Pit Boss Grills Reviews

Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill Review

Are you a professional chef or somebody, who gets a thrill out of grilling? Well enough, then there is not a single thing to be traumatic about. In view of the fact that the illustrious Pit Boss Pellet Grill series put forward to  you the most functional and flourished technology model giving a name to Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill. Those who wish to maximize their kitchen space on your grill, Pit Boss PB 440TG Portable Pellet Grill is the picked option for them. It has plenty of grilling area of 440 square inches.

Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill Review

The finest part of this portable pellet grill is its versatility. It allows you to do more, not only grilling but also smoking, searing and broiling. So, you can feel free to make anything with this pellet grill. Moving on this pellet grills details.

Noticeable Features of Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill

  • This pellet grill’s cooking surface has a huge space with 440 square inches.
  • It comes with collapsible leg design which has a rolling rack.
  • It features 5lb Hopper Capacity.
  • It has an innovative flame broiler which allows direct flame cooking.
  • It comes with an extra cooking rack.
  • It features dial-in-temperature control range 180-550 degree fahrenheit.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It has an incredible durability with 5 years.

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Compare Traeger BAC362 Vs. Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill

Pit Boss PB440TG Pellet Grill Traeger BAC362 Pellet Grills
Compare Traeger BAC362 Vs. Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill Compare Traeger BAC362 Vs. Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill
  • Pit Boss is the top grill commonly provides the best value for money.
  • Majority of the customers admit that Pit Boss pellet grill constructs new models which are more better quality than Traeger grills.
  • Pit Boss increased their product durability up to 5 years.
  • It has a stunning heat distribution system.
  • It uses 100% natural hardwood pellets.
  • It has an extra rack which is removable.

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  • Traeger Pellet Grills BAC362 features a folding front shelf which is easy to turn on and off.
  • Users will be satisfied hearing that this grill is correlative with the Treager 22 series grill cover.
  • The accessories of Traeger Pellet Grills manufactured with high quality materials.
  • Traeger grills gives you the feelings of custom design by inscribing a signature mountain logo.
  • It is manufactured with cold rolled powder coated steel.
  • Traeger grills manufacturing quality was good when it was built in the USA. But a few years ago it had changed its manufacture to china then its quality turned into reverse.

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What Users Saying About Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill

 Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill is the faithful grilling appliance by which means you can throw lots of indoor and outdoor parties as well. It is contemplated as a versatile cooking material because of having smoking, searing and broiling features. When we checked the customer’s opinion, we traced all the positive reviews from them.

PIT BOSS PB440TG 440 sq in Portable Wood Folding...
32 Reviews
PIT BOSS PB440TG 440 sq in Portable Wood Folding...
  • 440 sq In cooking surface
  • Collapsible leg design with rolling wheels
  • Innovative flame broiler allows for direct flame cooking
  • 5 lb Hopper capacity

But a small number of customers opine this grill limitation. They utter that the temperature control didn’t work well that is the reason behind their grilling went wrong. In another way, this grill is better than any other grilling appliances on the market on this very day just because of its flexible grilling experience. To know more about this brand, you may discover pit boss grill reviews or compare more Pit boss vs Traeger Grills and find which model is best?

Key Features of Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill

Ample Grill Surface area of 440 square inches

This grill has the biggest grilling area compared to today’s several grills from renowned companies. This grilling area is massive enough so that you can prepare the sizable dish you wish. This is the best part of this grill. Being large you can prepare all types and sizes of food instantly for your guests.

Designed with Porcelain Coated Steel

This pellet grill is fixed with porcelain coated steel. This is one of the best conveniences of using it. This feature makes cleaning easy. Being porcelain coated steel grill it is powerful and durable if we compared it with other grills. This grill will be your long lasting companion if you make the investment on it. 

Alluring Temperature Range

If you desire to give a shape of proper taste then the most important thing of a pellet grill is its temperature range, how dynamic or high-powered. The temperature range of this grill is 180-550 degrees fahrenheit. This unparalleled temperature assists for grilling, searing, broiling and smoking as well.


The users don’t require to be concerned about its durability. It is efficient in grilling and builds the appliances with subtle quality materials for example, stainless steel and weather coats as well. This pellet grill is an unsurpassed grill which has all beneficial features that you wish to have from a product like this. If you are looking forward to a supreme quality pellet grill, then you should elect this product merely. 

FAQs About Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill

Q: Should I use any pellets in Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill?

Yes. Of course. You should use a wood pellet in the pit boss pellet grill. It will help your food to be grilled properly. So, to make your food delicious you should use an exact amount of pellets.

Q: Does Pit Boss pellet grill allow you to use it in the rain?

No. Pit Boss pellet grill doesn’t allow you to use it in rain. You should put it in dry areas and check frequently.

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Final Verdict

Pit Boss PB440TG Portable Pellet Grill is the finest designed pellet grill which is now like a hot cake. It is contemplated with the extreme fresh appliances and materials that are accessible in the construction. It is adjustable and users friendly as well as. It promotes the temperature range gradually as a couple of users complain. 

One more thing you don’t require any stand to manage this, rather it is free standing. It makes users’ lives easier as it is easy to use & clean and assists you to be a pro in making food. It is highly recommended by us. So, you all should try to use it with a threepenny price.

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