Camp Chef Smokepro SG Review – Features vs Disadvantage

Camp Chef Smokepro SG Review

The most obvious thing about choosing a grill if you want one that you can use to cook anywhere. There’s the satisfaction of cooking food outdoors that unexplainable which is why most people who shop for grills look for easy to use, reliable and portable grills, just like the Camp Chef Smokepro SG grill.

This is a review of the Camp Chef Smokepro SG grill, one of the most popular because it’s easy to use and take anywhere. With this grill, you can move to the patio, garden or the poolside with ease. So, if you’re looking for a transportable full-sized grill then this could be the one you’re looking for.

Noticeable Features of this Grill

  • Large cooking capacity despite its size. You can cook over 811 square inches of cooking space
  • With an electric auto-igniter feature that  will power on this grill come rain or shine
  • The automatic auger will load your grill with wood pellets without any supervision
  • It has LED temperature readout for easy monitoring of your food temp.
  • Easy to use with a patented ash-clean out system and hopper clean-out features
  • Made from durable materials, the lid is large and heavy to seal in temperature and flavor
  • With a small working table/shelf on the right
  • With large wheels on the cart for easy transport over grass and dirt
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Compare Camp Chef Smokepro SG vs Smoke Hollow SH19260319 WG600B Pellet Grill

A close competitor is the Smoke Hollow SH19260319 WG600B Pellet Grill with porcelain-coated grills and a warming rack. This has a large cooking space at 604 square inches but the Camp Chef Smokepro has more than 800 square inches.

Smoke Hollow SH19260319 WG600B Pellet Grill
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The pellet hopper is larger with the Smokepro SG and has an automatic pellet feeding system whereas the Smoke Hollow pellet grill has a smaller hopper capacity feeder. Considering these differences, the Camp Chef Smokepro SG is for a larger family and for cooks who want an automatic grill/smoker. 

Key Features of the Camp Chef Smokepro SG Grill

What Users Saying About the Camp Chef Smokepro SG Grill

Has a large cooking capacity

This wood pellet grill smoker has a large 800+ square inches cooking capacity.  You can cook four chickens, several racks of ribs and hamburgers for a large number of people. This is a grill for a large family and for a large party of guests.

Easy to ignite and use

It has automatic ignition so you can start the grill even during a rainy day. You don’t need to spend a lot of time igniting coals and wood. With the automatic ignition, you’ll get to the part when you cook your food fast.

Let you monitor your food closely

The Camp Chef Smokepro has dual meat probe temperature monitors that will help you check the readiness of your food. When grilling, smoking or roasting, opening the grill lid lets out flavor and smoke and this is not good. With dual meat probes, you can constantly check on your food and open the large heavy lid only when the food is ready.

With a shelf for food prep

It’s a challenge to grill outdoors because you just don’t have space to place everything. A small shelf would do wonders. It can hold tools, sauces, and food so you don’t have to go back and forth for any supplies. This shelf folds down when not in use so you can store these more efficiently.

Easy to transport

The large wheels and the convenient grill cart lets you transport the grill to wherever you want to cook outdoors. The large wheels let you move the grill over any terrain especially on tough grass and dirt.

Large hopper, automatic reload

The large hopper can accommodate 22 pounds of pellets, enough to let you smoke and grill for extended hours. There is an automatic feeder at the bottom of the grill that does everything for you. You don’t need to open the pellet hopper door to reload and to open the main lid as well.

Easy cleanup

Clean up is easy with its patented ash and hopper clean up system. You can cook and clean without worries so your grill will be ready the next time you use it.

What Users Saying About the Camp Chef Smokepro SG Grill

Most people who have used this grill were glad that this grill can grill enough food for a large group of people. They recommend this grill for its easy use, cleanup and maintenance. Also, the Camp Chef Smokepro SG has received high ratings from customers online. 

What is the disadvantage of a Camp Chef Smokepro SG?

As there are so many advantages to using the Camp Chef Smokepro SG, there are also some flaws. One, it needs assembly when it arrives if you are not fine with this, choose another type of grill. The handle is also non-insulated and thus can get very hot, You must be very careful when opening and closing the large grill cover to avoid burns and serious accidents.

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Final Verdict

The Camp Chef Smokepro SG is a convenient, portable, cart-type grill with ample room to grill food for a large family. It has traditional and updated features like a large, heavy lid to keep smoke and flavors locked in, a large-capacity hopper with automatic pellet loading and automatic ignition system.

The Camp Chef is a grill with an easy to move the cart. The cart has extra-large wheels so you can transport this over grass and dirt. No need to lift it to move it where you want to cook. This grill looks well-constructed and is made from durable materials.

There are some flaws to using the Camp Chef Smokepro SG but no doubt that its many impressive features have clearly overlooked these.  We recommend the Smokepro SG and we can guarantee that this will be a nice addition to your backyard so you can cook for your family and for friends with ease and style.

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