Top 7 Philips Air Fryer Reviews 2023

Philips is a trusted air fryer manufacturer loved by millions of customers due to its reliable technology and better performance. In this Philips air Fryer Reviews, you will get to know about some amazing models and their features which don’t cost much.

The air fryers are capable of providing perfectly cooked food without using oil, which will greatly reduce your daily fat intake. Its starfish technology makes sure that the food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making it tastier than other cooking methods.

Users of Philips HD9220 Air Fryer are infatuated with its features and performances. If you consider this air fryer is overpriced you can pick up the same brand’s other models like Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0 HD9621/96 with the same features and performance but at a three-penny price. You may review the comparison of why I am saying that.​

Philips HD9220 Air FryerPhilips HD9621 Viva Airfryer
Philips HD9220 Air Fryer
Philips HD9621 Viva Airfryer
Philips Kitchen Appliances HD9220 Air Fryer features rapid air technology for healthier frying that favors you to grill, roast, fry, and bake as well as palatable snacks and meals.Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0 HD9621/96 features unparalleled tube star technology for healthier frying. It propagates rapid superheated air so that it fries your food with less oil.
This air fryer provides you with less fat than a traditional fryer by applying little or mediocre oil. It is eco-friendly as well as easy to clean.It captures a large amount of food up to 800gr and 20% compactor.
Philips HD9220 Air Fryer has an adjustable time and temperature control up to 390 degrees. This air fryer supports you to pre-set cooking times of up to 30 minutes.This air fryer provides you with delicious dishes as it comes with Turbostar technology. It allows you automatic shut-off for trouble-free use.
With other convenient features it also provides you with a recipe booklet full of stimulant recipes. The recipe books are manufactured by Culinary experts which offer you low-fat food.It has time control features up to 30 minutes as well as temperature control up to 400 degrees.
It features a large cooking basket capacity up to 1.8lb.
This air fryer features great-tasting fries with up to 75% less oil.
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If both of the above Philips air fryers not fit your preference, you may consider another model from the rest of the Philips air fryer reviews.

Top 7 Philips Air Fryer Reviews 2023

1. Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer

Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer

There are seven different models on this Philips air fryer reviews, but we love this one the most for its features and competitive pricing. That is why our experts recommend Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer as the best Philips air fryer among all.

Key Features Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer

  • As it has different functionalities and you can cook different items, you won’t have to look other places because the package provides cooking recipes.
  • Its main advantage is that the hot air gets circulated throughout the pot making sure that the cook is evenly cooked.
  • Because of the previous feature, you will get your food cooked deliciously with a crisp texture on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • Delicious foods usually come with more fat but you can cook food in this fryer and expect p to 70% less fat.
  • Along with air frying, you will also be able to roast, grill, and bake your favorite food without wasting too much time.
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Precisely controlling the temperature up to 390 degrees can be really important for cooking delicious meals. You can set the device for cooking and do other important things without worrying about a thing as it as an automatic shutoff timer.

Another time-saving feature of this appliance is the dish-washing capability which will cut the time for washing. Now, those easily cleanable items can cook up to 1.8 pounds of food at a time which can be great for small families or busy moms.

2. Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer

Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer

This Philips turbo air fryer is great for its easy-to-navigate menus and a digital display. While looking after these Philips air fryer reviews, we came to know that you can choose from 4 presets for a delicious dish, and it can fry 50% more evenly than other Philips air fryer models.

Key Features Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer

  • Small families or gatherings can use this model as it has the capability of cooking 1.8 pounds of meat or another item at a time.
  • For different types of dishes that you can try on this one, you will get a recipe book inside the package.
  • Circulating hot air throughout the air fryer is important for a perfectly cooked meal and it has the starfish design to ensure that.
  • You can cook your food deliciously giving a crispy texture on the outer shell and juicy on the inside in this fryer.
  • Fat is a concern for everyone but you won’t have to worry as the model can reduce the fat trace in your food by almost 75%.
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That is possible with its high heat settings ranging up to 390 degrees which can cook some dishes that is not possible in low temperature. But high temperature can cause accidents and you won’t have to worry as the timer can shut it off automatically.

All of those is very convenient for busy people and you can save even more time by dishwashing the parts. Another time-saving feature are that you can get different methods of cooking including grilling, baking, and toasting.

3. Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer

Philips HD9220/29 Airfryer, Black

A timer is crucial for this kind of appliance because we often forget it after starting the cooking. The Philips starfish air fryer comes with an auto-shutoff technology that can stop the cooking after 30 minutes automatically. As you won’t have to use any oil for cooking food in this fryer, you will be consuming up to 75% less fat, which is very healthy.

Key Features Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer

  • The parts are eligible for quick washing along with other dishes making it convenient for busy persons.
  • 1.8 pounds might seem not enough but it is for a small family or busy couples who can cook food for the day.
  • You can turn on the device and not worry because it has a 30-minute timer with a ready signal and automatic shut-off technology.
  • Inside of the fryer, the hot air is circulated throughout the food and it is only possible because of the starfish design on the bottom.
  • Cooking meals evenly is as important as controlling the temperature evenly and this one can do it by achieving up to 390 degrees.
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Philips air fryer sale is going on, and you can get the best price right now. But don’t rush yet before checking the full review and the capabilities of its circuitry that can avail different cooking methods for you. Classic people love Coleman propane stove for outdoor uses, but there is a better option, you may consider top 5 Ninja air fryer reviews to choose from.

4. Philips HD9220/29 Airfryer

In this Philips airfryer review, you will know its features and how useful it can be in your busy schedule. From Amazon, Philips air fryers can be bought easily with the best price that you cannot get elsewhere. That can a major deciding factor but don’t decide yet before checking the features below.

Key Features Philips HD9220/29 Airfryer

  • Safety is ensured in this device by integrating a 30-minute timer that will allow you do other things while cooking.
  • You can put the parts of the fryer in the dishwasher and clean quickly making it more time-saving.
  • This compact model has a small capacity of cooking 1.8 pounds of food at a time which is enough for singles.
  • For your information, you can cook in different ways using this fryer and master cooking with the recipe book that comes with the package.
  • The unique starfish design of the cooking pot makes sure that the hot air is circulated evenly through the food.
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The motto of the manufacturer is that air is the new oil and by using only hot air, you will be able to reduce the fat count up to 75% from your daily meal. The circuitry of the fryer is capable of maintaining a precise temperature that you can set anywhere from a low setting up to 390 degrees.

There are different cooking options available on the list of its functionalities that will let you cook the food that is crispy and juicy at the same time.

5. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

We have done char broil grill reviews, but you can choose a Philips digital air fryer capable of providing some grilling dishes. You can achieve a healthier lifestyle with the help of its twin TurboStar technology that can capture excess fat.

Key Features Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

  • Cooking with hot air on this model is so efficient that you will be able to cook faster and find up to 75% less fat on the dish.
  • Good food with hot air can be possible with higher temperature and evenly distribution where it can reach up to 390 degrees
  • Too much heat can cause accidents if left unattended but not on this one as it comes with a 30-minute timer.
  • Quick-wash is another requirement to save some time and the parts of this model are machine washable.
  • It has more capacity than some other models and cooks up to 3 pounds of meat or other items at a time.
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Grilling, baking, or roasting is not a problem on this model with versatile functionalities and you can get delicious dishes. It is possible due to various reasons and one of them are the starfish design that ensures evenly distributed hot air.

Now, you will be able to get evenly cooked food that has both crispy and juicy features which is only possible for the technology and design. It is not only delicious but also beneficial to health as your meals won’t be containing too much fat.

6. Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer

Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer

This Philips airfryer xl is great for its intuitive menu settings and a digital display. After Philips airfryer review, you will be glad to know that you can choose from 4 presets for a delicious dish and fry 50% more evenly than others.

Key Features Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer

  • This compact appliance can do the task of multiple appliances by grilling, roasting, and baking food items.
  • All those cooking methods can have 75% less fat on the dishes making your everyday meal healthier.
  • Phillips air fryers come with a unique design called starfish that can ensure even heat distribution throughout the fryer.
  • Its basket is capable of holding up to 2.65 pounds of food at a time, which can be enough for small gatherings.
  • Washing can take a lot of time but this model has machine washable parts so that you can save some valuable time.
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But that kind of cooking requires some features and this model has all of them including high heat and precise control. It is capable of providing up to 390 degrees of heat that you can control precisely with the able-circuitry of the fryer.

On the other hand, there remains a safety risk because of the highest temperature settings it can reach. So, you will be able to use it safely and do other things as it has a 30-minute timer that can automatically shut off after it has finished cooking.

7. Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0

Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0

Among all the Philips viva collection airfryer, this is the most compact one with the capabilities matching the needs of a single person or small family. This easy cleaning and low-fat meal preparer are the best choice to maintain a healthy diet without spending a lot.

Key Features Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0

  • As you see, it can cook well, you can rely on it as it is safer too with a 30-minute timer on board.
  • The electronics of this model have the highest quality to precisely control the temperature and reach up to 390 degrees quickly.
  • You can also save some time by making the parts wash through the dishwashing machine.
  • With the starfish design on the bottom, the fryer can actively circulate the air throughout the food.
  • All of those features make sure that you can get less fat from your meal that can count up to 75% every day.
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Saving time can be a concern of many people and this model respects that by cooking faster than other models on the market. It is possible due to the high-heat capabilities, precise temperature control, and unique design on the inside.

With its 390-degree temperature settings, you will be able to cook different dishes deliciously. The starfish design on the bottom of the cooking pot evenly distributes the hot air to make it crispier and juicier.

Final Verdict

At the end of our Philips airfryer review, we have two models to recommend, which is helpful for those who are in a hurry or can’t decide on their own. After hours of research and comparison, we found out that Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer is the best for its value.

There are other costly models on the list with more features, but this one has all the useful features and doesn’t cost a lot. For those looking for something more compact and spend even less, you should check out the Philips Viva Airfryer 2.0, which has all the things you would expect from an air fryer.

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