Kamado Joe Classic ii vs iii – Why Must consider Joe Classic III?

Kamado Joe Classic ii vs iii

Kamado grills have been top-selling for decades, but they are not always the best choice. It is important to pick out one that suits your needs, and if you find it difficult to decide between Kamado Joe Classic ii vs iii, I can help determine by comparing two different features of each grill, such as its price or size, so read on!

The Kamado Joe brothers are similar in appearance, but the Joe iii edition is broader and more diverse with additional features. The Classic iii has a SlōRoller hyperbolic chamber insert that makes it an efficient smoker, along with its grill capabilities.

It also comes equipped with a two-tier cooking system. At the same time, Big Joe iii includes three tiers of heating systems for bigger batches or longer smokes at higher temperatures to make your meat even juicier – all without compromising flavor!

One of the major differences between Kamado Joe Classic ii and iii is that they have different cooking areas. The Joes are both great grills, but if you want a spacious grill with upgraded features, I recommend the Kamado Joe III model.

One difference in these two models is their size – Kamado Joe Classic II has less room to cook than its bigger brother, Joe iii.

However, this may be worth it as Joe ii also comes with some upgrades like an improved temperature gauge (that’s important when trying to keep your food at just right temps).

Why You Should Go For Joe Classic III?

  • Kamado Joe Classic ii is an 18 inches charcoal grill chamber, whereas Classic iii is 24 inches long grill chamber.
  • Inside the grilling chamber, Kamado Joe Classic iii has three grilling tiers for flexible cooking. But Classic ii has two decks, divide and conquer feature.  
  • In the overall cooking space, Kamado Classic iii leads with nearly 660 square inches, where Classic ii has just about 510 square inches.
  • Kamado Classic iii has a heavy-duty rack made with galvanizing steel layer, but Classic ii missed out on this one.
  • The Classic iii comes with two side shelves made out of casting aluminum, but Classic ii has side shelves made of HDPE plastic.
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Both Kamado Joe ceramic grills come with nearly similar features, but Joe Classic iii has some upgraded features. The Kamado Classic iii has one extra tier, a stainless steel charcoal basket, a heavy-duty cart, and an expanded appearance that makes it stand superior.

SpecificationKamado Joe Classic II Kamado Joe III 
Image Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Ceramic classic ii  Kamado Joe Classic iii
Overall Dimension26.4 inches x 26.4 inches x 36 inches34 inches x 58.13 inches x 54 inches
Weight250 pounds445 pounds
Cooking Area510 square inch 660 square inches
Maximum Temperature 750 degree Fahrenheit750 degree Fahrenheit
Divide & ConquerTwo tiersThree tiers
Charcoal BasketNoStainless Steel layer
Air Lift HingeYes(HDPE Plastic) Yes(Cast Aluminium)
Built-in Thermometer Yes Yes
Amazon Rating4.84.8
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Differences And Similarities Between Kamado Joe Classic II Vs III Charcoal Grill

With newer and innovative features, Kamado Joe Classic iii has blown away the well-known Classic ii. As they are of the corresponding producer and the same Classic lineup, it is apparent that they will have similarities with a few variations. Considering the specification part, Classic iii goes further, but Classic ii also has many goods to offer. Let’s have a deep dive into both Kamado Joe Ceramic Charcoal grills.

Differences And Similarities Between Kamado Joe Classic II Vs III Charcoal Grill

Build Quality & Design

The Kamado Joe Classic ii and the Classic iii have the same red color ceramic appearance from the outside view. But the KJ Classic iii has a longer grill chamber, and the side shelves of this one also change from the Classic Joe ii. Both have a similar Kontrol Tower, which mainly works for controlling the interior grill chamber temperature. 

Both Kamado Joe Classic comes with a five-piece AMP Firebox that protects the grill bottom from being burned. Each ceramic grill comes with an Air Lift Hinge that reduces the weight up to 96 percent while making the grill more portable to carry. In the Divide & Conquer feature, Classic ii has two tiers inside, while Classic iii has three stories for a larger cooking space in total.

Cooking Performance 

Both KJ classics have a powerful heating system that fires with a temperature range from 225 degrees Fahrenheit to a searing 750 degrees Fahrenheit. With the Divide and Conquer technology, KJ grills will allow you to cook versatile foods at different temperatures simultaneously. Under the shade of a Kamado Joe charcoal grill, you can perform infinite cooking options based on your choice.

The Kontrol Tower and the temperature gauge over the grilling dome allow intelligent temperature control for precise cooking. In KJ Classic iii, the  SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber turns this charcoal grill into a smart smoker. The Smoke chamber evenly distributes smoke, heat, and hot waves that cover the food with smoke for ensuring a slice of juicy and smokey meat. 

Ease Of Usage

Enjoying tender grills has now been made easy with the intelligent Kamado Joe Classic grills that come with a user-friendly interface. On top, they have an aluminum vent that makes it rainproof. The cushioned hinges have a balanced shape assembly, which you can easily lift with one finger. The fiberglass mesh gaskets ensure a tight and leak-proof seal that holds the temperature inside. 

Easily make different dishes at separate temperatures with the two-tier or three-tier dividing technology that allows direct & indirect grilling at stack. Both Kamado Classics have an ash drawer, and it works efficiently for collecting all the ash residues while making the cleaning process a step easier. The Kamado Classic iii has a strongly built rack at the bottom that allows an easy storage option. 

Additional Accessories

If you ask, what makes the Kamado grills so versatile? The additional accessories make these grills work as a rotisserie, smoker, pizza oven, and much more. The  JoeTisserie is a rotisserie with a powerful motor that can make delicious rotisserie with your favorite meats. 

The 600 Watts powerful charcoal starter boosts up the grilling by lighting the burners quicker. The Doe Joe is a ceramic stone made for making chef-quality pizza inside your Kamado Joe grill quickly. You can find all these accessories at different stores, and you have to purchase them separately. For your convenience, you may also explore Dyna Glo Grill Reviews

FAQ About Kamado Joe Classic ii vs iii

Does it come assembled?

The body part almost comes with all the necessary accessories. All that you need is to pop in the side shelves and the wheels. You will need two people to lift this bulky ceramic charcoal grill.

What is included with this package?

The package includes:
The smoker.
Feet for the smoker.
The accessory attachment.
Two half-shell grills.
Two half-shell smoker plates.
A smoking box.
A recipe cookbook.

Will a turkey fit into it?

Yes, You can surely cook a whole turkey inside. Because there’s plenty of room and it has intelligent temperature control.
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Final Verdict

To wrap up the whole thing about Kamado Joe Classic ii vs. iii charcoal grills, I opine that both are nearly identical. Except for the Classic iii that comes with some slightly upgraded features, it suits large BBQ parties best. If you have a mediocre family, then KJ Classic ii is your best go-to grill option under budget consideration.

But the Kamado Joe Classic iii has some premium features that not everyone requires. The KJ Classic iii has ample cooking space, large parts, additional accessories, more versatility, and enhanced ease of usage. It means if you go for the Joe Classic ii, it won’t disappoint you.