5 Best Rec Tec Grill Reviews & Comparison 2023

REC TEC is known for its superior quality because of its high-grade stainless steel construction. It’s no doubt why REC TEC Grill reviews show a lot of positive things and rank high as 5 stars. But what is the difference of REC TEC with other grill companies?

REC TEC was established in 2011 by two friends who were grilled enthusiasts, hoping to make a better product as compared to the traditional grills and ovens usually used to smoke and grill food. The company had humble beginnings, wherein its first products were sold in garages after creating many prototypes just to find the perfect feature combination. Several years later, REC TEC is now being sold all over the United States.

REC TEC’s products have a price range between $599.00 to $1199.00 in major marketplaces, like Amazon. The focus of REC TEC is to have the highest quality, most especially when it comes to precise temperature control. That’s why every REC TEC grill uses Smart Grill Technology. This patented feature ensures that the temperatures and flavors are perfect every time you use REC TEC grills.

In this comprehensive REC TEC Grill review, learn the top five best REC TEC grills in the market today, including their features, benefits, and drawbacks. Also, check the comparison of REC TEC with Green Mountain and Traeger. In that way, you can make an intelligent decision about what grill product to choose. Let’s get started

REC TEC Grill Reviews – 5 Best Of 2023

1. REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700

REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700

Introducing the RT-700, the Bull REC TEC Grills have actually changed the game. REC TEC has undergone many upgrades with innovative options made available. It is considered the “King of Mountain” in the world of pellet grill trade.

The REC TEC Grills Bull (RT-700) weighs 200 pounds and is made of stainless steel. It features a front folding shelf, a premium cover, and can accommodate 160 pounds of Ultimate Blend Pellets.

The Bull RT-700 offers a durable cooking chamber that is created entirely of stainless steel. It only suggests that you’ll never need to worry about paint cracking or peeling on your grill. Also, it comes with an automatic lighting feature.

At A Glance

  • Smart Grill Technology Controller to maintain accurate temperature
  • Grill from a wireless device with the WiFi-Pellet technology
  • Sturdy and durable quality with stainless steel construction 
  • Auto lighting feature so no need to use unsafe starters
  • 304 is a marine grade that will never rust or warp
  • Ceramic ignition lasts five times as metal-tipped
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The Bull RT-700 also offers twin meat probes that plug directly into the grill’s controller, therefore you might not need a thermometer to observe what you’re cooking. That’s why in this REC TEC Bull review, we want to highlight one of the best features of RT-700, featuring WiFi-Pellet technology.

REC TEC Grills also embrace WiFi-Pellet (wireless local area network) Technology on the Bull, in which it allows you to regulate your cooking and grilling from any place, by controlling and monitoring your grill remotely from your wireless devices, like your smartphone or tablet.

Say goodbye to untidy charcoal and unsafe fire starters with the automatic close-down feature of REC TEC Grills Bull (RT-700). It allows you to enter your desired mode with just one push of a button, ranging from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in 5-degree increments.

Now, you can bake, smoke, sear, grill, broil, roast, and even dehydrate twin meat. Monitor two cooks at the same time in LO setting with extreme smoke that operates below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Achieve the most smoke output bundle that includes the Bull RT-700 and Front Folding Shelf.

With just one press of the power button, you can grill your favorite meat and use the app that works perfectly with the REC TEC Bull RT-700. If you’re planning to grill something overnight, this grill is good enough to get the job done while resting. You can expect to use your RT-700 grill for many years.

It’s easy to set up, simple to use, and only require minimal cleanup and maintenance.  Expect that every REC TEC grill was carefully designed and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, grilling your favorite meat and other food, with natural flavors and delicious, smoky taste.

2. REC TEC Grills Trailblazer RT-340

REC TEC Grills Stampede RT-590

The REC TEC Grills Trailblazer RT-340 is a portable pellet grill weighing 100 pounds. This REC TEC wood pellet grill is giving you the opportunity to cook food without worrying about the negative sides of it. You can fire up the grill as easily as pressing the power button, and it will quickly heat up to whatever temperature you wish.

This grill uses the Smart Grill technology which maintains a compatible temperature inside the cooking chamber, for you to cook, sear, grill, and bake your all-time favorite grilled food recipes without making frequent adjustments on temperature.

The REC TEC Grills Trailblazer RT-340 uses real wood pellets in which it generates heat, so your food always has an original smoky flavor that only REC TEC grill can offer. When you’re using this REC TEC grill, you are combining classic wood grilling and smoking with modern or advanced grilling technology. The computer temperature adjuster mechanism gives you exact and full control over the wood pellets you use to heat up the unit.

At A Glance

  • Equipped with Bullpen Instant-Read Thermometer
  • 80-pound Ultimate Blend Pellets
  • Dual meat probes
  • Smart Grill Technology controller
  • 304 stainless steel bull horn handles quality
  • Locking stainless steel hopper lid
  • Premium Grill Pad
  • Premium Grill CoverContent
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In using the REC TEC grill you are eliminating the variable temperature fluctuations, where you can depend on its ability to cook many of your favorite foods all in one set in just a single time.

When you light the grill, you don’t need to wait for a long time for it to reach your desired temperature. The grill maintains its temperature perfectly even during a very windy day or cold and rainy conditions. You can adjust the grill temperature in 5-degree increments and the temperature maxes out at 500 degrees.

The REC TEC grill is durable and it is effortless to clean. Also, you never have to worry about getting it scratched when cleaning or cooking. It’s because the exterior of the grill has a powder coated finish where you can use a damp rag to keep it looking clean. If you keep the grill covered when not in use, you’ll never have to worry about dirt or rust.

The REC TEC is versatile and high-quality. It is a powerful grill and smoker that is perfect for both beginner and professional cooks alike. It comes with many useful features such as precision temperature control that is adjustable between 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a large grilling area measuring 19x 34 inches.

The REC TEC Grills Trailblazer RT-340l has made a good reputation when it comes to building quality grills because of accurate engineering with the introduction of an all stainless cooking chamber.

No matter where you decide to go, your choices are limitless with the REC TEC Grills Trailblazer RT-340, giving you the opportunity to cook your favorite food with an excellent smoky taste and flavor.

3. REC TEC Grills Stampede RT-590

Rec Tec Stampede RT-590

The REC TEC Grills Stampede RT-590 is a portable wood pellet grill that is made of stainless steel that comes with built-in meat probes, 30 lb hopper, and a ceramic ignition system. The grill also features the WiFi-Pellet Technology in which allows you can manage your cook from anywhere, with Proprietary PID Controller, maintaining an exact temperature necessary to produce gourmet cooks whenever you want.

It has a high-temperature RTV caulk that maintains moisture out of the grilling chamber. The stainless steel hardware keeps your grill from rusting and corrosion or even failure. The rubber grommets help prevent wire chafing and the modular construction enables you to replace parts with vented component access panels for easy component access.

At A Glance

  • Total cooking area of 592 square inches
  • Temperature range of 180 to 500 Fahrenheit temperature
  • 30-pound capacity rear mounted pellet hopper
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Five-degree increment temperature controlling system
  • Steel powder coated construction finish
  • WiFi capability for complete system control Content
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The REC TEC Stampede RT-590 was incomparable with the highest competition in this price range. Well in the first place, this grill is really unique and best pellet grills in which the design and the quality are well made that works perfect and reliable. Because of the large capacity (592 square inches) of this grill, it is great for cooking many other dishes. Also, the grill has good smoke production with attractive styling.

The grill itself can do what it is supposed to. The grill has a good WiFi controller technology for monitoring and adjusting of your grill virtually from anywhere. The temperature regulation of this grill is really good overall with high specs quality. The exact bundle comes with four 40-pound bags of Competition blend hops, two grilling mats for grilling fish or vegetables, a cover, the grill itself, and a digital meat thermometer (instant read).

4. REC TEC Wyldside RT-A850 Argentina Style Grill

REC TEC Wyldside RT-A850 Argentina Style Grill

The Wyldside grill has a 304 stainless steel cooking chamber, providing you with high-quality grilling equipment, only from one of the most loved brands of grills in the market today, REC TEC.

It has many cool features, including a warmer box, in which you can warm your food while waiting for your whole family and friends to eat. This Argentina-style grill has a lot of useful features, like the speed blower fan which is used to adjust the strength or the level of the fire.

At A Glance

  • Heavy-duty welded construction
  • Modular construction for easy parts replacement
  • Food warmer with an adjustable stainless steel grate (keeps food warm)
  • Warmer door with pull bar handle to open and close with ease
  • Ample space with large bottom shelf
  • Raise and lower the grates and spit with high temp powder coated steel lift frame
  • Electric rotisserie motor  to cook delicious food every time
  • Rollerblade style rubber wheels with locks
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The grill is powder coated with a steel body finish which maintains its durability so you can use it for many years to come. Also, it has a stainless steel lid which protects your grill from many elements that can cause damage to your grill when not in use. The powder-coated side shelf that holds the large dish is good for protecting the critical components of the grill. The rollerblade-style rubber wheels with two locking casters support the weight of the grill, so transporting is less difficult.

With the seven snag-free tool hooks, you can keep your grilling tools easy to reach by your arms. It has also five accessory holes that provide storage for the spit rod. The food warmer is equipped with an adjustable stainless steel grate, thus making and keeping your food warm while it’s still not ready to eat.

The Wyldside grill wants you to experience many of these features, such as the warmer door with pull bar handle that opens, and at the same time, it closes with so much ease. The warmer dial thermometer notifies you when the warmer temperature needs to be adjusted to avoid overheating.

So, if you’re looking for the best grill for long-lasting use, this grill is perfect to fit your grilling desires. It has many amazing features that will assure your full satisfaction. You’ll be impressed how it’s well made with high-quality materials for you not to buy another one after using this REC TEC grill.

The REC TEC Wyldside RT-A850 Argentina Style Grill is good for cooking a large amount of food because of its large capacity, wherein you can cook many dishes in just one set.

This grill is well-built, and you can cook several types of meat, like grilling whole chickens, 12 steaks, baking bread, and even frying for shrimp. This grill is really one of the most incomparable grills because of its superior grilling performance and super easy to use while making a fun experience cooking.

5. REC TEC BFG RT-2500 Pellet Grill

REC TEC BFG RT-2500 Pellet Grill

When it comes with the construction of this grill, it is made up of heavy-duty stainless steel hardware like all other REC TEC grills. It won’t rust and corrode at all. The built-in probe porthole provides no pinching wires in your lid.

The rubber grommets help prevent the wire from chafing. The power source of this grill is a 110-volt AC GFCI outlet in compliance for a safety standard.

The grill features Wi-Pellet technology which allows you to take control or monitor your grill remotely by only using any wireless device. It has an automatic lighting feature so you don’t have to deal with messy charcoal or unsafe fire starters.

At A Glance

  • Smart Grill Technology Controller
  • Proprietary PID algorithm maintaining precise temperature
  • Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology to monitor your grill remotely
  • Automatic lighting feature so no need to use unsafe fire starters
  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • Dual 46-inch meat probes to monitor two cooks simultaneously
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What is really interesting about this grill is the automatic shutdown feature, where you can enter the cooldown mode with just one push of a button. It has an average heat ranging from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in 5-degree increments for baking, smoking, searing, broiling, roasting, and dehydrating.

This grill stands for the best grill ever. This grill smoker is a game changer for it has an extra capacity that is worth it for scaling up for big gatherings. It is a good burning grill in which the temperature is steady, wherein you can smoke food up to 5 to 12 hrs capacity. The materials of the R-2500 are high quality and it’s well made. The drip pans are impressive that are found on the side. You can expect that this grill will last for a lifetime. Also, this grill is easy to remove and clean.

The REC TEC BFG RT-2500 Pellet Grill has 2,535 square inches total cooking area with three racks which allows you to cook more food than ever. It also has dual 761.5 square inches removable middle and top racks that you can remove effortlessly. The dual interior lights are easy to remove for grilling day or even at night with six grill grates that are made from 5/16 304 stainless steel rods.

What Is the Best Rec Tec Grill?

The REC TEC Grills Stampede RT-590 is the best REC TEC grill because it is sold as a bundle. It has a distinctive octagon-shaped cooking chamber made of stainless steel that made its own name unlike any other grills on the market. It provides headroom as compared to the barrel-style cooker. You’ll love the durability of this grill that is made to last for a lifetime.

Best Rec Tec Grill Reviews - REC TEC Grills Stampede RT-590
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What more can an aspiring and seasoned griller and smoker ask for? The exact bundle comes with four 40-pound bags of Competition blend hops, two grilling mats for grilling fish or vegetables, a cover, the grill itself, and a digital meat thermometer (instant-read). No need for setting a size that doesn’t fit your desires because the  REC TEC Grills Stampede RT-590 is made to fit a family’s cooking needs.

Rec Tec vs Green Mountain vs Traeger – Which Is Best?

Many homeowners love making pulled pork and chicken, pork ribs and beef, seafood, and other types of smoked dishes.

One of the best grill fuel sources is wood pellets, which come from various types of trees, enhancing the natural flavor of your favorite seafood, meats, and vegetables. The biggest names in the industry include Rec-Tec, Traeger, and Green Mountain. However, what is the best among these grill brands?

REC TEC vs Traeger

Traeger has already established a solid reputation in the internet world because the company offers both smaller and larger smokers that fit most budgets. You’ll get everything you need for smoking and grilling with every grill you purchase. Other companies, like REC TEC, make accessories and other products compatible with Traeger grills. However, Traeger only makes grills and smokers, we have written about the 10 best Traeger grills reviews and you may find out the best model.

REC TEC makes grill accessories and other grill-related products, so you can customize your grill. If you want to buy a second shelf so you can use it when your primary shelf is loaded or dirty, you can rely upon the best REC TEC products. Also, REC TEC offers searing kits that give meats a nice sear. REC TEC also makes storage shelves attachable to the bottom of grills.

When it comes to temperature control, Traeger is proud because it is one of the first grill companies that put a digital temperature display or screen on the grill. The first Traeger screen used bright and bold red numbers one can see when cooking later in the day and even at night. Also, most Traeger grills have a standard temperature dial located on the upper part of the lid.

REC-TEC is equipped with a digital temperature screen usable on the side. With the patented  Smart Grill Technology of REC-TEC, you can select a specific temperature in five degrees increments, allowing the grill to maintain a steady temperature for prolonged periods.

When it comes to temperature range, REC TEC performs better than Traeger because its grills have 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Most Traeger grills only have 400 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature setting. Traeger grills offer minimum and maximum settings that you can choose from when searing foods at a higher temperature or cooking foods slowly.

Whether you want to cook for your small family, or for a large group, you have to buy a grill or smoker with adequate cooking space inside. When it comes to a grilling area, the largest REC TEC grill has 700 square inches of cooking space and above. It’s a portable model that has obviously less space inside. But this category is given to Traeger because of the wide range of grilling spaces available. The largest Traeger grills can cook around 20 to 30 burgers or more at once. Some of the grills can accommodate more than 30 hotdogs or six or more turkeys inside.

In regards to portability, REC TEC and Traeger are matched. REC TEC makes smaller grills with folding legs, perfect for campgrounds or in parking lots. The largest grill of REC TEC has casters on the cart with locks. On the other hand, all Traeger grills have similar carts. You have the option to remove the carts and use the grill on a different surface. Traeger also makes smaller and portable wood pellet grills, using convection heat, that work with any 110V electrical outlet.

REC TEC vs Green Mountain Grill

Both companies make great grills and grill-related products, so you may even feel more confused about what brand to choose. Choose REC TEC if you need a high-quality grill that can feed a crowd. Some of REC TEC grills have a large total cooking space with grates that keep your food in its place.

Green Mountain Grills are smaller but are perfect for those who want to tailgate before the game of the year or grill foods on hunting or camping trips. Green Mountain Grills still have more than enough space of cooking space (200-square inches). We have also wrote about the Top 5 Green Mountain Grills Reviews and you may find the best model that suits your needs.

Overall Verdict

REC TEC Grills are undoubtedly a rockstar when it comes to heavy-duty grilling jobs because of their thick and high-grade stainless steel construction and the unbeatable Smart Grill Technology. Consumers are lucky today to be able to purchase and use an almost flawless grill product.

Enjoy the ease and confidence of grilling, smoking, baking, frying, and other types of cooking you can possibly think of with REC TEC grills. REC TEC allows you to serve premium quality food recipes to your family and friends every time.

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