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Cuisinart CGG-888 Review – Why its not good for beginners?

To opt for the premium quality grill is the most ticklish operation owing to the fact that in the market of grill a variety of brands launch on a regular basis. But the query is how subsidiaries are these brands in meeting the requirements of customers? Cuisinart is one of the former grill brands.

Cuisinart CGG-888 Review - Why its not good for beginners?

From manufacturing period to this very day it has launched thousands of models. Not all the models were top-notch and impressive enough. But Cuisinart’s freshest model Cuisinart CGG-888 melts the heart of the customers with its alluring performance. Beginners or contemporaries customers can repose their eyes on it to be informed entirely about its service. Let’s move on noticeable features.

At a Glance Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill

  • Cuisinart CGG-888 grill comes with double burners of 15000 BTUs power.
  • It features a removable grease cap that has a 360 degree grease pan.
  • This very grill has a vented stainless steel lid for providing you versatility.
  • Ìt offers you to cook your food from 200 to 550 degree fahrenheit.
  • It’s integrated paper towel holder assists you to clean your grill effortlessly.

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For your convenience, we have arranged a comparison between two top brands in recent times in the market so that you can choose the right one according to your budget and needs as well as know about its functionalities and performance.

Compare Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill and Fuego F21C-H Gas Grill​

Cuisinart CGG-888 Gas Grill Fuego F21C-H Gas Grill
Cuisinart CGG-888 Gas Grill Fuego F21C-H Gas Grill
  • Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill comes with cold-rolled steel cooks so that your food can get evenly and rapidly heat.
  • It features a grease pan that has 360 degree temperature with a removable grease cup.
  • It has a massive cooking space of 380 square inches which is much more large than any gas grill.
  • Within 30 minutes it is capable of cooking any type of food. But according to most of the customers it takes 35 minutes to cook.
  • Its dual burners offer heat in total 30,000 BTUs power and support you to control hot or cool zones on griddle surfaces.

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  • Fuego F21C-H includes porcelain enamel lid so that it can eliminate paint peeling or bubbling.
  • Its residue removal system helps you to clean easily as it supports grease.
  • This impressive grill has an extra large cooking space of 346 square inches that is made of cast iron grilling grate with optional griddle.
  • Fuego’s this model comes with an electric ignition system for cooking in a short time less than 30 minutes.
  • It features a dual zone burner system of 22000 BTUs power for both direct and indirect grilling.

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What Are Users Saying About Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill

Nothing is appropriate in this universe. Like most of the best gas grill Cuisinart CGG-888 grill also consists of merits and demerits. To assist the beginners we have collected a few mixed reviews about this grill from the prior customers.

The good about this grill is it cooks evenly where most of the grill doesn’t offer heat properly. It never burnt your food. You can cook from 200 to 550 degree temperature. It’s 360 degree grease tray offers you an easy cleaning function. With only 35 minutes it can cook your food perfectly. 

Its performance is thousands of times better than a regular grate grill. It’s a flame control issue that never lets your food burn. You can grill kabobs, pizzas, burgers and steaks. Its large space is enough to cook for 6 people. According to a handful of customers it has a few flaws.

Occasionally it frustrates you with its drip pan lid and grease tray. It never allows you to throw a barbeque party. The foremost issue is it doesn’t last for a long time. So, considering all these prior customers didn’t recommend it for the beginners.

Key Features of The Cuisinart CGG-888 Outdoor Gas Grill

Key Features of The Cuisinart CGG-888 Outdoor Gas Grill

Durable Construction Material

The grill is manufactured with stainless steel top to bottom. All the appliances are made of steel. So, users are not required to be worried about cracking or damaging. It is capable of meshing the additional heat that assists chicken to cook evenly. If you want to keep your food warm and melt the cheese as well as store the grill stainless steel cover is picked.

Easement of Cleaning

The best part of this grill is its cleaning function. It comes with a grease management that makes the way easy when you go to clean the grill. By diverting unexpected liquids and particles it keeps your cooking surface clean. This grill doesn’t need any deep clean when you wipe it regularly after usage. It’s seasoning layer might require additional cleaning. Cleaning maximizes the flavor of the food as well as durability. When you go to clean it you need to follow the instructions given by Cuisinart grill manufacturers.


Each machinery appliance has 2 years of warranty. But Cuisinart CGG-888 has a three years of warranty. But most of the customers complain about its durability. According to them, it doesn’t operate after 6 months. Though you can troubleshoot it’s all the usual issues by following instructions or customer care service. For enhancing the durability you should keep the grill distance from rain and clean it frequently. If you consider several issues, contact the customer care center.

FAQs of Cuisinart CGG-888 Gas Grill

Q: Did it sell any parts separately?

No. It never sold any parts separately.

Q: Does it have rust-preventing features?

Yes. It has.

Q: Does it allow you to fold?

This grill can be folded.

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Final Verdict

Considering above mentioned functionalities it can be conveyed that Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill has consistency and is worth the money. It’s independent temperature control features are unsurpassed compared to predecessors models. No grill has sucg versatility like this. It’s top range of functionality bound to consider you that the price is nothing. But after reading customers’ feedback if you think this grill is not ideal for you in that case you can purchase Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill.

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