Little Chief Front Load Smoker Review – What users saying?

Little Chief Front Load Smoker Review

Little chief front load smoker is an electric smoker that was introduced in 1979by SmokeHouse situated in USA after a fair success of its top load model. It is super affordable for pit masters in which jerky and smoke salmon are cooked best in it.

The little chief smoker comes with Alder chips that are used by smokers and barbeques for good aroma and flavours. The removable chip pan is used to burn the chips. It comes up with 4 easy-slide chrome-plated grills that is ideal for newbie or an inexperienced jerky smoker.

The smoker is engineered with aluminium construction resulting in lightweight. It weighs just 12 pounds that makes it easy to transport and can be stored anywhere. Being 250 watt heating element, it can easily smoke up pork, fish, beef and many others.

The components included are Smoker, heating element, easy-slide chrome plated grills, electric cord, fuel pan, and drip pan. Along with instruction and smokehouse recipe booklets are also available.

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Key Features of Little chief front load smoker

Power Source: Electric Smoker

Embossed Aluminium Construction: This aluminium coated smoker is durable and is limited to outdoor use only. Do not smoke it up in your house

Easy Slide Grills: 4 Easy-Slide Chrome Plated Grills are easily removable and adjusted when in use

Drip Pan: A dishwasher safe drip pan is situated at the bottom of the smoker for trouble-free cleanup

Spacious cooking surface: It has a capacity to smoke up to 25 pounds of fish and meat. Thus, it is best suited for large families

Heating element: It offers 250 watt of heating element for around 165 F

Dimensions: 24 ½ ” H x 11 ½ ” W x 11 ½ ” D

Ventilation: manufactured for premium smoke ventilation, smoke circulation and proper dehydration

Safety: As per safety is concerned, the smoker is UL and CUL certified

Warranty Period: Guaranteed with 2 years of warranty from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects

Low Temperature: It works on consistently low temperature of 165°F that will not ruin your smoke

Wood chips bag: It comes up with Alder chips adding a smoky flavour to your barbeque

Affordable price range: This electric smoker comes at a reasonable price of $ 149.00

No assembly required

What users are saying about little chief front load smoker

The Smokehouse little chief electric smoker is easy to use and does not need assembly. It works on 250 watt heating element that will throw 165 °F of temperature in the chamber so that you do not have to check the temperature constantly.

What users are saying about little chief front load smoker

This electric smoker under $200 bucks is ideal for preparing jerky, sausage, fish, wings, nuts and other small cuts of pork, cheese, fruits, briskets and many more. This is just a small list but it can go to endless.

Little chief smoker is highly rated on Amazon and the 3 main aspect to buy this product are easy to use, easy to clean and temperature control. It is light in weight that even child can transfer it from one place to another.

Here is one of the customer’s reviews from Amazon “This is a great little smoker! Someone thought long and hard about the design and it shows. The smoker can hold a LOT of meat and although I was sceptical about an electric unit, temperature control is much easier than a non-electric one. If using larger chips, the element can be turned off once the wood begins to smoulder. All in all, a great design.”

Overall, it has got incredible results and is named as “plug-n-play” smoker by one of the user.

How Little Chief Electric Smoker Differs From Char Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Both being an electric smoker, the little chief smoker has 4 easy slide chrome plated grills whereas Char Broil Analogue Electric Smoker has 3 chrome-plated cooking grates.

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Little chief smoker is powered by 250 watt heating element. On the other end, Analogue Electric Smoker withstands the heating element of 1200 watts.

The analogue electric smoker is hefty as compared to little chief smoker. Char Broil Analogue Electric Smoker weighs 49.5 pounds and Little Chief Front Load Smoker weighs 12.16 lbs

The chief smoker is built with aluminium material whereas Analogue electric smoker is made up of steel.

The smokehouse that introduced little chief electric smoker gives 2 years of warranty period on manufacturing defects while the other way round Char Broil serves 1 year of warranty period on entire unit.

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Is little chief front load smoker worth as per its price?

 The Little Chief Front Load Electric Smoker is one of the best smokers you can get under the price range of $200. The easy to use, easy to clean and temperature control system has totally won its customers heart. It gives you simple cooking experience by just plugging the plugs into your socket, load your food on easy-slide chrome plated grills, shut the door and add a smoky flavour to your food with flavour pan without opening the door.

The manufacturers offer free Smokehouse Alder Wood Chips bags with free instruction and recipe book.

FAQs for Little chief front load smoker

Do I need to wet the wood chips?

No, by wetting the wood chips you will create moisture in smoking chamber.

After how long do I have to change the wood chips?

The chips can be changed after being totally flamed. It is highly flammable for 30 minutes but wait until it changes into ash.

On what voltage can it be used?

It can be used on 110V.


In summary, if you are looking to have smoky food by your own without any experience Little Chief Front Load Smoker is the safe option you can opt. The product contains numerous features in this affordable range.The customers love it for smoking jerky, salmon and cheese. Lastly, Little chief electric smoker has served for five decades and has satisfied their customers

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