and happy grilling within the best affordable price?

The FAQ of Char-broil American gourmet

How to clean the Charcoal, and is it easy to clean up?

When you are going to clean it, you will find it easy just because of having the ash catcher for the main and firebox chamber both. You can clean it just opening up the lid mounted it and remove the ash catcher, where all the debris will remain, and just empty the catcher.

How effective it is when I use wood?

You can use wood but make sure it comes with hickory wood or any other wood that best suited to it. However, it is not the best option to use wood for cooking in the charcoal, as it burns slowly. On the flip side, no worries for the cleaning up as it does have the ash pan for longer hours of burning.

How can I adjust the height of the charcoal while grilling in the main chamber?

You can do it and it is easy so no worries. On each side of the main chamber, there are two handles, you just need to grab it from both sides and lower them or raise the rack according to your need.
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Final Verdict

So, we come to the finish line of this review, and now it is your turn to think, which feature inspires you the most. But make sure, are you love to have an offset smoker or not, and it should be the main reason to read the whole article here. After that, we recommend you to just have a look at the pricing of this grill and point out the main features that we have shown above. Hopefully, both of them come to the same line where you can make a move.

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